Top Reasons To Invest in Kids Education App for Startups

There was a time when having a mobile phone meant you carried a huge block-looking object with a big antenna around, and everyone considered you the bee’s knees. Not everyone could afford that kind of luxury back then. But times change, and we have arrived in the age of the smartphone.

First it was introduced to the public, then the public started embracing the concept more and more, and now we have reached the point where even the children have personal smartphones, so it is safe to assume that it is no longer a luxury, but rather a given.

Mobile App Market

The mobile app market is reaching stunning highs as it grows alongside the mobile device market as well. The total number of people that do not own a smartphone has dropped considerably since these smart devices came to popularity, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

As each year, manufacturers line up their newest and flashiest devices, users will want to customize and populate their devices with useful apps.

Education App Category

Some app categories are more profitable than others for developers, due to the nature of the apps, and also the demand of that type of app.

One of the most sought after app category, according to statistics regarding the total number of apps present on the market and also most downloaded, is education.

More specific, kids education apps, that provide a learning experience for the youngsters and draw the attention of their parents. With an average price of about $4, kids educational apps are getting a lot hits on the app market.

While this is a profitable opportunity for all developers, new coming developers looking to start up have even more reasons to invest in a kids education app.

Generate Income

There are several ways to generate income from these applications. You can charge a flat amount straight from the beginning, and if your app is better than any existing competition, the customers will eventually roll in.

However, if there is a free alternative on the market that does the same thing as your app, without sacrificing quality, you will most likely lose customers, because free is better.

Another way you can monetize your efforts is by releasing the app for free, but using placed advertisement within the app. There are several ways to do this as well.

The application is for children, but the ads can target the parents, assuming the app is made in such a way that it requires parents to overlook their child’s activity. By partnering up with an ad provider, your app can be both free and profitable.

There is also another way that involves purchases within the app. You give out the basic functions, or the standard version of the app for free, but offer premium or deluxe services within the app that the parents but pay for if they want to unlock them for their kids.

For example, if your app focuses on learning through songs that the kids sing along to, you can offer extra song packs or images for a small fee.

According to statistics, 76% of all apps from the Google Play Store in the US are using purchases within the app to generate the majority of the market’s revenue.

Taking that into consideration, the other income generation methods can produce revenue just as well. The most important focus on is that the app has something worth buying, one way or another.

If it is bland and unoriginal, the developer will get lost in the sea of apps that can’t be differentiated one from another and revenue will be a few problems too far to be relevant.

There can be large variation on approached topics, from learning the basic math and spelling to learning about animals and plants, even improving handwriting and hand-eye coordination.

These apps can be used not only at home as a casual learning tool, but also within the educational system where they can help school teacher get through to the kids easier.


That being said, what people can take from all this is that kid’s education is not only a means to form the minds of young people and prepare them for the future, but also an opportunity for young up and becoming developers to shape their careers and capitalize on today’s integration of technology into age-old concepts such as the education of children.

Making hay while the sun is out is key, and a good developer that thinks on his feet will take the opportunity to get on the kids app ride.

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