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The Security Factor Makes iOS Win over Android – The Specific Reasons for that

We are all aware of the fact that both iOS and Android development platforms are the fiercest competitors of one another. In the past couple of months, both held mega events wherein they unveiled a series of highly advanced gadgets and updated Operating Systems. Although the competition is exceedingly tough in every aspect and sphere but when it comes to security factor, iOS scores the goal to knock it out of the challenge.

Even this fact has been proved through a study that Android platforms becomes the victim of malware more than its counterpart.

Both Google and Apple are trying their level best to offer the best secured operating system but why that Apple has excelled and experts trust iOS platforms more than Android. Let’s find out the reasons:

Android is More Often an Open Source

One of the prime reasons cited by the tech experts in connection to the important question is Android as an Operating System has more often an open source. It is because of this aspect that anybody can get an access to what’s going on in the Android platform. However, having any such penetration in iOS is nearly very difficult if not impossible.

The experts also view that the threat becomes more evident in case a user is trying to modify his phone and he does not get satisfactory results. It becomes easier for the hackers to trace your phone and get into the details.

The security issue will still be a matter of concern even if the modification is conducted by a developer. The open source of Android also allows hackers to distribute malware. But for this reason, you have to blame Google and not the developers.

On the other hand, Apple is very strict in imposing the terms and conditions with respect to downloading and control over the software. This simply means you cannot launch every app on the Apple app store unlike Google Play Store.

One can cite the instance of Apple versus FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) case where Apple did not comply the requests of investigating agency to unlock an iPhone 5C. This shows how stringent it is related to security.

The Enterprise Apps: iOS is Winner

The enterprise mobile apps has become as a big boon for the enterprise and business communities as it has eased out the pressure of work to a much extent. It has enabled the employees to work efficiently even outside the premises of office through the introduction of BYOD technique. But having said that has also raised questions on security as everyone is sharing the same data via his/her device.

Here again both competitors gave a tough fight for the top spot and took every step to enhance the security of the apps. In both cases the developers have the opportunity to build a secured area which is free from user profile data and allows to install enterprise apps. Tools such as app specific VPN tunnels, and data encryption also helps in securing the network data.

After this your device will not act as personal but get converted to a specific device for accessing the enterprise apps. Although both are prone to security breaches, Android has more than the iOS.

The discussion here again is the open source versus closed source but it does not a big impact. What influences is the mode of updating and implementation of the OS software. The iOS is declared winner because many operating systems tend to operate at one time, which turns out to be unsecured.

On the contrary, Apple is not that easy fruit to pluck on. It secures the unique technology and can also not allow to view the data so as to create any security hole. In fact, no third party can easily open its part.

Apart from that, any outsider can also not go through the contact list or the UDID number of phone as it has control over infrastructure of the device. Android gives you the space to go through the details.

Jailbreak is Harder Nut to Crack in iOS

You must probably have heard about the jailbreak in a phone that has propped to be a major security concern in the recent times. In simplest of terms it means removing the software restrictions imposed by the Apple.

It cannot be said that it is an impossible task but it is a difficult to do so especially in the advanced versions of the phone. As a matter of fact, the messaging app in Android is more vulnerable all due to the open code.

But Apple is very particular and selective in terms of releasing its code and keeps a keen eye on what the developers are doing. That is the reason why it is more difficult to design an iOS app in comparison to Android app. Apple in case finds that its iPhone is jailbroken, it will lock the phone out. It has a complete control over the hardware and the software tools.

App Testing – iOS is Better

Mobile App Testing is supposed to be an important procedure before the app is finally released on the app store and goes live for the end users. As far as testing of the apps is concerned, Apple does not leave a single margin for error from its side and is very stern on this parameter. All the pass have to go through a hard test before being allowed to download from app store.

However, although Google also follows the same policy but the test it conducts on its apps is not as thorough as iOS. That is the reason more apps are available on the Google Play Store in comparison to Apple App Store.

Online Digital Payment: Go for Apple Pay

If we are talking about the security factor and finding reasons on why iOS is better secured than Android, discussing the online payment becomes essential criteria. Even people around the globe are making cashless transactions, they seem to be also concerned about the security of confidential data related to their credit card and internet banking.

And yet again Apple Pay has given higher marks in the examination over Google Wallet or Samsung Pay. Although both companies adopt more or less the same technology, Apple Pay exceeds the race due to improved and superior security features that include Touch ID system, which demands the user to authenticate his fingerprints to conduct a transaction. Even the user experience and merchant availability is better in Apple Pay so, you know who the winner is.


Both iOS and Android Operating Systems and platforms have their pros and cons; but one thing is for sure that iOS remains unbeatable on the security facet. This is mainly because of the fact that Apple has always maintained the sternest of policies on development and downloading of apps, user interface and experience, app testing and so on.

It has stuck to those polices irrespective of any circumstance and never compromised on that issue. So, if security of your device lies on the top of the priority list, then opt for the iPhone without having any second thoughts in mind.

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