News App Can Prove To Be A Boon For Your Online Magazine

Online magazines are the popular entertainment content providers that people seek. In today’s world where people are addicted to mobile phones, want all information right on their handsets. Whether it is an ecommerce business or education or news or media, every type of business that has online presence are moving towards having a mobile app developed for their business. Therefore, the native patterns of selling paper magazines and online magazines are changed to more of a mobile version of magazines what we call news apps. News apps can prove to be more profitable as it can help in increasing the reader base of an online magazine worldwide.

Every newspaper company in the world, let say, Time of India, New York Times, USA Today, Hindustan Times, etc. are having a mobile application to facilitate their existing as well as new readers and also make more business with online advertisement. Same is the case with magazines like Time, The economist, Elle, Discovery, or National geography. They all have a mobile app to offer the seamless reading experience to their subscribers.

This article highlights the factors that can prove that having a news app for your online magazine is indeed a boon for your business:

Rich User Interface

A news app can have a rich user interface that is interactive as well as eye catchy. An interactive UI allows user to find the content of their choice and also let them zoom in or zoom out, highlight the sections and save for the later read. There can be many interactive features that are incorporated in a new app. You can not only put the written content for your readers, but also show relevant audios, videos, and images. It is said that visual content is more engaging than articles.

The content can be dynamically managed, can be edited or deleted as required. The app can be designed highlighting the hot news in the main section. All this designing strategies makes a news app user interface rich and dynamic, giving your customers an extravagant reading experience.

A New Stream of Profit Making

A news magazine whether it is paper or online, have certain ways of making profit, which are through periodic subscriptions, advertisements, paid articles and sponsored events. More the reader base, more the profits. But when we are talking about smart phone revolution and need of News App, it is mandatory to study how a news app can itself become a new stream of making profits. A reader comes to your news app for getting a real and fresh content related to the topic he likes. No reader is interested in banner ads and mostly they avoid looking at them. Also if you show advertisement pop-ups, even that is ignored and can impact on your reader base, as readers are more interested in reading the content.

Therefore, such requirement of giving readers a seamless experience of reading and also displaying the advertisements can be catered by a news app. You can showcase sponsored articles right below the general article, or show a video in the bottom of the page. It will note even annoy the reader, deviating them from the main content and also show up the advertisement.

Push Notifications

If you talk about paper or online magazines, they can be referred by reader only when he/she wishes to. But if you have your online magazine as new app, you can use push notification feature to let readers be aware about the hot news or latest trends in the market. Every time there is a new article about latest trend that reader is interested in or any hot news, a notification is sent to reader. Moreover, a reader can control if he wants a notification or not, by enabling or disabling push notification service. Only a news app can give such facilities to your readers.

Connects with Social Media

Those people who are use to read your magazine are your loyal customers. But what about the rest of the world. How do you reach people across the world and increase reader base. To do so, social media are the right place to promote your news app/magazine. Let us take a case of Facebook, it has 1.86 billion active users per month. Promoting your magazine article on such social media app can bring you large audience. A news app can also have a feature to allow your readers to share articles on their social media apps. This way you can improve readers engagement on your magazine and trigger sales of your magazine subscription.

Easy Navigation

When it comes to magazine, the objective is to give reader something new and interesting to read about related to the subject’s reader is interested in. In the news app you can create numerous categories, a reader can select from. This makes a centralized place to view articles of all genre. Moreover, in an app you can highlight the relevant articles in the bottom of an article. Moreover, you can place a section of live videos, or breaking news, reader can easily access to it.

These user friendly and high intuitive experience can be developed in a news app for your online magazine. Get your magazine in the eyes of people across the world by launching a news app. With latest technologies available in the market for iOS and Android platforms, developing a mobile app is not a challenge anymore.

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