Mobile App For Real Estate Business Is The New Trend To Attract Customers

With most of the information is available through the medium of mobile apps, consumers are becoming more addicted to their handsets and find it the most easy and trustworthy way of getting information or services.

In every segment of businesses around the world, their digital entities are extended from websites to mobile applications. And Real Estate is no different from other businesses in this case.

When customers are looking for a house, there are basically two mediums how they will search for a property. One is customer will contact the real estate agents to find the property as per their choice, and pay commission to them, or they will search online.

Since a decade, real estate websites are used by approximately 87% of the customers for finding the property of their choice.

Such websites, are very dynamic, it has many filter criteria allows direct home owners as well as agents to list their residential or commercial properties. Even properties on lease or rent can also be searched from such sites.

Having online presence have given real estate market a big time boost. It has made information easily accessible to customers, decreased advertisement costs for real estate companies as well as brokers, made all information centralized, available at one place, etc.

All this factors makes it quite obvious that real estate business grows a lot with having an online portal.

However, if we talk about last few years since when the mobile applications has evolved, the real estate websites are now shifting towards having a mobile application.

Benefits of Having Mobile App for Real Estate Business

A real estate mobile application is the trend nowadays after websites, due to more and more users shifting towards using a mobile app instead of accessing a website.

Here are some of the factors that can prove that mobile app development is a good investment for the real estate businesses:

Easy User Navigation

Not just that users can access the mobile app right from their handset, but a mobile app can represent the user interface in a more user friendly way as compare to a website.

The menu and buttons can be arranged such that user can get to view the information or feature they need the most.

The navigation of a mobile app can be designed so simple that even a layman can easily operate the app and find the required information. It also looks attractive and creates an impact when your users instantly get the information that they need.

Highly Interactive

The mobile apps for real estate business are loaded with various interactive features. For example, user can enter search criteria as per their preferences and get the results.

They can then select the results data and compare to find the best deal available.

There are features like GPS integration that can allow user to navigate the address of the property to find out where exactly it is located and how to reach.

Also there are live chat, SMS, Email, and call features integrated in the app itself to directly call the agents or a realtor.

Rich and Appealing App Design

The real estate mobile is developed keeping an objective in mind to serve the most relevant information that customer is looking for related to various types of properties.

When we are talking about selling a property that can worth in the millions, then its appearance also matters a lot. Real estate mobile apps are developed with rich and intuitive user interface.

There are high quality property photographs and videos are accessible in the app. This gives customers a first impression of how the property is.

Based on how impressive your property is presented on the app, customer decides to pay a visit and take the transaction talks ahead.

Push Notification to Market New Schemes

Real estate mobile app have push notification feature, which allows realtors to promote any new scheme they launch or any discount on the properties.

Mobile app user will get a notification of new schemes launched directly on their mobile phone, without need to open the app.

Such notifications help realtors to highlight the news they want to spread and promote sales. It is also cost effective as compare to other mediums like newspaper, radio or TV commercials.


Developing a real estate mobile app does incur substantial investments, however if we look at the long term benefits, in the era of mobile apps, then definitely having a mobile app can help real estate companies to grow their businesses.

The maintenance of mobile apps are much less than web portals. And boosting a marketing campaigns on apps are more appealing and cost effective.

There is one more point to be taken in consideration and that is, its development in iOS or Android mobile development platforms; and if required resources are available to do the development.

The app can be developed and launched in both the platform to cater to larger user base.

There are many mobile app development companies who have large pool of experienced resources to develop high end mobile apps at cost effective rates.

Looking at the demand in the market and how consumers are perceiving mobile apps, it is a good investment that a real estate agent or company should do.

Looking to find the right real estate app development company to develop real estate app for your business? then feel free to contact us.

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