Vital Factors Taken into Consideration Before Publishing an App to The App Store

Maybe you think that you have created an outstanding mobile application. However, the end users may have contrary views. You only get to know the final result once the app gets published into the app store. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to predict anything towards the beginning whether your app will be successful or not.

However, if you want to get more consumers on the board, you have to ensure a few vital steps before publishing the app in the app store. You must know that both iOS and Android have provided detailed guidelines or checklist for the developers, which must be strictly adhered to.

  1. Thoroughly Go through App Store Polices and Guidelines

In fact, Apple, in its official blog has cited a number of reasons that ultimately leads to an app rejection. It follows a very strict policy related to app publication and if you don’t stick to it properly, you will surely miss the bus completely.

Similarly, the Google Play Store has also given a list of launch checklist on its official blog page. All the tasks must be followed sequentially, so that you don’t miss out any step.

  1. Deciding whether it’s a Free or Paid App

One of the pivotal decisions you have to take is regarding the app monetization policy. This means you have to decide whether you are offering the app for free or the users will have to pay a fee to subscribe it.

If it is priced, then you have to decide upon the pricing model of the app. However, before that, spare some time to ponder whether your app is really worthy of getting a status of the paid app.

It is recommended to go for the freemium model in the beginning if you are aiming to get large customers to your app. However, if you are offering any painstaking service such as live consultation with the doctor, then it has to be subscription-based app. Also, it must be remembered that most of the popular gaming apps are also not free but it’s completely your call.

  1. Extensive Research of Market and Competitors

This is one of the most time-consuming jobs; but there’s no other option, you have to undertake it. The research is one of the most vital steps, which probably goes parallel with every step of development process.


You have to get the impulse of the market and find your competitors when you are planning to launch the app. This will help in understanding what features and functionality of similar apps are popular and what percentage of users is using such apps.

  1. Conducting the App Testing Before Publishing

Well, this goes without saying; you must conduct a test before publishing the app in the app store. It must be ensured that it meets the basic requirements and expectations of the concerned Operating System. The app should literally pass all quality checks with ease without showing any error.

In case the app has been designed for the tablets and iPads, it should have flawless graphics and shouldn’t comprise on the User experience and User Interface. So, the suggestion would be to go for the app optimization.

The content of the app should be apt and to the point. It should be attractive to satisfy the needs of the customers.

  1. Optimizing the App

App optimization is important and it needs to be done before you are making your app live on the app store. It must be noted that both Apple and Google follow the same variables when it comes to ranking.


Thus, when you are optimizing the app, you have to mainly focus on four important factors that include the branding and visuals of the app, the number of app downloads, the keyword and app description and the number of positive app reviews etc.

You should remember that keywords play a vital role in influencing the customers of the app as they find your app through a particular set of words. In fact, according to a study, it has been found that keywords placed in title increased the app’s ranking by 10.3%.

  1. Building the Brand Value of your App

It is important to create some hike in the market before publishing and launching an app. It is a kind of pre-promotion before actually entering the market to build a brand value. You can take the help of media tools and frame a viable social media strategy. However, the first step would be to find your target audiences, who could relate well with your app. Start searching for the bloggers, journalists, and writers who would connect you to your users.

The social media could be a great platform for establishing the value of the app. Go for regular Facebook and Instagram posts and updates and tell people how your app is different from others.

  1. Choosing the Location for App Distribution

The decision on app distribution solely depends on your choice. It means you have to decide which are the countries and regions where your app will be made available. You can even choose a global presence like Facebook or Whatsapp. It all depends on your business needs and the number of audiences you are targeting.

app localisation

This is one of the crucial aspects that you have decided early as you can finalize the app content based on it.

  1. Counting on your Web Presence

So, what else you can do to spread the word about your mobile app apart from framing marketing strategies and social media platform. It is by developing a landing page or a website that gathers the emails of users, which could prove more than handy in getting the important data.

In addition to that it also helps to communicate the idea of your app and the users find it easy to navigate the content. The collection of emails in the beginning would also help in driving people to download and review your app as more as possible.

  1. The Importance of Screenshots and Visuals

Another marketing tactic that you can employ is making the use of eye-catching screenshots and beautiful visuals. Images speak louder than words and so when you are sending an email or sharing a post on the social media, the visuals and screenshots would do half your job done.

It narrates the story so people know about your app before its release. Moreover, the audience tends to get connected sometimes through a spellbinding visual.

  1. Compacting the Size of your App

It may be that your app is useful and existing and that the user makes up his mind to download from Play Store and install. But, wait a minute; the very next moment decides to opt out of it. And the reason; the size of the app is quite large and he doesn’t want to spare so much time.

So, you have to make the size of your app compact. Let’s see how to do it. You have to reduce the size of APK, which is an archive comprising of app’s resources and classes as well as other files.

However, there is other software also that you can use to concise the size of the app. If still, you need a large app, then it is recommended to load them on the server.


There are times when you don’t get a good positive feedback after your app is published to the App Store as you had expected. This is the hour when you realize that something went wrong and that your app is lacking somewhere. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you take the important steps in advance before publishing your app.

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