UXDLAB Software offers a large number of package solutions for running, and growing money service enterprise.

Online Recharge

Online mobile top-up is completely different from what it used to be in the early days. Nowadays users can directly do online mobile top up with their smartphones. Mobile top-up is just a few clicks away with UXDLAB. UXDLAB allows the massive base of the user to do the transaction through the app.

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Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet App lets people have an easy way to make payment for their purchase. These kinds of the app turn mobile phones into e-wallet which work like cash for the person. Mobile Wallet App also includes loyalty cards, vouchers, coupons not just payments.

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Document Verification

We let our customer’s start their customer’s lifecycle by doing Document Verification. Barring forged identities. It’s how your growth believes to your platform. It’s what compliance wants you to do. And enables you to lessen fraud and chance.

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Biometric Verification

In Biometric Verification the user has to take a selfie or make a short video, and our technology identifies their facial biometrics. Using Biometric Verification you can protect the identity of the person as it facial biometrics proves the person to be real.

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Money Transfer Solution for SMEs

It’s never too late to position into location desirable structures for streamlining everyday operations and accounting and additionally for scalability. UXDLAB both easy to use and inexpensive and designed to satisfy the ever-changing demands and regulatory necessities of cash provider corporations.

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We need to offer a unique experience when we are talking about chat app, be it on web or mobile. We build a messaging app which is similar to WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, etc. Our team of experts will help you build a customized, chat app for internal and external communication, a scalable app for your business.

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