Why and Why Not Go for Python Development?

When it comes to popular programming languages, Python is the first name that comes in the mind of most developers. For the most part, it is a favorite of many. This is because languages like PHP, C++, or Java are much challenging to learn.

Python, so, is simple to learn and an excellent choice for beginners, yet it doesn’t mean that python development is free of flaws. Some may even consider it to be a tad too old-fashion for modern programming needs.

To decide whether you should go for Python development, you must see both sides of the coin. Weigh in its benefits and flaws and decide for yourself if you should go for Python development or not.

Why Go for Python Development?

Here is why Python Development might be the right choice for most programmers.

  1. Python web development is elementary

Any developer will tell you the same thing- Python is one of the easiest to learn! This makes the language perfect for beginners. However, this doesn’t translate to the language being too simplistic for advanced developers.

Instead, since Python can be used for the same things that other complicated languages can be used for, it is just as usable by advanced programmers as it is by beginners.

A key benefit of Python programming is its ability to do a lot with significantly less code. The language relies on whitespace as well as common expressions to leave its mark. This is why, compared to Java, website development using Python is much simpler.

  1. It has fewer codes but more functions

How great would it be, if you can reap more rewards without putting in the same amount of effort? This is exactly what Python allows developers to achieve.

How so?

Well, because of the simplicity of the language, Python helps you perform more functions than other programming languages, but with lesser codes! In short, if you are well-versed on the basics of the language, you can easily create a full-fledged game in less than two days.

This efficiency, simplicity, and convenience are hard to find in other similar programming languages. This benefit makes Python Development an excellent choice for many.

  1. It aids in learning other codes

Beginners specifically have a lot to gain by learning Python. Those who have no proper coding knowledge can learn Python by merely watching a tutorial. It is that easy!

And once you truly understand the ins and outs of Python web development, it is easy for you to grasp other, more complicated, languages as well. This includes programming languages like Perl, JavaScript, C#, and Ruby.

When it comes to the language itself, Python can be used for a variety of web development projects. So, not only is it a great stepping stone for beginners but within itself, it is a useful tool.

  1. Python does not let you make mistakes

All programmers know and dread one thing- programming languages aren’t fond of errors. However, errors can occur. Sooner or later, most developers do encounter human mistakes. And when they do, all hell breaks loose in case of most programming languages.

But, this is not the case with Python. Compared to other options, Python is much more forgiving of errors. Its codes don’t break when minor cording errors are made.

  1. Excellent for building prototypes

Every idea has an expiry date. Why? This is because unique ideas are a myth. Some ground-breaking idea that you may have might have also come up in the mind of someone else. In the corporate world, the key is to be the first one to do business out of it.

This is where Python might become a handy tool.

As mentioned before, we know that Python is faster since it requires fewer lines of coding. In other words, it can help build prototypes at a rapid pace. The sooner you materialize your idea; the higher is the chance that you will get the first-mover advantage.

  1. Excellent cost-effective language

Not every business or developer wishes to spend a lot of money on programming their projects. Some of us wish for a cost-effective solution instead.

And Python is excellent for those who are on a budget. It helps you in creating your product both fast and on a budget. This makes it an ideal solution for startups and entrepreneurs alike.

  1. Endless opportunities when combined with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has managed to deliver quite a lot of benefits. It has made smart living possible. When combined with Python, the technology further helps in providing countless opportunities to developers.

For instance, platforms like Raspberry Pi have allowed developers to custom create radios, phones, games, and cameras, etc. And all through Python development. The best part is that this entire process is considerably cheap with Python programming.

  1. It has a lot of useful frameworks

Python doesn’t rely on a handful of frameworks. Instead, it has quite an extensive list of Python frameworks backing it up. These frameworks play an integral role in ensuring that web development using python goes by smoothly.

Frameworks provide modules and packages that, in turn, are used for given functionalities. This helps in creating application-specific software by selectively changing the functions, as required.

Since Python has a wide variety of frameworks available, the chances are that every developer will find something useful.

For starters, frameworks like Flask and Django help in taking care of the backend legwork while you focus on the prominent functional elements of the site or app you are creating.

Why Not Go for Python Development?

Python development may have its fair share of advantages. But, there are issues with it, as well. Here are the flaws of Python development.

  1. Adopting other languages become difficult

It is easy to get accustomed to simple things in life. So much, that once you do, complicated things seem unachievable. Developers who get used to Python tend to find its extensive library to be a sanctuary.

So, anytime they work with other programming languages, they face difficulties in adapting.

Something as simple as declaring variable types and values may become a hassle for python lovers since they aren’t used to such tedious tasks.

  1. Python development doesn’t perform well on mobile platforms

When it comes to desktop and server platforms, Python has succeeded in leaving its mark. However, the same cannot be said about mobile computing. Compared to other languages, Python is significantly weaker for mobile computing.

This is one of the biggest reasons why you will only find a handful of mobile apps created using Python. Developers looking to go into this direction might not find Python the best language for them.

  1. Slow speed

Rather than making use of a compiler, as other programming languages do, Python makes use of an interpreter. This is why the development process occurs at a slow pace.

But this is not always the case. For most web applications, the Python development process is quite fast. But, the slow speed instances are too many to ignore.

Final Verdict: Good or Bad?

The question remains, should you opt for python development? It is not clear, yes, or no answer. Just like any other programming language, Python too has pros and cons. Whether or not the drawbacks are worth it depend on how beneficial you think the pros are.

Analyze your need concerning your programming language. Decide accordingly.

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