The Complete iOS App development Tool Kit

hinking about developing an app on iOS? Well, fortunately for you, it isn’t tricky or complicated to make an app and market it on iOS anymore. It is quite safe to say that the market segment for iOS application is significantly increasing – and fast!

There is no doubt that every business requires a streamlined and tailor-made app that can help the organization enhance its brand name and propel well into the future.

As per the statistical analysis posted in the Flurry Analytics Report, every seven out of ten applications are made for iOS.


So, what that tells you is the fact that demand for experienced and skilled developers who can make applications for iOS will always be in demand.

In light of this, I’m going to discuss some of the essential tools for developers making apps on the iOS platform quickly and efficiently.

The Complete iOS App Development tool Kit

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and Editors


This is a genuine IDE, which is used with Swift (a programming language) developed by Apple. XCode is the popular IDE of choice for most iOS developers and is mostly utilized for generating apps for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

XCode is reliable, fast, and will help bring consistency in the development process.


Another streamlined tool created by JetBrains. The editor and IDE tool are significantly helpful when you talk about using multiple programming languages, which mainly include JavaScript, C++, Swift, and Objective-C.

You can use AppCode to develop and generate applications for all Apple products. The primary advantage of using AppCode is the fact that it will make coding and analyzing codes easier and hassle-free.

Moreover, the tool will also help highlight different coding errors.

Code Runner

This tool is another popular IDE that developers use to make highly advanced and sophisticated applications. There is no question Code Runner is a pretty versatile and robust programming editor for iOS developers.

Also, the IDE helps support a total of twenty-three programming languages. The tool is lightweight, and you can use breakpoint with it to debug your code.


This sophisticated developer tool for iOS is also one of the most frequently used platforms when it comes to asynchronous programming.

RxSwift is a massive programming library that helps developers program and codes dynamic iOS applications that smoothly interact with data, respond to that data and subsequent user events.


Launched in 2009, the iOS tool is primarily used for monitoring app rankings on the iTunes store. You can very easily make an Applyzer account and attach your app ID with it to see how well your app ranks on iTunes.

In addition, the editor tool also provides developers with a keyword search option, helping them monitor all the different keywords that are used and their results.


This developer tool is mostly used to analyze the early development stages of an app, outlining all the processes. Moreover, one of the best features of this tool is the fact that you can quite easily generate a clickable and visual wireframe of your app or its prototype.

In addition, Mockingbird also enables iOS developers to link different pages smoothly, letting them edit and format a different array of collars, adjust or change the font size, and align the wireframe so that they can easily share their prototype with other designers and developers on the team.

Design+Code 2 for iOS

This developer tool considerably helps increase your learning curve by watching a compilation of different videos (worth 44 hours).

The content has various topics that include different types of techniques that were incorporated in the making the Desing+Code2 platform itself – integrating a variety of other apps such as Sketch, XCode, and Framer.

This is purely knowledge-based developer tool to help maximize your capabilities to create your iOS application. You can even bookmark and save different parts of the content you go over and conduct different exercises.

Moreover, there is no learning curve required for this platform.


This is a native framework platform for developers and is mainly used for testing different Apple products.

With Testflight, it becomes easier to beta test your iOS app prototype or semi-finished and finished product with other users. Yes, you can invite different users and developers to test the efficacy of your design and development.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is not a tool per se, but it is something equally valuable. It is a developer community (one of the most trusted) that you can use to get in touch with numerous experts and experienced iOS developers.

You can discuss and share different techniques and absorb numerous experiences to hone or maximize your skillset. You can get answers to all types of developer-based questions and queries with Stack Overflow.

Great Plug-ins for App Development for the iOS Platform

There is no question that there are a countless number of plug-ins available for developers that interested in making and launching an app on the iOS platform. While some plug-ins are free, others, you need to pay for, and there are just too many to mention.

So, in light of this, mentioned below are some of the most useful (based on preference) plug-ins that can come in significantly handy for iOS developers. Moreover, feel free to search and add more plug-ins to your list if you don’t find anything suiting your preferences.


This is an open-source plug-in that can be used with XCode 7 and higher IDEs and editors. Alcatraz is its discovery engine for a multitude of other plugins, a variety of color schemes and templates.


This plug-in will make it easier for you to integrate the OSX as well as iOS dependency manager tool to integrate with your XCode.

Injection for XCode

Using Injection for XCode, you can easily be able to change or alter the implementation process of a programming language such the Objective-C, without having to worry whether the app will crash. You will not need to restart the app.

Fuzzy Autocomplete

This plug-in will help iron out the kinks in your XCode’s pre-fix autocomplete process. Life will be much easier for you with Fuzzy Autocomplete.


This is an important plug-in. Dash is a code snippet manager. However, it also an API documentation manager and will provide you with more than 150 offline documents.

Do you have to enroll yourself in the iOS developer program?

This is a very frequently posed question by novice and aspiring developers for iOS. However, the answer is quite simple – it is optional.

You see, using an IDE such as XCode, which is the most popular tool that a majority of developers integrate to create breathtaking apps, the tool already has a built-in simulator for testing your app on the iPad and the iPhone.

So, with XCode, it is easy to run your app on your Mac and do some beta testing.

“However,” if you do not enroll yourself in the iOS developer program, you can only use XCode for simulation. There will not be any way for you to test drive or deploy your app or app prototype on the Mac.

Moreover, without the iOS developer program, you will not be permitted to sell your app, and will not be able to submit it on the App Store.

So there you go – a short but comprehensive assortment of different app editors, IDEs and plug-ins that you can use to manifest your app ideation into a reality.

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