Top 14 Factors CEOs Should Consider While Hiring an App Development Company

Let’s accept the fact that clients’ interest in your business is a great scope to enjoy awards and rewards. Now the world is moving towards mobile.

With the advanced technologies, we have received mobile applications which have become a profit-earning device these days.

You may plan to develop a mobile app to obtain profits and that app may become a popular one in the future, bringing you millions of dollars per month.

As per Statista, mobile applications will produce nearly $581.9 billion in revenue by 2020 through app store downloads and in-app advertising.

Now many CEOs like to develop apps to increase their revenues. However, a robust app must meet users’ expectations and requirements.

App development is not only about designing an app and uploading it onto the store. So when you are going to hire an app development team, don’t forget to measure their capacity.

You should get in touch with a mobile app development company which charges very nominal and not only develop an app but also help increase the revenue.

You should not rush the procedure of hiring an app development agency; rather spend a sufficient amount of time to ponder all your options thoroughly.

Factors to Consider While Hiring An App Development Company

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While seeking the right app development company for your project, there are many factors to help you make an informed decision. Start by considering the following factors:

  1. Competence and Experience

CEOs should remember this factor while hiring a mobile app development firm. An app building agency with the ability to develop apps for a specific platform or using any particular technology can provide better quality and insights into the services.

Similarly, being an experienced company means the organization has faced and solved different challenges related to the development procedure.

This factor assures you that the company’s development team can deal with all complex situations and offer you the best mobile app building services.

  1. Better ROI

To help you become different from your competitors, you should provide your clients with more than only a site. Getting a mobile application helps you accomplish that.

With a transition from desktop to smartphone, now businesses can enjoy a higher ROI, reaching clients through their mobile devices.

A good app development company must be capable of outlining a plan to monetize your application and presenting it as the right destination for your target audience. The company should strongly concentrate on flexibility, brand visibility, and usability.

  1. Portfolio

You should not hide the name of the applications built by the organization and their links to the application store in case the organization has developed them. If it’s not unveiled, it implies that there is something fishy which you should confirm.

Ask directly for the instances of mobile apps built by the organization to analyze their domain skill, UI/UX expertise, and app building experience, which reflect in their apps automatically and that can be favorable for the app developers.

  1. Coding Standards

Whichever platform you choose to develop your app, your app development partner should be proficient at it. Be it an iOS or an Android app development, the organization should be expert in delivering the right product.

Ensure your potential mobile app building agency uses the best app development frameworks in case of both hybrid and native applications. They should consider that the code belongs to the client as they will get paid for this development.

To make sure the ownership of the mobile app and its coding, ask the company for signing a copyright agreement which states that you are the only owner of the mobile app, incorporating source code, design, and all other contents.

  1. Customer Feedback

When it comes to hiring an app development firm, receiving the right services is not sufficient. You should make a healthy relationship with the team.

To know what kind of business relationship your app partner maintains, stay in touch with their previous clients. After all, they are experienced in receiving services of that company and can give you inside details.

  1. Smooth Communication

Due to the differences in time zones, it becomes hard to stay in touch with the developers and receive continuous project updates regularly.

Nevertheless, smooth communication is important for the quality app development which makes sure the development will be great and has all the required functionality.

Before signing any deal, check out how often the development team will communicate and use which communication media, whether it is a call, live chat, email, or Skype.

  1. Platform

You should know the platform you want to build your application for. Can they develop apps for various types of OS?

In case you need to build your app for different platforms, make an informed decision and select an organization which can efficiently accommodate this.

Employ an organization which is experienced in developing cross-platform apps. Whether you are building for iOS or Android, you must depend on an agency that knows the rules for every platform.

  1. UX Capacity

Better user experience causes higher user involvement and quicker app development. Ensure that your app partner provides you with the best UX designers, offering exclusive app designs for better UX.

They must follow a client-centric approach understanding personalities, by working on performance and optimization improvement. This forms better app design, by involving more users.

  1. Data Security

Security concerns like insecure deployment, insecure storage, system data leaks, and privacy violation, can negatively impact the lifespan of your app.

Hence, selecting an app development company that develops apps with secure code is an important step in the whole procedure.

Although many companies claim to offer a secure app building procedure, you should make sure that the one you choose understands your data’s value and take institutive actions for securing it.

Moreover, they should provide a multi-layered security solution for securing your data from different mobile threats like insecure data storage, device and user authentication, malware programs, insufficient cryptography, SMS-based attacks, etc.

  1. Service Package

Some app partners provide individual services whereas others offer service packages. In the former case, you can choose the facility and feature you require and eventually, make a difference in the app price.

While, in the latter case, you can reap the benefits of getting many services under a single price tag.

Currently, when it comes to choosing an app development team depending on the service package, you should decide according to your business app models. Choose the first option if you need any specific service.

However, if you want a company to manage everything – right from competitive assessment to development, designing, app launch, and marketing – the second option is good to go.

  1. App Testing Method

Undoubtedly, you don’t need to market your application with lots of crash problems, bugs, and broken features.

Ask your app development team for the testing strategies which they will utilize and how they will beta test your app to assure the app will win users’ heart when it’s uploaded onto the app stores with no flaw.

Additionally, the app should be tested on the device for which it is developed and in case bugs are discovered, check how rapidly the team will troubleshoot them.

  1. Project Timeline

Ask your app partner about the estimated project timeline. Also, ask regarding their availability as maximum companies work on several projects simultaneously.

Check how many projects they are presently working on. Ask when they can deliver your project by.

You should confirm that there are some dedicated sources available for working on your project. This is how you can make sure that the app development agency can effectively respond to every unpredicted challenge or iteration of your project.

  1. App Submission

If the testing of your app is completed, you should submit it to the app store. Then the store approves your product selling. You should review the app store guidelines and human interface before app submission.

It’s a lengthy procedure which incorporates many steps and just a reputable app building team can complete this procedure.

Hence, make sure your app partner’s portfolio contains efficient experience in an app uploading to the app stores.

  1. NDA Agreement

Ultimately, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can help a CEO find the best app partner. NDA is a legal document and a fraud agency would not agree to sign it.

Hence, in case an organization is giving you illogical reasons to ignore the requirement for signing an NDA, don’t choose it. Rather, choose an app development firm which introduces NDA at the starting of partnership.


Pondering current market condition, the best method of hiring a mobile app partner is by getting a clear concept of your needs, market requirements, and business challenges.

A good company will always make sure engaging in their development procedure while keeping you up to date about the app development progress. They always must give you access to the project collaboration tools for clear communications between developers and clients.

This is important for successful mobile app development. Considering what is discussed here, hiring an app development company must be effortless.

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