The Advantages of Having A Mobile App for Restaurant Business

The mobile applications have created magical wonders for several businesses and industries out there in the market competing against each other. You might be involved in any business, but if you want to make your online presence count, then mobile apps are the major keys to success.

The mobile apps have outperformed websites and people are more interested in searching for purposeful apps that can cater to their requirements. The restaurant apps have been successful in drawing the attention of the cuisine lovers, fond of visiting new eateries to try out new dishes.

According to a survey, 83% of the people use smart gadgets as smartphones and tablets to find restaurant locations and directions. According to another report, 79% users have stated that restaurant mobile technology has certainly enhanced their overall experience.

With restaurant apps, the customers can order the food online and it would be rightly delivered at their home or workplace. The customers also get the facility of loyalty rewards and they can take the benefit of discounts and coupons. Moreover, they also get a variety of options to tantalize their taste buds.

In fact, there are some vital factors why you should look for a mobile app to enhance your restaurant business prospects:

  1. The Users can Book Table Online

Well, most of the customers when visit the restaurant with their friends and family pre-reserve or book a table of their choice in advance. This allows them to save their lot of time as they don’t have to wait for the other people to vacant the chairs.

table booking

Plus, they can arrange for the sitting arrangements properly according to the number of people visiting restaurant. In addition, they can also select their favorite spot according to the ambience of the restaurant.

According to a survey, 36% of the customers believe that online booking of table is an essential feature of the restaurant app. It would certainly be an added advantage if you tie up with some taxi app service to provide the pick-up and drop-in benefit to the existing customers visiting your restaurant.

  1. The Benefit of Having Geo-Location

We are aware that considering the scenario nowadays, the geo-location services in a mobile app has become a necessity. In fact, it is a crucial feature found almost in every on-demand app.

If you include the geo-location facility along with built-in maps and GPS, it would become easier for the food lovers to trace the exact location of restaurant and also they can also choose their preferred table for the pre-booking.

Now, it will also benefit the restaurant owner as well. If they know that the customers are within close proximity, they can make the arrangements and decorate the table, manage the staffs and resources etc. However, it would be a plus point if you are using the iBeacon technology to sent alerts and reminders to your customers if they are present within the zone of your restaurant.

  1. The Advantage of Placing Online Order

The restaurant apps are providing more flexibility to both the customer as well as the owner. It has become much easier for the customer to place his orders online comfortably from anywhere. It reduces the queue and improves the efficiency and service of the restaurant.

ubereat place order

In fact, it has been predominantly seen that renowned restaurant chains such as Subway and Starbucks have reduced the waiting time of the customers by taking online order. Another advantage of using the mobile app is that it significantly reduces the human errors and improves the satisfaction level of the user. Your staff does not need to waste much time in answering phone calls of the customers for placing the order. The customers can check the order history.

The restaurant owners can also take other benefits as well. It will provide the valuable information about your customer’s eating habits, his favorite dishes and so you can send him notifications accordingly.

  1. Showcasing the Menu Online

Today most of the restaurant apps are providing the users with the option of online menu card. This relatively allows the customer to place his order within just a click of button. What you can do is add the attractive pictures of various cuisines and dishes to entice the end users.

This makes it even faster booking. The customer if able to understand the dish by its name can identify it through the displayed picture.

Plus, each of the dishes also has its price, which makes it easier for the customer to place the order according to his budget. You also can mention if you are offering free delivery services or it’s chargeable. It should be noted that the digital menu card must be well-organized and each of the cuisines must be placed categorically.

  1. The Wonders of Push Notifications

Like geo-location services, the push notification can also prove to more than handy for the restaurant business. You can send the important notifications to your esteemed customers informing about special discount offers and other attractive options.

In this way you can successfully keep your customers engaged to your app and they would be interested to use such offers.

In fact, the customers should have the final word when deciding what kind of push notification they would prefer and choose the span of time. They might get annoyed or irritated if notifications are sent frequently. The notifications act as a promotional for the restaurant app through which they try to increase the customer base and win the loyalty of the users.

  1. The In-App Payment Facility

You can offer the in-app payment facility to the customers so that they can pay their bill using your app and don’t have to open any other application.

When the user processes the payment via your app, he would usually get connected to various options such as using the internet banking, paying through debit or credit card or using payment gateway such as Braintree or Wire Transfer.

The restaurant owner directly receives the amount in his account and he does not have to take the burden of keeping cash or returning the balance to the customer.

  1. Launching the Loyalty Programs

The restaurant owner should make it a policy to always boost up the loyal customers by rewarding them with offers, special deals and other pros.

You are actually winning the favor of customer and also indicating them they are and will always remain special to you. You can also provide free complimentary drinks and rebates on bill.

  1. The Presence of Social Media

Today, no doubt, business organizations have a social media platform where they are trying to promote their business. If your restaurant app is integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it would certainly draw the attention of the users.

The owners can also inform about the latest updates and news such as introducing new dish or launching a new chain etc. through posts.

  1. The Importance of Reviews and Ratings

The reviews and ratings of the app define its popularity amongst the Smartphone users. Most of the customers decide whether to visit the restaurant or not based on the ratings and feedback.

App review

The rating and review is usually given on whether the taste of the food was good or not, the behavior of the serving staff, the restaurant ambience, its cleanliness, the price of dish and other factors etc.

Based on the reviews and ratings, the restaurant owner can change his strategy, improvement in dishes, interior decor and staff etc.


The mobile app is proving to be a boon for the restaurants today and certainly they are fetching more customers with the help of apps. In addition, it has also reduced much of their efforts such as keeping less staff, receiving instant money and online orders etc.

The app helps in establishing your brand and take you to the upper level of profitability. Planning for your next restaurant app? Hire us for all your requirements.

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