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Matrimony App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

Remember those days when the friends and families of an eligible bachelor or spinster used to take up the responsibility to get him/her a suitable match? Well, that’s all history now!

With a large number of matrimony mobile apps having marched into our lives, there is probably no one who wants to shoulder the responsibility of finding a true match for him/her.

Owing to the advent of matrimony apps, the millennials have started looking for new ways to revolutionize the whole concept of marriage.

Are you planning to develop a matrimony app anytime sooner? Trust me; if built impeccably, a matrimony app can help you make your client’s D-day a momentous affair.

Wondering if building a matrimony app would dig a gigantic hole in your pocket? Well, sit back and relax! We have queued up all the essential information in this regard, which will help you steer clear of all the doubts instantly. Have a look…

Matrimony Mobile App – Is the Buzz Worth It?

There is no doubt in the fact that it entails a lot of searching and decision makings to find that perfect ‘match made in heaven’

This seemingly easy process can give someone a really hard time, especially if he/she has no inkling of how to go about in this entire process. A matrimony app can be an excellent way to streamline the rigmarole.

With the help of such apps, anyone can find all the necessary information about the match that has caught his/her attention. With every minute detail of the prospective match being available at their fingertips, the decision making on their parts will be easier than ever.

One of the best parts about a matrimony app is that it’s very easy to install. Registering in a matrimony website is not difficult either.

When Did the Matrimony Apps Come Into Being?

Back in May 2015, the cursory concept of matrimony apps seeped into the soil of India, when a reputed market research and analysis firm named Frost & Sullivan reported that a couple of online matchmakers in India accounted for more than 5 million weddings in the last decade.

Fast forward to 2019, and today the matrimony mobile apps have taken the entire world by storm owing to their advantageous features.

In fact, looking at the ongoing demand of these apps, it can be claimed that there is a very bright future in store for those who are planning to invest for the same.

More Advanced the Features, Higher is the Popularity

There are several features in play considering the accessibility of a matrimony app. Choosing the right features is one of the main deciding factors when considering the overall success of a matrimony app.

It is also wise to bear the fact in mind that an ideal matrimony app should be a combination of some basic as well as some advanced features.

By incorporating some of these features in your app, you can provide your users with a safe, reliable and convenient platform, via which they can build connections without any hassle.

The Basic Features Of Matrimony App

Some of the most important basic features to be added to your matrimony app include user name, login, picture upload, partner preference, horoscope, profile verification by contact number/email ID, personal details, astrology compatibility, profile management, notifications, customer profile verification, app program management, payment gateway integration, reporting, etc.

Here’s a features list based in user and admin panel:

matrimonial features

The Advanced Features

Looking to maximize the user engagement of your matrimony mobile app? It’s time you incorporate some of these advanced features in your app.

  1. Upload Images: One of the most crucial features of a matrimony app is to allow the users to add images from the library. This way, the users will be able to upload their pictures on their profiles and also share them with the profiles that have garnered their attention.
  2. Search and Filter: With ‘search and filter’, you can help the users search for their prospective matches as per their personal preferences and requisites.
  3. Save Favorites: There should be an option to save favorites in your matrimony app. This feature will help the users save the profiles of the prospects that have already won their interest.
  4. Chat Integration: The integration of chat API can be a great way to enable the users to communicate with other users to reach a level of understanding.
  5. GPS Integration: There are, in fact, several advantages of incorporating GPS integration in a matrimony app. Using the option called ‘city search’, the users can initiate a search in and around their preferred locations or cities.
  6. User Blocking Feature: The user-blocking feature is important because it allows the users to block the other user profiles that will try their patience with unnecessary nuisances.
  7. In-app Camera: With a feature called in-app camera, the users can directly click their pictures and share the snaps with other profiles.
  8. Push Notifications: Include push notification to keep the users updated always.
  9. Data Security: Data security is such a must-have feature to keep your users’ data secured.
  10. Multiple Payment: An ideal matrimony mobile app should have multiple payment modes including, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, etc.

Apart from the aforementioned features, you may also include a few more advanced features like third-party API, social sharing, newsfeed/activity feed, rating/reviews, etc.

The Cost of Developing a Matrimony App

There are a few factors in play when it comes to considering the cost of developing a matrimony app. Take a look:

App Development Platform

If you are planning to develop a matrimony app, you need to choose an ideal platform first. Decide if your app needs to target the Android users or the iOS users. If you have a really good budget, then you may get the app developed on both these platforms.

Mobile App Design

In a world that predominantly “judges a book by its cover”, it’s important that you choose an aesthetically-appealing design for your matrimony app. However, even the most eye-catchy design will fall flat without the right features and functionalities.

Hence, you should pay attention to the usability of your matrimony app as well. Depending on the kind of design you choose or the number of features you would like to incorporate in your app, your budget might differ a bit.

App Development Team

A strong developmental core is essential to make an app stand out. To choose the best of app developers, you may need to increase your budget a bit, but it will be worthy for sure.

Technology Stack

Choosing the right technology can always help you improve the overall efficiency of your matrimony app. Followings are some crucial technologies that you may take into consideration when developing an app:

  • Mobile – Android, iOS
  • SMS, Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio, etc.
  • Push Notifications – Twilio,, etc.
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, EWallets, etc.
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, etc.
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, etc.

In a Nutshell

There is a whole world of opportunities if you want to build a stunning matrimony mobile app. And, only a team of proficient project managers, designers, developers and quality testers can help you succeed with their best in class mobile app development solutions.

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