Must Have Builds and Needs for An Enterprise Mobile Application

Regular mobile users are looking for mobile applications that are useful, easy to use and fun, and developers are defining target audience depending on user’s needs and preferences.

But there’s another category of premium users and they work for organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees who are accessing company information on the go, instantly and without any inconveniences.

They do their job more efficiently, if they’re offered a consumer-like user experience and if their needs are identified, developers will know what type of enterprise mobile app to build and what features to add.

If you’re an app developer who wants to try his luck in this domain and needs guidance to build a enterprise mobile app, you should take into considerations these tips:

Employees Need To Sync And Share Files

People working in offices are dealing with many documents and they store a lot of information on their mobile devices, which is then added to the company’s database and accessed by other employees, who use it to carry out daily tasks.

Files are synced with other devices, then other employees edit or make changes to them and the update will be reflected across all devices that belong to the company and have that certain business application installed on them.

Improve Collaboration Between Employees

A strong business is run by a person with a practical mind and has a team of professionals, who collaborate among themselves and keep all departments updated.

An application that would make employee’s job easier would allow them to access files via a virtual chat tool, so they will no longer need to enable Bluetooth every time they have a file to share. And they will no longer need to leave their offices, to establish a connection with another device and transfer files.

Centralized Control

Sharing is caring, but when it comes to businesses, everything has to be limited to appropriate content, and in sales, clients are convinced to buy products after seeing good presentations.

When establishing a meeting with a potential buyer, the salesperson must bring all the aces up his sleeve and this means that he will be the image of the company, and will represent it to the highest level.

The new technology saves employees from carrying laptops with them to show a presentation of a product, as everything can be done from the screen of a tablet or smartphone.

But the content that will be showed to the client must be carefully selected by a certain group of people who work for the same company.

Contact Information Accessed Alongside Calendar Events

The invention of the email service was one of the best things that could happen to humanity, as it replaced the traditional letter sent through post offices, sparing company representatives from wasting their time in the town.

Nowadays, with a few clicks, the information reaches the recipient almost instantly, and it’s much easier to keep in touch with customers, partners and team members. By adding the option to access contact information along with calendar events, busy employees will save a lot of time.

Web Conferencing To Receive Information In Real-time

In big cities are regularly organized events dedicated to business development, but if something comes up and the company representative can’t attend the meeting, the company will suffer.

That’s why online workshops, webinars and web conferences are better solutions and they’re helping businessmen who are traveling and want to receive information in real-time.

Browsers And The Eternal Security Problem

People search for information on the internet all the time and end up on dangerous websites that infect their devices with malware.

If you’re not ready to build a more efficient antivirus program, then maybe you can think of a more secure browser that employees will use to make internet searches.

A Business App Should Utilize The Device’s Technical Capabilities

Before the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, applications were using the device’s GPS, microphone, camera etc. without the user’s approval.

App permissions allowed users to have more control over which applications handle certain domains, but that doesn’t mean this feature is scaring off mobile app developers who build applications that utilize the technical capabilities of the device.

Beauty And A Beast

We can all agree that applications must look good, because users are feeling a higher degree of pleasure, but beauty isn’t everything.

An application that becomes unresponsive and crashes will trigger frustration and will prevent users from finishing their job.

Therefore, a successful business app is definitely good-looking and stable. Also, it should work offline.

Business Apps Should Work On Multiple Platforms

iOS, Android and Windows are the three most popular and used operating systems, and lately, organizations have implemented a BYOD policy which allows employees to use their own devices and work on them, although there were some reports about consumer file transfer applications that caused data leakage incidents.

Either way, if you’re decided to go all the way and bring an application that will help connect people despite their technological preferences, then make sure your application will not be easy to hack and attackers won’t be able to steal data.

Blog Source- https://www.mindinventory.com/blog/must-have-builds-and-needs-for-an-enterprise-mobile-app/