Top 10 Exclusive App Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Since real estate is a rapidly-paced industry, it is made for adopting enterprise applications. Real estate businesses not just get pressure for making sales ASAP but also they encounter strong competition. This implies that they need to boost their client experience and capacity of building top-notch trust with clients.

Apps are the ideal solutions in all areas due to their capacity of boosting efficacy and helping realtors sell their clients in extremely attractive ways like tablets and iPads.

As realtors are adopting mobile technology and developing particular mobile apps for helping them do business, it will be necessitous for people who still are not utilizing apps for growing and reaping the advantages for real estate enterprise apps.

Recently, we developed a real estate app named “The Baya App” for our client. The app allows users to get construction updates on all Baya projects. The user can check project-related documents, make payments, and even schedule a site visit directly from the app.

baya app

In this competitive era, there are lots of real estate business ideas. And real estate comes with many business scopes, particularly after the technological development. According to realtors, utilizing drone technology in displaying property results in a 68% quicker deal.

Let’s make it as simple as possible for you by discussing the key perks of real estate apps and providing you the best real estate app ideas for your real estate business!

Top Perks of Real Estate Apps

Here are top benefits of having real estate mobile app for your real estate business.

  1. Higher Engagement

Mobile applications can help you make a more engaging sales process for your clients, providing them an amazing effect that may help you be different from your competitors and grow your sales.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Mobile apps can access data quicker way and make communication more easily and feasibly by enabling you to utilize your smartphone device regardless of your location. This is how you can save time and produce extra revenue.

  1. Better Communications

Mobile applications can make improved and faster communications with clients, making sure that they can reach you whenever they have queries and hence offering them the absolute and unforgettable client experience.

Top-Notch Real Estate App Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

Let’s delve into some creative real estate app ideas if you want to start investing in your real estate business!

  1. Locality Review App

For different reasons, an app development agency utilizes the convenience of location services. In terms of real estate, a good locality is similarly necessitous as a good property.

Using a locality review app, anyone can rate a locality and the locality can get scores on different factors like education, weather, and distance from the main town, living, amenities, and more.

A combination of these factors will create a star rating or a basic score of localities. Moreover, this app helps clients simply find out which area is perfect for them. It helps them easily decide which real estate property they should invest in.

  1. House Buying and Renting Information App

Renting or purchasing a home is sometimes a tough procedure as it needs lots of studies and paperwork filing. Making this feasible and simple for your clients and helping them decide the best option are offering them a positive and memorable client experience. Apps help you by incorporating basic data regarding purchasing and renting procedures.

This answers all questions of your clients, giving them a seamless experience. So, offer this application to your clients as an extra service. You can use it for consulting in their feasible time or during meetings to showcase them the procedure.

Moreover, this app can incorporate a communication channel between you and customers so they can contact you whenever they need it.

  1. Real Estate AR/VR App

Displaying the properties using AR/VR technology is one of the booming real estate business ideas in 2020. It is anticipated that the AR/VR technology in the real estate sector is going to reach $2.6 billion by 2025. AR and VR technologies help save money and time that people spend on checking different properties.

These technologies virtually help people visit properties at any time and from anywhere. Real estate companies that utilize these technologies can close a deal earlier compared to conventional property displays. With AR/VR technology, you don’t require doing a property staging to display the property.

Since AR/VR can virtually display all interior elements of properties, buyers can visualize a property with its interior designs. Moreover, they can purchase the interiors while seeing a property’s virtual tour.

  1. Calculator App

Mortgage Calculator

Maximum property sales come with mortgages, which can make the procedure slow because of the mortgage calculations’ complicated nature. To avoid losing momentum with clients or wasting time, you must have a mortgage calculator app. This can immediately provide you with an idea of how much clients will require paying as per different parameters.

Repair Estimates

Additionally, buying a property may come with extra expenses like repairs and this can make the procedure slow as it is hard to come up with expense estimates in a meeting only. So, here also a calculator app can help you by enabling you to assess fast how much total repair will cost as per some benchmarks.

With a calculator app, you can export both of these calculations easily into a report and email that to clients for their convenience.

  1. Property Investment App

You can create an application that will offer info to the promising investor or help associate with every investment decision in the property market. A real estate app must feature a chat box where app users can put all questions about any hardship they are experiencing during a real estate investment.

Moreover, the app must have an in-house specialist who is experienced and knowledgeable about the real estate market and can answer all user queries, giving them solutions to their issues and good investment choices. The specialist must explain the areas where investors will receive the utmost return in case they purchase property there.

The property market is not static and it keeps on transforming in association with demand and supply. Your real estate app’s expert section must offer data about what is going on in the real estate property market. This will help you know when investors must invest in or liquidate their properties to receive the utmost returns.

A smart real estate app offers a property’s detailed assessment on the small screen. You just require tapping on the screen and you will receive the comprehensive analysis of the property’s appropriate info in the question. This data may incorporate the price trend in a specific market, the property’s mortgage value in that locality, the demand-supply situations during that time, and more.

So, this comprehensive assessment will give users a complete overview of the property market that they will require having for making the best decision about investing in real estate properties.

  1. Lead Generation App

Producing leads is another necessitous part of the lending or selling procedure of a property. So, in case you need to engage with prospects actively, applications can help you. The form feature of your property listing app can help you create leads by needing users to provide personal data while enquiring regarding a property.

This information can be preserved in the CRM system and you can even utilize it for creating buyer profiles and optimizing sales actions. Users will require giving personal data just by registering to access the application. Then you can utilize tracking software like Google Analytics for checking how users are using your app and approaching others who highly scores as leads.

  1. Property Listing App

The property listing is an amazing idea for real estate businesses as it doesn’t get failed if planned properly. Nearly 93% of the buyers first explore the website’s online listing. Online property listing depends on some points:

  • Properties are just for rents.
  • Listing properties for sale and rent
  • Listing properties just for sale

You can build a property listing platform, where the property owners can sign up and list out their properties with the required information. Renters or buyers will check all properties depending on their needs.

Moreover, they contact the owners for making a fair deal. On each deal created, the platform owners take a particular commission from property owners.

  1. Document Library App

Lending or selling a property includes checking lots of documents and sometimes, it’s tough to make sure that all documents are available instantly.

An application helps you gather all important documents in one space and categorize them as per clients so that using them becomes easier. This makes it simple to display documents to clients amid a meeting using a smartphone device.

Clients could require signing documents straight on their devices with e-verified signature systems, reducing the extra effort of logging or scanning documents. They can be sent to clients easily or printed immediately on the spot.

  1. Property Rental App

The rental business is an extremely developing business. People keep moving from one location to another. This, as a result, creates a requirement of renting stays. So, without wasting your time, you can begin with this idea for your real estate business.
Real estate app design

Real estate app design

Just create a brokerage model for your digital rental business. Here you get 2 choices: you can either begin renting your properties or develop a digital marketplace where all property owners can sign up for renting out their properties.

The digital rental business is highly advantageous for the real estate sector. It is easier than the traditional renting process. Renters can pay rents online. They can share all queries online if any. You can contact many property owners who want to rent their properties. Using a marketplace, property owners can list their properties and on each booking, you can get a flat commission fee from them also.

  1. Online Auction App

Online auction is an attractive real estate business strategy. These are effective for making fair property deals. Many websites offer online auctions these days. During this process, users need to sign up on a platform for selling or buying a property. The procedure is not the same as the basic buying or selling of properties.

3 key parts of online auctions are:

  • Sellers in online auctions include asset managers charged with REO selling, investors, realtors, property owners, and so on. Maximum online auctions permit people who have licensed real estate experts.
  • Buyers for these online auctions include people who are seeking budget-friendly houses, real estate investors who want to buy properties or brokers on behalf of buyers.
  • The owner of a digital auction platform, who will manage the whole auction procedure.

The types of real estate online auctions are:

  • Retail property
  • Flipped property
  • Short-sale property
  • Foreclosed property

The Ultimate Thoughts

In this competitive and tech-driven era, people wish to have everything at their fingertips. They have no time for visiting every property; hence, they like digital platforms. With these, they can narrow down some properties and visit a few personally.

Buyers are very comfortable in using digital real estate platforms. Hence, it is the ideal time for creating an online platform for your real estate business. Just decide the best app idea and let the real estate app development company handle the rest.

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