Reasons Why Node.js is the Best Choice to Develop an E-commerce Website

Of late, most of the retailers are plying on the e-commerce platform, which indeed is the right business strategy to march forward. Now this is time to shift the gears and offer your customers with an altogether exuberating experience, where they have plenty of options at realistic prices. The e-commerce websites and mobile apps have certainly proved more than a worthy asset and their numbers are increasing with each passing day.

According to a research-based website, there are already about 7,50,000 e-commerce companies globally and so the competition out there is very stiff. Deciding to develop an e-commerce app or website is an apt decision, but if you want your tree to offer the optimum fruits, then you have to choose the most appropriate soil. Yes, we are taking about selecting the website platform and Node.js is the most preferred choice for building the e-commerce websites.

You are already familiar with the Node.js. It is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment. Basically, it is a server-side platform developed on the Google Chrome’s V8 engine. Node.js is known for its fast and scalable applications having a rich source of JavaScript library modules.

One of the probable reasons why Node.js is the first-rate choice for e-commerce website development is that it provides stability and helps in to incorporate vital features such as addition of cart, payment gateways, and shopping options.

In addition, Node.js also brings the advantage of rapid prototyping. You must know that top brands like eBay, Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix, Walmart and American Space Agency NASA is using Node.js for creating the primary application. Next, it could be your turn to shine bright amid the stars.

Let’s analyze the significant reasons why Node.js is best choice to develop website for e-commerce company:

  1. Cross-Platform JavaScript Platform

One of the biggest advantages that Node.js offer is that acts as a cross-platform development platform. In most of the cases, the developers need to have the knowledge about a couple of programming languages at least for the coding but Node.js is said to be an exception.

It can be implemented suitably for both the client as well as the server-side application. It also facilitates the developers to opt for code reusability if there is any modification. Now, you know the reason why Node.js is reining the world of web applications today, isn’t?

  1. Optimum Performance

What’s praiseworthy about Node.js to more support to the e-commerce platforms is the optimum performance. It is known to offer better results at a much lower cost in comparison to other languages such as PHP.

It makes the shopping a convenient affair for the customers by simplifying the various activities like choosing the products, viewing the product features, and selecting the payment options etc. This would encourage more and more people to sneak through the website or application.

  1. Budget-Friendly

The Node.js I/O model is very effective and it does not obstruct the I/O operations despite the fact that it is working in real-time. The website application can get updated at faster pace.

It reduces the development cost as you don’t need to employ two different teams for the front-end and the backend development. Only hiring the experienced Node.js will suffice your job.

  1. Scalability

The event-driven design of the Node.js is something that infuses the scalability into the web applications. It provides the simple and small modules that work perfectly with the websites and also the new modules can be added more efficiently to make it more scalable.

The fact that Node.js can be highly customized according to the needs goes best in the favour of e-commerce platform.

  1. Large Support of the Community

The e-commerce platform is a complex structure to design with a number of features, functionaries, and design etc. Thus, at times, the developers may need constructive support and help from the community members if they want a specific solution to a problem.

The large community always keeps on working to bring improvements and there is something new to offer for the developers. If you face any issue, you can make use of the GitHub or the StackOverflow to get viable solutions.

  1. Known for Optimal Speed

We already know that Node.js makes use of the Chrome V8 engine offering the efficient speed while running the web-based applications. And we also have told earlier that I/O model being effective; it does not block the I/O operations enhancing the seed of the performance.

You don’t have to think much about the security factor, specifically in integrating the payment gateway feature in the e-commerce platform. Top-notch companies like Walmart and PayPal have taken good benefit from the Node.js speed, increasing the web traffic.

  1. Benefit of the Plugins

One of the key pros of employing Node.js for your next e-commerce website development is that you would get an access to readymade plugins.

The free plugins are usually available on the GitHub and free for the downloading process. They help to accelerate the process of development without spending any further penny.

  1. Uniformity in Data Streaming

The architecture of the Node.js has been built in such a manner that any HTTP request and the corresponding outcome travel through a single data stream. Therefore, it becomes much easier to process the files and thus it becomes a boon for the e-commerce website that loads N numbers of items on the trot. The videos are uploaded at a great speed, helping customers to take quick purchase decisions.

  1. Benefit of the Open-Source

The biggest benefit of Node.js being an open-source JavaScript platform is that receives the access of professional and well experienced developers, who can help you in code rectification and add more functionality or feature in the e-commerce website.

  1. Real-time Communication and Easy Management

When you are building an e-commerce web or application, one of the essential features that you need to add is real-time interaction with the customers. Since Node.js supports the front as well as the backend development, communication becomes much easier where you can interact with the clients instantly. In fact, Node.js also effectively supports the implementation of the chat-based platform or tool.

Moreover, the admin would find it convenient to manage the products well whether it is a single vendor or a multivendor platform. Node.js always makes it a point to simplify the management of product listing with the help of NoSQL database.

Features of Websites with Node.js Facility

  • The lightweight of the websites offer quick loading and it is easy to rectify the errors.
  • The code reusability and testing of Node.js reduces the cost of development
  • The important search and filter feature in e-commerce websites can be added with the help of JSON and AJAX communication
  • It offers reduced parsing time


After discussing the various advantages that Node.js offers in developing the e-commerce websites, we can say beyond any doubt that it is a perfect choice. It is an open-source run-time JavaScript environment that works well on both the fronts-client side and the server side and also allows the developers to reuse the codes.

The competition level in the e-commerce business and industry has exceeded to the highest upper limits and so you need a robust, reliable, and secured platform to go all the way and become successful. This route passes through Node.js.

Are you willing to partner with a competent Node.js Development Company to develop your next responsive e-commerce website, do come along with us to take this journey further.

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