The Ultimate Guide To Focus Your Mobile App In The Right Direction

No secret that the app economy is roaring, but if your app doesn’t work right or any other app does it better, then you’ll wind up being erased or worse yet negative reviews on app stores. Therefore, we are providing this ultimate guide on how to focus your mobile app in the right direction:

Designing Your App

Regardless what type of application you are creating, the design phase is the foundation of your app and everything comes after that. What would happen if every function you could think of into an app? A large mess. There are four criteria that form the base for whether your application will successfully meet the user’s expectations or not. Your mobile app must have a core idea, a great plan, a layout, and of course great functionality.

The Core Idea

Every entrepreneur needs to be driven by a big and good idea, and the best effective way to come up with that idea is to host a brainstorming session with your colleagues. For this, divide everyone into subgroups of 3 to 5 members and deliver specific ideas to each group in order that the session is productive and does not end up with everyone being perplexed on one or two ideas. Listing, Mapping and Outline are the 3 best ways you can do productive brainstorming.

Plan Before Starting App Designing / Coding

Once you have an idea for a mobile app, you should plan it before you start to do any design or coding. You need to consider whether you want to create an app, which will have a lot of different working elements, or just an app, which will focus on a key feature. The developing process of an is time consuming as well as costly, thus it’s very vital to ensure you plan ahead, so that you will be able to account for everything that you will need during developing. Your budget, User need, Features and Mobile app platforms (Android or iOS) should be considered while developing the app. The app need to be as simple as possible, and focus on getting it to do one thing or a few related things.

Designing You App Layout Carefully

Designing the layout of any app is something like packaging of products as it is what your users are going to see directly. So, there are some, but important factors one needs to consider that will make sure an enjoyable user experience: These factors include Clarity, Consistency, Functionality, Navigation, User and Brand equity.

App Functionality

Your app development completed about 50 to 60 percent at this point. Now, what is needed of you is to make a point that the app features integrate with each other as well as do work smoothly as a bundle. This is an important element when developing an app, as you don’t want users to question if the application is not working properly. So, take your time in checking your app functionality, find the bug and fix it in order to make sure that the product functions properly.

Promote Your app

You have created an amazing app, now it’s time to let people know about your app and make it viral. Keep in mind that creating an amazing app that runs flawlessly is not enough, because it won’t get the attention it deserves without the proper marketing. There are some strategies you can use to ensure that your application is reaching your target audiences. For example, Submit For Reviews, Promote through Free Content, Create Free Trail and Paid Versions, Start a blog, Use social media, Define your landing page, Create a video intro to your app, Create and share interesting infographics and many more.

Market to the right audience

As a mobile app owner, you must know your target audience’s mobile usage in order to make sure that they can find you when they are searching for your business on their cell phones. Remember, segmentation has always been an important factor when it comes to marketing success. In addition to this, if you market to the wrong audience, then you will not get your wanted results, that’s why it is very important to acknowledge your audiences and market to each segment rightly. While considering promotion of the app, you need to pick up the right audience and for this consider Age, Lifestyle, Attitude, etc.

Present The App right way

Once you have found out that who is your target audience, now you have to figure out the best way to present your business app to them. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that the app is being marketed in an excellent way that best suits your audience and doesn’t cause them to lose interest. A few suggestions for the right channels to carry out the app promotion is use popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Additionally, make your content engaging. Creating unique blog posts regularly are another great way to engage your users with great content as well as to share your most exciting updates.

Do Not Design Expensive App

There are many apps available in the play stores Google Play and iPhone play stores that are in competition. Therefore, it would be good to keep your app at a lower price. This is because if the pricing is more than what the users wants, then you may not be able to convert your traffics into your customers, hence if you promote your app as well, then it will definitely take you in the right direction. Also, you will be able to drive more traffic, more visitors and successively more customers.

Thats all from our side and I will be very happy to hear from you more ideas that you feel are very important while designing and developing an app. So, do leave a comment.

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