Delivering Superior Experience to Sportsperson, Coaches, Viewers, and Every other Sports Market Stakeholders.

We broaden solutions to manipulate acres of sports activities ground, for sports keen person to examine a sport, and for the delusion sports’ players to get safe surroundings to participate in and revel in the sport. No matter who your customers are, we have got you covered.

Our Suite of Services That Have Been Revolutionizing the Sports Industry Since the Last 70 Apps

Sports Coaching and Training Apps

Our team of sports activities app builders excels in growing interactive apps that assist sports activities lovers analyze a new recreation readily and inside the comfort of their time.

On-Demand Sports Coach App

We provide sports learners the ability to practice their activities by taking help from the coaches they have selected once they feel they want to, without anticipating their subsequent training session.

Sports Streaming App Solutions

We specialize in the development of live sports event streaming apps which can be strategized in a way that they provide high load velocity and provide advanced view revel in irrespective of the community situations.

IoT Apps

We apprehend the importance of all-spherical physical well-being for sportspersons and with that know-how, we deliver the statistics from all their wearable devices on one platform.

Sports Event Booking Apps

We layout and expand sports activities occasion booking apps that are powered to handle lots of users in robust, hack-evidence surroundings.

Fantasy Sports Solutions

We put together your app to sign up for the $15+ billion fable sports industry with a platform that permits million gamers participation in each day and season-long gaming sessions.

Fantasy Sports Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions
Blockchain Specific Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Stock Market App Development
Fantasy Analytics Softwares

Fantasy Sports Features

Fantasy Sports Features

User Authentication, Search and Filter Matches, Join Tournament, Create Tournament, Develop Fantasy Team, Reward, CMS System

Admin Version

Admin Login, User Management, League Management, Match Management, Revenue Management, Reward Point, Bonus Cash Management, CMS System

UXDLAB Powered Features

Push Notification, GPS Tracking, Live Match Score, Real-Time Analytics

UXDLAB Powered Features That Help Your Sports App Top the Ten Million Apps Category

Augmented Reality

We’ve got the ability to locate your viewers on the ground alongside their favorite stars from the comfort in their homes.

Social Media Integration

We add in interactivity quotient on your sports activities app by using linking them to social media platforms.

Push Notifications

We hold your customers engaged with our strategically deliberate push notification method.


Our GPS functionality allows keep your customers knowledgeable of sports activities occasion going on close to them and facilitates them find sports coaches in their proximity.

Big Data

We help sports businesses and venue managers advantage insights into how customers are interacting with their commercial enterprise – what elements preserve them engaged and which might be the instances which might be pushing them away.

Post Delivery Support

We offer a whole suite of post-delivery services Free of Cost for 60 Days

Design Update

Our clients get a free design update to make their app more in sync with the users’ demands.

OS Upgrade

We offer free scalability to our clients by developing their app according to the next in line OS update.

New Device compatibility

We design, develop, and test our client’s app according to a new device specification within 60 days.


Our clients get free consultation revolving around app marketing, post-development challenges, testing issues etc.