Viable Strategies to Retain Your App Users and Keep Them Engaged

We are already into the beginning of 2018 and the road ahead is going to be more testing and truly challenging from here.

The Mobile Application Development industry is actually passing through a transformational phase, wherein, the app development and designing trends are undergoing quick changes.

Yes, satisfying the end users is becoming harder; but the most difficult job perhaps at this present moment is retaining your users and keep them interested in the app.

Why? The reason- according to an online survey 77% of the users do not bother to return back to the app 72 hours after its installation. The same site states that this percentage increases to 90 after a month.

Now let’s know why customer retention is important keeping in view the revenue of the company. You will be pleased to note that according to a report 5% hike in customer base will increase your profitability by 75%.

Even Gartner has stated that 20% increment in users can generate 80% of company’s revenue. All these facts and figures are really encouraging for the app developers.

So, let’s move on further to discuss some of the useful and viable strategies that will hook more end users and keep rolling the existing ones.

  1. Effectively Targeting the Target Customers

One of the best ways to drive your users to your app is effectively targeting the customers. That is the golden rule for any business. You need to primarily focus on applying your sharp marketing skills that fits within their persona.

What you can do is create personal profiles of your target customers in which you can add details pertaining to their likes and dislikes.

The persona would usually contain their names, gender, age, location, areas of interest, the mobile platform they use (whether iOS or Android), social media platforms they use like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The experts are of the opinion that creating personas will help a great deal in making your marketing tasks easier.

  1. Winning the Battle in First Impression

Well, you must have probably heard about the idiom that “First Impression is the Last Impression” and this goes perfectly true in the case of app development industry where the competition has gone into some other level.

So, in such a scenario, it becomes important to grab the attention of the users right from the word go. But the question is how to approach in that direction?

The User Interface and User Experience of your mobile app plays a distinctive role in this aspect. It must be noted that both UI and UX are different tolls, but they must complement each other well; in short the UI of your app should perfectly match with the UX.

Try to make your app navigation as easier as possible so that a person who is absolutely nil in operating an app can use it effectively without any problems.

What else can be done in this respect is add the features at draws the attention of the users. You can add features that will enhance and improve their day-to-day life.

If the user fails to connect with the UI or UX of your mobile app, he would probably never return back again.

  1. Optimum Performance is Key to Success

Whatever step you ensure to retain the users, the app performance should on the top of the priority list. This is a great vehicle through which you can establish a strong bond with the target customers.

Now does the consumer demand here in this segment?Firstly, you have to take into consideration the load time of your app.

If your load time is higher, then you will have to suffer the outcome as Google will take you back in SERPs. Make sure the users do not face any difficulty on that front and their experience remains error-free.

Once you fall back in SERP, the bounce rate tends to rise. If the loading time is slow than 2 seconds, then your app falls into the slow category zone.

  1. Keep Your Apps Always Up-to Date

O.k. this point also goes well with the performance of your mobile application.

The updates of apps is very essential because it will provide you a scope to add extra features and remove the unnecessary ones in accordance with the demand of the customers.


The Updated apps will navigate at face pace and the loading of the pages will also be quick. Thus, the experience of the users will be highly satisfactory they would not only prefer to keep your app in their smartphone but also use it on regular basis.

On the other hand, if you are not updating your app, you are surely losing the ground. The updated app will provide an opportunity to improve your ranking in the download rate will also go up. You can identify the bugs and remove it to make it more user friendly.

  1. Engaging the Customers by Personally Reaching Them

You must remember that is you who has to take the pains of reaching the target users through personal engagement. As such you can try out various techniques in this regard but the ones that will be fruitful is using the Push Notifications.

Here you send messages in which you are offering attractive deals and discounts. This can also include freebies, coupons and other offers that may be alluring for customers.

But at the same time it must be kept in mind that you don’t frustrate the uses by sending the same message again and again. And please make sure that the content of the message is completely relevant in accordance with the app.

Personalizing every message is a good strategy to follow. You can directly write the name of the person to whom the particular message is being sent to. The customers enjoy such kind of personal attention.

Another way of engaging the customers is getting the valuable feedback in the form of ratings and reviews. You should always ask for suggestions of improvement from the users and take them into account seriously.

  1. Using the Social Media Platform to Good Effect

Today is the era of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google+ and so on are some of the most widely used platforms to communicate one another and also share the ideas, videos, images etc.

Therefore, you also should make it a point to use them to good effect.

social media

Social media is not only an effective tool to advertise or promote your app but also you add what’s so unique about your app.

Even the Share Friendly apps are also coming within the focus of the users. Games, health, lifestyle, and e-commerce apps are becoming share friendly.

  1. Take the Benefit of Mobile Deep Linking

Now if you are not aware of this term ‘Mobile Deep Linking’ here’s a simple explanation.

Well, it is considered similar to the link or the URL of a mobile app which transports the users directly on a particular page in the app when it is being navigated for the first time.

This again will upsurge the experience of the customers and help in saving lot of time while opening a page. It can prove to be a great asset for the ecommerce based apps.


It can be said that although enticing the end users and keeping them engaged in your app is a tough ask but it is not something beyond the reach. We have witnessed that a number of apps offering services in different fields have attained enormous success.

You just need to click the right button at the right time and always be aware of what the current trends are. Ensuring a few important steps will always drive traffic into your app.

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