Push Notifications Can Re-Engage Your Lost Customers and Avoid App Churning

The mobile application development industry is passing through one of the most competitive stages where customer retention has become a daunting task.

Having said that, the marketing team literally focuses on how to get more users on the board and most importantly keep them engaged.

However, experts tend to believe that it is more important to gain the loyalty of the long-term customer than keep on hankering for the new and casual ones.

And there is always an apprehension that the excising customers may churn your mobile app, which means saying goodbye on the grounds that they did not find your app useful and worthy.

So, your job in hand is to keep them interested and one of the optimal marketing skills that you can certainly implement is using the Push Notifications to good effect.

There is no doubt that you can establish a direct communication or interaction with your esteemed used via push notifications. It is encouraging to note that according to a study, push notifications are two times better in comparison to broadcast messages.

However, it must also be remembered that the messages sent through push notifications should be relevant and useful or according to a stat, 78% users will turn off the notifications.

You have to necessarily plan a strategy and think twice or even thrice as to what type of message you would send to the users and how it will benefit them. The push notification should enhance the user experience and so you can make the best use of the splash screen.

The splash screen also helps you to understand your user’s interest. If the user does not any interest in the notification, you have to adopt the wait and watch policy and see how they respond after using the app.

Categorizing your Target Audiences

When you are first planning to enable push notification, the best thing would be to segregate or segment your target audiences. You must have heard of the popular phrase ‘Content is King’; so, this is one area which needs a special emphasis.

target audience

You cannot put all your users into a single category because each one has a different requirement. Often the messages sent out the users are based on their tastes and preferences or you may say consumer behavior.

Yes, you have to apply your economics knowledge here. The user data that you have probably gathered through the app will come into play here.

In fact, the research-based websites have found that during the last two to three years there has been an upsurge in the push notifications from 53% to 65%, whereas the broadcast messages have drastically declined during the same period. Push Notification also improves the lead conversations as well.

Personalizing the Content of Notification

One of the effective strategies to avoid churning of the users is sending them personalized messages through push notifications. It means to give your users what are searching for.

However, this strategy will bear its fruit if you have completed the segmentation of the customers appropriately.

Now, you can easily decide which messages are appropriate for a particular group of customers, thus, driving more traffic to the app. If you are personalizing the content, you are making it more relevant to the user.

However, at the same time, it is essential to keep an eye on how the user is utilizing the message for his own benefit.

Once you get some idea on it, you can send more of such specific messages. Nowadays, the users prefer to have one-to-one interaction and this strategy is just aiming for that.

In addition to the personalized push notifications, you can also plan to send the rich notification, which has become a popular tactic nowadays. This is a more interactive messaging tool which comprises of images, audio and video messages apart from the text.

Now the users are also getting more tools where they can send their personal response in the form of images and can also save the content. The users will feel satisfied with receiving more attention and their engagement will increase.

Focus More on Quality

Well, it is a well-known dictum that we probably have heard several times- focus on providing quality rather than quantity. It is rather a universal statement true in many sections.

As far as the relevance of push notification is concerned, you have to follow it depend on what your app is dealing with or what service or product does it offer.


It is of no use sending push notifications at random intervals so as to frustrate the users. Rather, you need to have a check on the frequency.

There is no such time deadline here that has to be followed strictly. It is utmost important that whenever you are sending the notification at whatever time interval, it should carry substantial weight and have a value.

Don’t frustrate your users with too many irrelevant messages. They might opt out of push notification and even uninstall your app. What you can do is add some creativity, which will be more engaging.

Getting your Users Back on Board

One of the ways that push notifications to prove worthy to avoid churning of the users is to bring them back on the board.

According to a research, it has been found that about 65% of the users return to the mobile app within a span of one month if the push notification is enabled.

Well, what can be done is add some spice to the deals that will allure them to re-engage. You can send them attractive offers and discounts. This is one of the effective traits employed in the mobile app marketing strategy.

Tracking the Success of the App through Engagement Metrics

You may ask how push notifications help in tracking the engagement metrics. Well, it is through the response of the users, which can give you an idea how successful has your app been.

Based on the metrics, you can decide what strategy to follow and bring an improvement in push notification, thus, gaining the loyalty of the customers even more.

You will also have to determine at what time span is the customer using your services or buying the product, his location, browsing of a specific category within the app etc.

All these factors will boost the user retention and you can send the personalized messages to improve push notification services.


Push notifications have always been seen as one of the most powerful strategies to gain the attention of more users and keep the existing ones interested. It has also mentioned that push notifications also help a great deal in bringing back the lost customers and re-engage them.

However, you have to be very specific in sending the notifications and always see to it that it is relevant and useful.

Blog Source- https://www.mindinventory.com/blog/how-to-use-push-notifications-to-reduce-app-churn/