Rules are meant to break! 6 ways to market your app in an unusual way

Being in the marketing sector often means calling out for the unusual. You need your idea or the product to make some noise, and this doesn’t come easy. Your product must resonate with the public to avoid failure.

This brings us to an important part of the discussion, that is, the likelihood of failure.

While looking out for unconventional and offbeat ideas is a great thing to do, the chances of failure are also increasing in the present times. You can understand this by the fact that although apps and websites clutter the internet on every topic, only 8 to 12 items make it to the front page of search engines.


This is because ranking high on Google, and even app stores is not that simple. Apart from the content and quality you offer, it also depends on how you reach out? This is especially applicable to app marketing. Whether you are a small scale business or a larger one, you must have an app. And this app needs to get enough recognition to ensure a better conversion rate. A lot of people might be creating more or less similar apps like yours. You need to stand out from the crowd.

Here are six ideas that you can use to market your app differently:

  1. Unique and Fun Ideas
    There is something catchy about tasteful humor that gets public attention. Since hundreds of companies on the internet are giving the same message, people tend to notice weird campaigns. You can adopt ways like hiding “Easter Eggs,” on pages of your app. Hunting contests like this will aid to achieve a couple of marketing objectives. As a sideline, you can drop hints on social media and emails to gain traction on your app. Dollar Shave Club is an incredible example of how weirdness pays off well. They spent $4500 to create a video and gained 12000 customers in 2 days! The funny and bizarre video content was able to catch public attention at once. So the point is, get as creative as you can be. Take risks, go for fun strategies, and see how it pans out.
  2. Make It Share-worthy
    If this app is not offering something that the public needs, chances are, it will drown in the sea of other apps. It doesn’t have to be an extension of your main webpage. Instead, offer something new and different to the users. Take the example of Coca-cola, for instance. The company launched a campaign “share a coke,” which motivated people to share drinks with their friends and have personalized bottles for them. Hence, think of ideas that are out of the box and integrate them into your apps. A simple way could be giving discounts or extra points to people who share your app on their social media platforms. Take ideas from your app design agency for better insights.
  3. Seek Assistance of Influencers
    Every sector has some influencers whose opinion matters to millions of followers. So instead of relying on a one-off promotion battle for your app, seek for bloggers and influencers. This might ask for a lot of time and money, but it is quite rewarding if things turn out well. Before you begin finding assistance from influencers, it’s always safe to research the market. Does your app offer viable functionalities? Read Research: If There Is An Audience For Your App to find how you’ll do it. Upon concluding this research, you can then target people that fit well for the promotion of your app.
  4. Tell Stories
    Nowadays, reviews and ratings are the major determinants of a brand’s reliability. People who have already used your products are the best salespeople you can have. You can add their comments in a sidebar of your app. Also, you can add relevant pictures and accounts of those customers to establish validity. Stories must be creative and engaging. They should be such that they convince visitors to give you a shot immediately. First-time buyers need convincing, and this can happen through social media posts, viral videos, emails, and web campaigns.
  5. Free Services
    You are indeed looking for monetary rewards through your app, but it’s also a fact that people love freebies. Once they are on your app, they are going to check out what’s under the heading of “free.” It is one of the best ways to beat the rival agencies. One method of doing this is to arrange giveaways on your site for people who share and download your app. If your app is educational or related to any sector of learning, you can organize free webinars for the users. Not only does it amplify the number of app downloads, but you will also see a considerable rise in your site traffic and social media followers.
  6. Adopt Trending Topics
    There is always some topic trending in the virtual world. It can be a popular TV series, a sports tournament, or a funny public mishap. Hijack these topics and integrate with your app marketing efforts to enhance the appeal of it. For example, you can add wands and spells as a mimicry of the Harry Potter series. This will surely be a treat for Potterheads. It is always wise to scrutinize how others are doing it. Pick an agency like AirG and check out their apps. And study the AirG reviews online to get an idea of how to integrate topics that are the talk of the town.

Final thoughts

The virtual world will keep growing in size. And this growth tags along with a lot of unworthy content, countless copycats, and similar ideas. Unfortunately, there are no rules to restrict people from cheating ideas. All you can do to ensure sustainable growth is to work on your products and digital existence.