Is Flutter the Right Solution for Mobile App Startups?

Flutter has continuously been coming up as one of the leading platforms in the tech world in recent times and is driving a revolution in the growing world of businesses.

This Google-backed platform has everything to back you up with perfect tools and techniques to develop great mobile applications.

A power-packed feature platform based on the Dart language of Google, Flutter can provide a strong framework for mobile app development.

Thus, it has the potential to act as the perfect choice to develop good and powerful applications.

The common and constant dilemma faced by startups and developers while developing mobile apps for the new and comprehensive customers is to choose between native applications and cross-platform applications.

The tech world is moving ahead with a fast pace and is no more limited to just the two operating systems. Hence, it requires a number of more platforms to be served.

The cross-platform capabilities of the emerging technologies have made it possible for the applications to serve different platforms with just a single development phase.

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter has some of the key benefits that attract business owners as well as app developers to choose this framework. Let’s explain the major benefits of Flutter:

Low Development Cost

Simpler and easier to understand it is, lesser are the applications to be developed and lower are the costs incurred.

While cross-platform applications suffice the need of every operating system with just one application, native application development requires a specific application to be developed for each platform separately, thereby increasing the cost of development by huge margins.

Also, the developers have the liberty to work on the predesigned tools and code libraries provided on the Flutter platform, thus making the task even more efficient and effective.

Lower Testing Time

A single application developed on a single codebase takes less time to be tested and qualified as ideal than two or more different applications based on different codebases and tested on different platforms.

Flutter app development eases the process further and makes it easier to do.

Ease of Development

As discussed earlier, Flutter uses a single codebase platform. It is easy with Flutter to develop applications because it has its code libraries and a wide community of developers already set up.

This makes the platform easy to use and requires less effort by the developers to develop an application. The design tools and libraries set up by Google have eased the process even further making it suitable to work on compared to any other.

Effective and Efficient

The applications thus developed with the Flutter require less time to get created and helps developers to remain effective during the process.

The time taken by the developers also decreases, thus making them efficient and better at wrapping up things quickly.

This feature helps the application to reach the market faster and make up a perfect balance for the time to market for the entrepreneurs.

Points to Consider When Choosing Flutter

Although the platform is stuffed with a number of great features and amazing aspects that help in making up a great application, there are a few points to consider before going ahead with the app development process.

  • The applications developed on Flutter seem to lack strength and compatibility.
  • Such applications are not powerful enough to support highly complex tech intricacies and may be slow as they operate on code interpreter in place of compiled native code.
  • These applications might not suffice the experiential demands of customers. As they are programmed with pre-designed widgets and buttons, the outlay of the applications thus developed would be highly different from that of the native applications developed, especially for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Also, a number of organizations fear or refrain themselves from going ahead with Flutter application development due to the platform’s freshness. Flutter is a new arrival in the market and comparatively less popular.

However, it is backed by trustable names and global brands. Beyond this, time will definitely play a major role in contributing to its success.

Flutter has been seen to be used in building some of the most prestigious platforms like Alibaba, Tencent, and Hamilton Musical.

This has majorly improved the trustworthiness of the platform and reliability, thus clearing all doubts regarding its performance in the competitive tech world.

Advantages of Flutter for Startups

Flutter can provide a number of advantages to a number of small businesses and startups. Some of them are:

Overcoming the Challenges of Cross-Platform Development

Keeping in mind the major challenges faced by React Native and Ionic, including user experience and performance, Flutter has come up as a new ray of hope to give Cross-Platform products a new way and vision.

Flutter seems to bridge the gap between the native app development and cross-platform development with perfection, thus enhancing the user experience in unimaginable ways for the mobile app startups and new businesses.

Keeping the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Alive

Entrepreneurship is based on the spirit of initiation and efficacy. Enhancing the two with productivity is a major challenge faced by new businesses.

It is often seen that the businesses new in the market fail to balance the growth and continual approach to maintain thus affecting the efficiency of the entrepreneurs.

Flutter platform is easy and quickly helps small businesses to be productive and efficient at the same time thus, making it a little easier for them to work on better things.

Strong Backend Supported By Firebase

The Google-backed Firebase is what backs the Flutter platform for its storage needs and space.

With such strong cloud storage, real-time database management services, hosting, and authentication facilities, Firebase provides a strong backend for the Flutter platform to work efficiently and suffice the needs of the businesses at one go.

Firebase is easy to use and is easy for developers to be automated which supports the team to fuel constant delivery of services.

Future of Flutter Applications

One of the hottest topics trending in the tech world is Google working on its new platform named Fuchsia. The good news for the Flutter app developers is that the platform will be based upon the Flutter.

The platform is yet to be released and it would be relying on Flutter for its designs and basic developmental coding.

The platform will thus become the centre for the major of “Internet of Things” which is going to be one of the most important aspects of the business world in the near future.

The impact going to be created by the release of Fuchsia is going to hike the image of Flutter in the market to a great extent and Flutter will soon be ruling the development of the mobile applications in the market.


The Flutter platform is expected to continually grow in the upcoming business scenario and seal the gaps in the tech world. To most of your mobile app startup needs, Flutter is the right answer.

It is not just backed up with credentials and documents, but also with the brands and global leaders that make up for most of the tech innovations in the world. The platform is of the cross-platform development type and has a lot to offer than the native and other counterparts.

According to AppBrain, Flutter mobile applications make up about 0.21% of the apps available with a 0.06% install rate. Flutter application development platform seems to be efficient, effective, and a robust solution for the development of mobile applications.

New businesses with low budget requirements that are looking forward to growing and expanding with bootstrapped financial model, would get nothing better than Flutter to develop feature-rich mobile applications.

Thus, Flutter has a number of advantages to offer, but is dependent on how it is being used and utilized to its truest potential.

If used right, Flutter has everything to offer for mobile startups to grow and expand in the highly competitive environment with better widgets, designs, code libraries, and backend support.

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