Let Us Define Expectations from SDK for Mobile App Development

For mobile developers, the term software development kit is not new thing because this tool define that how application can integrate features and functionality from another application or services. This process involves use of code libraries of the respective platforms its self or from the third-party. For instance, in case of iPhone or iPad SDKs, iOS platform offers its own tools and libraries in Xcode and SDKs, whilst on Android platform Android has its own libraries as well as allows access of the latest Java libraries.

Fundamentally, with any mobile SDK, we have some expectations to accomplish many essential tasks in the mobile development. For instance:

QA or App Testing: no doubt, our testing in mobile development begins with the end of our first code and keep continue until the accomplishment of entire mobile development project. In due course, we need various tools and technologies to find out the bug, crash, lapses in user experiences as well as usability, etc. if you have excellent tools in your SDK, it will term as more powerful one. Recently split testing or A/B testing is gaining more focus in mobile developer community. Therefore, your mobile SDK should have all the required tools so app owner and app developer either can decide that which design, features, and functionality is appropriate for their own needs.

Performance Monitoring: in mobile app development, performance has paramount importance in success. Therefore, if your SDK should provide modern performance monitoring tools for various performance criteria such as loading, interactions between components, screens, etc., dynamism, connectivity (if needed), processing power, battery power, and many more in high-tech era.

Extendibility and Expandability: It is true that none native technology is perfect to serve our modern intricate purposes. Therefore, we need to integrate services from third parties too. For instance, Google Map services for GPS features, Facebook like services for social media integration, and many more. In due course, we have to integrate their real-time updated services through their mobile supporting APIs and SDK should have excellent API management capabilities.

Data Security & Data management: We know mobile development has always problems with ever growing databases. Fortunately, cloud computing is offer greater aid, but they need thorough integration of its service through API and other means. Since cloud is highly secure, but our thin client devices are not. For instance, iOS is imposing many restrictions for sake of security aspects in the apps running on the iOS devices, while Android is a wild card and anyone can intrude easily. Therefore, the best SDK should have tools and techniques to manage critical data and transactions security for now and then in future.

Promotional Tools: Monetization, advertisement, and user analytics tools are ultimate needs for a definite success in this contemporary concepts and market. Thus, our expectations for them are some valid desires after all.

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