Top Trending Niches in App Development

In business, you can find many niches that appear stable. The environment is key for the nurturing of a dream. Niches exist in every kind of business. For example, there are companies that specifically sell glasses, jeans, phones, houses, etc.

In the app development business, existing niches continue to grow and are in need of innovations and improvements. Yesterday we had teachers, today we have educational apps with videos and subscriptions. Yesterday we had standard wooden desks, today we have app-controlled tactile desks.

Let’s have a look at what niches you can break into and build your application.



5-10 years ago was the dawn of online education. A few years later it became a new niche in online business. There is no need to sit in a classroom and be lectured anymore; you can attend class from the comfort of your own home with technology now.

Online education is trending. Twenty years ago people needed to go to colleges, institutes, or academies to become specialists in a particular subject. They would flip through volumes of text in order to learn something new. Today the Internet makes our lives easier because we have not to physically attend university in order to master a skill or mine knowledge via books. Anything we need is on the Internet. That’s the reason why we should pay attention to this niche.

We’re also not limited to educational platforms such as Udemy. You can earn money by selling knowledge via app store by creating an education app that presents the information in a logical manner.

You can use text or video to deliver your teaching. It doesn’t matter which medium you choose just make sure it comes off as unique, unusual, interesting, and has a practical value for your audience. You can create even your own cookbook or Spanish courses.



Health is a popular social sphere. Your responsibility directly depends on what you offer. If you work on your own fitness application you are responsible for accurate data presentation. If you get involved with a telemedical platform, it’s an even greater level of responsibility.

So, why health?

This sphere requires accurate solutions. If somebody found a ‘magic pill’ in this sphere, he/she would turn become a celebrity overnight.

The important thing is that such an application must solve an existing problem. As I have mentioned, it’s a social sphere, so here the quality of service is much more important than the number of downloads. Don’t forget about your users because their well-being partly depends on your product.

Apps For Children

Kids use apps

Most apps for kids are created to entertain and develop at the same time. Parents strive to provide their kids with the best things: toys, books, food, living conditions, etc. Today many children have their own iPads, iPhones, and even Apple Watch accessories.

Let’s go offline for a moment. How many soft toys, table games, and other interesting things are presented on the market? More than we can count. All of them are created for kids. These customers think about the quality, prices, and practicality of these products.

The niche of interactive apps is not as narrow as the niche of yacht navigation apps, for example. There are little creative restraints while working on apps for kids. You can create interactive books, alphabet, digital painting desks, or full games with storytelling and arcade elements. The format of your product is not the problem here. The problems lie in detail. Your app will be used by kids, not adults, right? This means that you need to do research on existing children’s apps and talk to your potential audience (parents) to clarify issues. Only after that can you can build solutions.

So, if your product is for a young audience it needs to go through the parents first. Parents need to understand why they need to download it or buy in-app content.

Calendars And Timers

calendar app

Individual calendars and timers are trendy. Usually, they take the form of an application for a particular issue. For example, your audience is people who want to stop smoking. You create an app based on the standard calendar and timer for iOS and tailor it to the issue at hand. This application counts your days without a cigarette and shows past history as well as gives out in-app achievements. Users use this app for motivation.

Calendars can be connected with Health Kit as many apps that follow a woman’s menstrual cycle are. You can choose problems and try to solve them via timers and calendars if you want to develop them in this niche.

These types of apps are progressing. Maybe tomorrow people synchronize timers with their cars’ computers to be notified when to change oil or something else.

Private Messengers

Messenger app

We see how governments of different countries try to get access to popular messenger apps and social networks.

5 years ago this process was launched. The governments justified these actions as anti-terror measures. What if the vast majority of people in the world ARE NOT terrorists, but they don’t want anyone to know about their contacts, messages, data that they share.

Today developing an app for communication is not complicated. Privacy and the trend of data encryption are not short and due to the blocking of Telegram in Russia, the demand for such apps will grow.

Developing your own messenger is a good idea for a startup. Furthermore, data encryption with private access only provides value that is enticing on the market. All you need is to provide stability in your messenger app, making it simple for people to converse with each other in a safe way.

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