Top Checklist to Hire Python Developers

Python is always on top of the list of your preferred programming languages when it comes to powering the most recent equivalent of Instagram or testing microchips.

Simplicity and versatility are two strong points of Python which has played a vital role and a big reason for the choice of a social giant like Facebook and Google search engine.

Being one of the strongest and the most dynamic programming languages of these days, Python is favorable for web and desktop app development, and scientific, data-driven and AI(Artificial Intelligence) app developments.

It’s evident that Python keeps up with a constant rank of being the one among the topmost 10 recognized programming languages of the globe. It is pondered to be an object-oriented, interpretive, and high-level language having in-built different semantics.

Undoubtedly, its proficient binding data structures have made it an extremely suitable option for rapid app development and scripting purposes. Because of the high demand, need for a Python professional is also on high demand.

Nevertheless, finding the best expert is always difficult. You must have a key insight into what you require and what you want to develop prior to hiring a professional Python developer for making your dreams come true.

Things to Consider When Hiring Python Developers

Let’s have a look at the top checklist which must be considered while hiring professional Python developers!

  1. Consider your need for hiring

Although Python is a suitable language for developing an extensive array of apps, you should have a basic thought of what you want to accomplish and be capable of clarifying that vision, when it comes to hiring Python developers.

This helps you concentrate especially on developers who are skilled and experienced in the areas you require.

  1. Conduct an interview

You must conduct technical interviews to find out the most efficient Python developers. Communicate with them properly by asking some questions based on the particular topics you want to discuss with the promising candidates.

Don’t forget the points mentioned below at the time of making interview questions for the Python developers:

  • Ensure to ask the developers regarding a few of the best tools which they would prefer using for your projects.
  • In case you are not competent in Python language, ensure that your technical team deals with the interviews to figure out the most talented developer.
  • The questions of interviews must also inquire regarding the obstacles they might experience amid the development phase of the project.
  • You need to concentrate more on asking problem-solving questions which are appropriate to the problems your technical team experienced while dealing with a previous project.
  • Measure the answers given by the promising candidates to figure out whether their solutions are better than the ones given by your current team.
  • In case a developer thinks that a particular Python system will be ideal for the provided issue, go for further discussion by asking more questions to discover the purposes behind his concepts.
  1. Assess the technical ability

Choosing the right technical expert often can be as challenging as the technology behind many new companies or products is new. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that a team of Python experts you hire actually have the prowess you require.

Don’t rush in assessing the skill set of the developers, incorporating what they know. You can analyze their technical prowess by utilizing an online test as part of your selection process for every Python developer.

While pondering Python web developer, consider checking his/her portfolio, and client reviews or testimonials. Moreover, check reviews to decide what expertise other businesses have had with the developer.

You can analyze the Python developers depending on particular technical abilities, like:

  • Python shell usage
  • Know-how regarding Python Version Numbers
  • List Dictionaries, Comprehension, and Sets
  • Basic memory handling like slicing and copying structures
  • Use of “OS” and “SYS”
  • Classes, Functions, and Generators
  • The capacity of structuring code properly
  1. Test programming skills

Prior to employing a Python developer for your projects, you should know his/her ability by testing his/her programming expertise. Make sure to conduct this test with the assistance of a mock-up of your product or by using a properly built template.

While examining a developer’s expertise acts as a crucial parameter for selecting a professional, it also enables you to know the exclusive working style he/she might have. With the use of a skill test, you can also discover the things mentioned below:

  • An expert developer can provide his/her suggestions, which will offer you a clear image of your problem-solving expertise, creativity, and the passion for his job role.
  • The various ways through which a developer deals with a project while helping you in tracking the time taken for a task’s completion.
  • The test will also provide an understanding of whether the candidate can fix every architectural problem with Python software.
  • The test for Python expertise would give you an idea regarding the time taken by your promising applicant and how much effort he gives on recognizing the innovative ways to extract a better result.
  • Check whether their chosen frameworks are the same as the ones you internally utilize or whether it’s the right option for your project.
  1. Measure the candidates’ enthusiasm

Hiring a trained Python web developer goes beyond concentrating on his/her technical ability. The developer needs to have a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity regarding what he is working on also.

You can go for a video or personal interview to figure out his/her excitement and enthusiasm regarding your product.

  1. Check whether the developer is aware of the market

The Python developer whom you hire should not just be capable of writing a genuine piece of code but also should have the recognition of being one of the most talented in his field.

When you hire an expert who is well aware of the implications of coding, your project is going to be the best in the market. To make sure that the developer has proper market knowledge, check for the features mentioned below:

  • He/she needs to ponder utilizing unit testing even for small jobs because it will help recognize the issues, like syntax errors or logical errors more easily if any.
  • Aside from knowing the syntax changes, the developer needs to be dedicated to conducting daily maintenance, operating functions, and checking previous projects seamlessly.
  • The professional you hire must know the changes in the programming languages and should be aware of the updates which might boost the project.
  1. Look for other skills and qualities

The programming language is a continuously transforming scenario and Python especially can be utilized for many applications. This implies that a trained Python professional will need an ever-growing combination of soft and hard skills to be accomplished.

While choosing whom you wish to work with, seek the following skills and qualities apart from the technical abilities:

  • Communication skills – Although the role completely depends on programming, a developer will require being capable of communicating efficiently for collaborating with other team members and understanding the project needs.
  • Collaborative skills – When you are hiring a Python developer, he/she should know how to be a team player, particularly when you will test products or conduct design prints. Hence, you should evaluate his/her collaborative skills. The tech professional must be capable of having respect and working with others. Ask whether they can deal with challenges within a team set up and how they come to an agreement.
  • Fluency in Python frameworks – Although there are many Python-specific abilities which developers must have, they especially must be fluent in Python frameworks. Give promising developers a challenge for testing for their know-how in basic Python frameworks.
  • Issue-solving capacity – An experienced developer should be capable of fixing issues as they come during the development procedure, saving time, effort, and money.
  • Critical thinking skills – There are many Python frameworks and libraries which help a developer to accelerate the development procedure, without raising costs. Nevertheless, every framework has a robust set of advantages and disadvantages and a developer will require powerful critical thinking expertise for choosing the best framework for the project.

The Final Say

If you are willing to scale a new business with new software item or you are trying to upgrade a current product, figuring out the right Python developer is important to getting your software item going.

By using the aforementioned checklist, you can find and hire the best Python developer to transform your product into a workable one.

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