What To Know Before Starting To Develop Taxi Booking App

Nowadays it seems that more and more people, especially millennials, are quitting the classic taxi service and heading towards taxi hailing apps. At the same time, more and more people quit the idea of having their own car and spending money on gas and all the maintenance cost, and choose instead this type of apps. These apps have most success in the urban areas, and one such example is Uber. This app was founded in 2009 and it has reached unimagined success, so much so that today we find it available in more than 60 countries and 500 cities.

Naturally, more and more people try to replicate their success and to create new apps with this purpose. But what should you take into account when planning to develop an app for taxi booking? Let’s see a brief list of some things you should consider in this situation:

1. Take a look at your competition.

Before launching an app, it is important to know where you’re standing on the market. At the same time, take into account the area where you want to implement it. If you are in a small town, ask yourself if there really is a need for a taxi service app.

2. Check the interface.

With all the things that you have to include in an interface, it’s quite a hard task to make space for all of them and to create a visual harmony that will combine all the elements. Nobody wants an app where it’s hard to figure out what does it offer or where can you find a particular feature.

3. Do you have the right cars?

Not every car is suitable for being a taxi, so it’s better to inform yourself in advance. Try as much as possible to have cars that are modified for this type of service and which are safe. Search for ones with clean interiors and lots of space for luggage.

4. Bring a unique and original element in the app. There are already many taxi apps available online, so why should someone choose yours? May be a new design, a new feature or an organized menu will make the difference. Or perhaps the quality of the car, good marketing and professionalism.

5. GPS and maps.

Nowadays, geo location has become essential when it comes to taxi or ride sharing. The GPS facility goes together with the Google Maps app. Together they are extremely useful for finding the fastest route and thus saving time. Moreover, the customer is sure that the driver really takes the fastest route.

6. Payment integration feature.

This feature is particularly useful, since it lets the taxi users know about the source and the destination of the trip, the distance and the payment details as soon as the ride is over or even when they’re in the taxi. One thing that is really appreciated about the successful taxi apps is the fact that you don’t need to use cash when paying, which is one worry less.

7. Licenses and insurances.

Even though it might take you some time, you need to have all the papers in order before starting offering the service. If you are one of the drivers in the app, then you have to own a commercial driver license from your local department. Make sure all the cabs are registered and with all the inspections done, so that they are safe to use. Moreover, you should check the insurance rates and get the most convenient one for your business.

8. Car tracking.

Not only this is useful for safety reasons or in case a user orders a cab for somebody else, but it is also an interactive way to attract customers. A realistic design is interesting to see, and many people like to follow the route on their devices.

9. Notification features.

Having a push notification feature is extremely useful, and many users reported that they enjoy this particular thing. Often times, apps include in their push notifications welcome notes, information about the payments, thank you notes, the source and the destination of the tripand other details.

10. Keep in mind the driver needs too.

Drivers also need to have a clean and easy to use interface, to manage their options quickly and to keep in touch with the users in real time, so pay attention to all these details when planning to develop a taxi app. Moreover, remember that some drivers may not be familiar with technology, so a simple outline will be helpful for them.


To sum up, it is not an easy task to plan ahead a taxi app, considering that you have to take into account a number of factors, starting from the competition, the local fares, the required paperwork and going all the way to app interface, payment systems and car quality.

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