Top Things To Consider Before Developing Business Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are becoming vital parts of both personal and professional lives everywhere, so companies need to keep up with the trend. Whether you want to create a messaging app, a task-giving app or anything in between for your employees, as a business CEO you need to take in consideration a few tips & tricks mobile app developers have for you.

A study made in 2016 showed that companies worldwide have been turning to mobile apps to communicate better with their employees, with a 52% raise in business mobile apps from quarter to quarter.

However, people are expecting more & more from business apps, even though they are usually not very advanced in design.

  1. Think about who is using the app – your employees

The employees can bring you a lot of insight of what they expect from the app and what they think would work best for their workflow.

You could make a questionnaire regarding app features to find out what would be the best app for your users.

  1. Identify the problem

The questionnaire could be your base in finding the problem that you need to solve by creating app: whether you need to deliver tasks faster, have better communication between departments or have a platform where employees can suggest new projects for your business.

After you identify the problem, you can start on creating the solution.

  1. Simplify your application

People don’t want to spend hours on an app to find out how they can use the features that they need. The solution is to simplify the design, make it simple and elegant, with menus and sub-menus that will help the user identify the right feature they need.

If you want to include advanced features, make sure to include a special menu for those, so the employees that need them know exactly where to look.

  1. Releasing the app when is not fully finished is not the wrong thing to do

If you need to use the app as fast as possible, you can include the main features needed and release it for the employees. If you promise to improve on the app, the people that need to use it will surely not be mad and will use it in the draft form until you can release the final version of the app.

It might be even better to release it before it’s done, because employees could help you build it by acknowledging any issues they found with the app.

  1. Don’t forget to prioritize

As we said before, the draft version of the business application could have imbedded just the main features you need your employees to use.

So prioritize! Find out what are the most important features you need, and then add them to the app in time. After all, time is money!

  1. Think about what you will need the app to have 10 years from now

This app will probably be used for a very long time from now, so think about features that your business will need in the long run. After you identified what these attributes are, include them to the main ones you had set in the previous step.

  1. Think about the devices that will download this app

If your business doesn’t offer the same work smartphones for everyone, your employees most definitely have different devices that have touch screens with different qualities. Optimize the app for different mobile devices, so users won’t find any difficulties with your app.

  1. Get help from companies which develop apps as their main activity

In today’s day and age, developing apps from scratch is too much of a headache. Mobile app development companies can help you develop apps from the first state of development, to A/B testing and more.

So don’t get your head wrapped in trying to create it yourself, as the people that do this for a living will do a good job creating the app and won’t charge you as much money as it would cost if you do it alone.

  1. Take in account your server

What we mean by that is that the server needs to be able to receive data in real-time and easily spread it to all of your employees. This will help you increase productivity as well as help you speed up the process of working on a project.

  1. The mobile platform used is very important

The platform will change the way you communicate with your employees, as well as other companies and even clients. If your app can collaborate with other apps (social media ones, or data transfer ones), the work experience will be optimal.

So, take in account these aspects of the app when you choose your platform.


In conclusion, you shouldn’t try to develop the app from scratch, but employ a specialized mobile app development company to create it for you.

Don’t forget to listen to your employees about special features they would like to see on your business app, as well as ask them about bugs and issues they found with it. Optimize your application for different mobile devices, and you should be good to go!

Blog Source- https://www.mindinventory.com/blog/top-things-to-consider-before-developing-business-mobile-apps/

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