What’s the Right Platform For Your App Launch?

A crucial decision for an app company is to select a platform for app launch. Various decisions and preparations need to be executed systematically for the app launch. You will need to decide whether you would like to launch your app for Windows, Apple or Android or all the three.

A few questions to consider will be, will the platform support the app, will it allow updates and help you reach millions of users for the desired cost. It is a lot of work to develop for one platform and your decision to launch will depend on understanding the app goals and each platform deeply.

For iOS

Most of the major apps are launched on iOS first. In fact, the reason in simple – iOS users are more likely to pay for your app than when you release it on other platforms like Android. If you are planning to create a tablet experience, then focus on iOS. It is because; the truth is transparent that Apple is the winner in the tablet market.


Also consider that whether the app is free or not because iOS users are keener to pay for the app. Secondly, developing for iOS requires a skillful developer’s team and a Mac to develop. In addition, an app that runs on iPhone 5 will run on iPhone 6 as well but the same is not the case with Android. It is because Android manufacturers and distributes more than 400 types of phones.

For Android

If you have a freemium model, Android is a great choice. On a global perspective, Android is a dominating mobile operating system. Though iOS and Android are closer in market share, Android still beats Apple with 1 million app mark.


If you are marketing your app in UK then Android is the best platform as in European market, Apple share is just 30 percent. Always understand what your customer wants, and you can make a wise choice. Android users spend on personalization, education and reading more than business and entertainment apps.

Other things to consider while choosing a platform:

An app needs to address the size of the market. iOS is quick and responsive, and there is less piracy. Unlike Google Play, it doesn’t have many quality issues. It is also important to understand that iPhone users are more dedicated and engaged to use apps. In addition, they are habitual to use error-free apps and, for this reason, they tend to pay more it.

Finally, understanding the limitations of hardware and software of mobile phones to publish your app is vital for minimal hang-ups as you begin with alpha testing. Showing good amount of flexibility in using the tools to develop the app for different platforms is a critical decision as well.

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