Must Have Features in Enterprise Apps to Enhance the Engagement of Employees

All business organizations aim to enhance their business productivity and increase their sales. If you are an entrepreneur, you must know that creating an amiable and conducive environment for the employees is paramount.

You may create a stress-free atmosphere at the workplace and also offer incentives and perks to boost their confidence, but of late, there is one thing that has created much buzz around. We are talking about enterprise apps, which undeniably have been one of the key contributors and major driving force for the various companies and organizations in the global scenario.

The statistics, shown by Statista also point out that the revenue generated from enterprise mobile applications for various industries will surge in 2020. For instance, the banking and financial services will grow from 23.75% in 2015 to 24.47% in 2020.

So, why is that the employees are getting more and more attached to enterprise apps? These apps make sure that the employees get an easy access to wide range of tools that enhances their proficiency and improves the communication.

We are aware that the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has played a significant role in enhancing the performance of the employees. Since, the introduction of this procedure, the employees have the option of working from anywhere; even at their home. And they remain comprehensively in touch with other colleagues while simultaneously working on a project.

Now when it comes to inclusion of features in the enterprise app, specifically to help the employees in performing better, then, the app developer has to pay attention to these vital aspects.

  1. Easy Sharing of Information

We have already indicated that the BYOD technique has brought a major transformation and the ease of doing business has improved too much extent. The employees can share all types of information whether it is an important file, document or content easily, which altogether brings a hike in the productivity and sales.

The employees, irrespective of wherever they are present and associated with the project and share the various resources and check emails, client reports, charts, videos etc. Now, they can interact with each other and arrive at a unanimous decision on how to proceed with the project and achieve their target.

  1. The Security Factor is Crucial

You know, one of the prime factors why the mobile apps become a hit is because they do not compromise on the security issue. You also have to follow the same footstep while implementing the feature in the enterprise app.

app security

However, according to a study, 78% of the mobile apps are either left unused or uninstalled after their first use and security could be a big reason for this. Most of the times, the employees tend to share important and confidential data through their own devices and any security lapse or loophole can lead to a major loss.

We have discussed previously how you can enhance the security of enterprise apps. Without this vital feature you cannot expect that your data would remain safe and secure. The employees should not have any kind of hesitation in sharing the information. The key elements to focus here is login or verification process, the app distribution, understanding and analyzing the risk factors, the API security and much more.

The security also becomes an utmost aspect as the organization cannot control or regulate the employee’s devices. As a measure, the employees are clearly instructed that they will not open the enterprise apps privately and access them secretly. The employees also do not have the permit or right to make change in the settings.

  1. Keep a Record or Address Book

The professionals and other employees of the business organization as such come across a lot of clients and people, meeting them at different intervals. Since, it is impossible to memorize the email ids, contact numbers and addresses of each of those people, having an address book in the app will be worthy and useful. You can get an easy access to all the information in just one tap of the app.

The business owners will be able to reach out their potential customers, vendors, business partners etc. more comfortably and you can remain in contact with these key people for successful operation of your business.

Actually, this feature is important to augment the marketing strategy. The feature also allows you to add more contact as the number of clientele increases.

  1. Enabling the Chat Feature or Messaging

It is extremely important to establish the appropriate interaction between the employees and specifically between the different departments of the organizations. One of the optimal features that you can include is an interactive chat or messaging service.

chat feature

However, you must keep in mind that it should be comprehensively functional. The employees will be able to chat with one another irrespective of whatever the time is and wherever they are working from.

While completing a project, the different team members may face several issues which require clarification and they can contact the project manager to clear the doubt. So, you have to be very specific while developing the chat feature.

You can also share the chat details and circulate the information in all the various departments instantly. In fact, if you are integrating the in-built chat feature, then, you are enhancing on the security aspect as well.

  1. Implementing Business Updates to Remain Up-to-Date

Another vital step that will keep your business afloat and show growth in performance of employees is keeping everybody up to date. You can keep on integrating business updates so that your employees have latest information on the project they are working on.

The technology keeps on changing and new announcements are made from time to time. In such a scenario, it is essential to make your employees aware of what’s going new in the industry. It basically includes latest news and updates about the concerned sector.

And how can you update your employees? Simple, write newsletters, articles, blogs and content etc. However, make sure it should be concise and to the point.

  1. Building a Robust Cloud Networking

You must know that the enterprise apps are usually based on the cloud networking system. The cloud networking is a kind of a powerful server that contains all data and documents.

If you are incorporating the cloud server, then it becomes relatively easy to store the entire information at one place. Now storing everything at one place will also make it easier to access them. This in turn will also enhance productivity.

  1. Increasing the Engagement of Employees

Try to involve your employ in different facets of the business. This will establish a strong bond as they come closer to work together as a unit. You can involve them in various operational tasks so that they can establish better communication with one another.

user engagement

The smoother the work flow would become, you can expect far better outcome. The employees should also get a feeling that they are being involved in important decisions taken by the organization.

  1. The In-Built Calendar Facility and Push Notification

As such each of the projects have a certain deadline and the organization is expected to follow it strictly. If you do not want to miss out the deadlines and other important schedules, meetings and events, then an in-built calendar in the enterprise app is a must have feature to include.

Apart from that there are other day-to-day tasks that business organizations have to perform on regular basis. Such tasks can be included in calendar acting as a reminder so that you don’t miss out those.

The same tasks is more or less performed through the push notifications as well. In fact, it is a good communicator. It will also keep you updated regarding the business meetings and urgent work if any in the process. So, you can also add and implement the push notification if you want to. Here the important alerts are sent through messages.

The Last Words

There is no doubt that Enterprise apps have gained the focus and have become one of the most important axis for the successful operation of the business organization. It has become of the best friends of employees offering them a number of facilities to work to the best of their ability. However, for an enterprise app to get the top spot, one has to add the features very carefully, taking into account all aspects into consideration.

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