Internet of Things has Significantly Transformed Various Industries

Internet of Things or IoT is one of the most progressive technologies that is glaring at the present moment and will continue to do so in the future.

Well, if IoT can be defined in the simplest of words, it is a kind of virtual internet connection where the network can be linked with any of devices found within the surroundings. And frankly speaking it can be any device from LED lights and electronic appliances to the four-wheelers.

One of the important features of the Internet of Things is that it requires no human to machine connection to form a network but it can rather establish the link with the help of a series of physical objects.

As such the IoT is usually based on wireless protocols, well connected sensors, and effective processors.

If stats are to be believed, the number of connected devices will increase from 15.41 billion in 2015 to 75.44 billion in 2025, which is almost equivalent to five times. It has established its key influence in almost major industries that are related to the lives of common masses.

A few of these include energy, retail, healthcare, automotive, building and construction etc.

The HealthCare Sector is Blessed to Have IoT

There should be no doubt in mind that the Internet of Things has given a new life line to the prevailing health sector, benefiting both the medical practitioners and the patients.

One of the biggest impacts that the hospitals will be able to utilize their existing resources in the best possible manner. Not only will that IoT also help to control the temperature and humidity of the different wards.

Now if we look at the same from the patient’s prospective, then this new technology (IoT) will help in reducing the expenditure of the hospital bills that often burns the pocket. The patients can be monitored in real-time and as such will provide an accurate diagnosis of the illness.

The information received in real-time basis from the cloud computing system will allow the doctors to take appropriate decisions and the patients will receive timely treatment.

This in turn will result in speedy recovery of the patient and provide him an enhanced experience.

Lastly, the IoT will help a great deal in boosting the management of the drugs in much better way; which otherwise was a costly affair. Even the hospital staff will commit no mistake while entering the data of the patient information.

Farmers are Adopting Internet of Things

Don’t get surprised to know that Internet of Things hasn’t even left behind the agriculture sector. It has assisted the agricultural producers to improve their yields. Secondly, the farmers are also becoming more and more aware about not using the harmful toxic pesticides and insecticides on the crops and instead go for organic products.

In fact, the use of the sensors are helping them to utilize the available resources optimally.

If they deploy the inexpensive sensors in their fields, it will give them useful information about what action needs to be taken at various times. Another IoT benefit that they avail is getting instant value for their produce.

This means they would know what type of crops to sow and how much water is needed to nourish it and can also help in controlling the pests. They would get knowledge on water conservation and reduction of waste.

The Construction Industry Welcoming the IoT

The construction business has scored giant leaps in the recent few years and IoT getting associated with it, it will go further to set new records. One of the huge reliefs that IoT has given to this rector is reduction in the human effort.

Having said that one only needs to connect the machine with a wireless connection and it will operate in areas where people find it difficult to reach. The use of the Wearables such as Smart Glasses will help in protecting the delicate eyes while working in hazardous conditions.

It will also keep a track of the supply levels at the construction site and if anything falls short, the central system will ask to order for more. In this way the project will not get delayed and it will also save the company from spending on unnecessary supply materials.

The builder can track the status of the items that have been ordered through the GPS monitoring. Even you would get to know if the machines or equipment need any repair or not with the help of sensors.

The IoT will also assist in fixing the daily working hours of the workers and labors so that they don’t feel exhausted. The sensors are the best friend when it comes to building information modelling, providing info on materials affected by climate changes, the weight of the building etc.

The Transformation of the Fashion and Retail Industry

Over the years the fashion and the retail industry has already changed the gears and extended its arms beyond the geographical boundaries. There has been a steady increase in the numbers of buyers and investors which has provided an extensive scope to the companies. But the question is how IoT will influence this particular sector.

So, the answer is that firstly, the consumers will have wider range of choices when selecting the items, quick access to the products, get more of personalized products and receive notifications when the new stock arrives.

It going to be a boon for the retailers and the marketers. The retailers will remain updated about the market demand through the smart virtual mirrors and what type of products the customers are preferring.

Even the marketers can take the advantage of IoT. They can share the data analytics in the real time with the IoT connected devices and this will further assist them in framing the right strategies for the future.

IoT is Powering the Energy Sector

It is unfortunate that even this 21st century, a number of countries worldwide are encountering the energy and power crisis. IoT can play a comprehensive role in sorting out this grave problem.

First and foremost, the smart sensors will capture the valuable data which will keep you informed about the performance of the machines and also the problems related to avoid snag and failure.

It will also enhance the efficiency of the equipment and play a positive role in transforming the energy landscape.

Connect your PCs smartphones and laptops with other electronic appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens etc. to manage the energy consumptions.

IoT Making the Transportation Smarter

The Internet of Things have even revolutionized the transportation and made it look convenient than ever. Managing the bulk of road traffic wasn’t that simpler since the arrival of the IoT.

It is the priceless gift of IoT that we are witnessing in this era the highly advanced automatic driverless cars and trains. Who would imagined that earlier? Another important assert that IoT has given is helping to curb the menace of pollution, mobilize people in best possible way and so on.

In fact, this is not the end here. It has helped in dealing with the parking issue through the fleet management and smart parking, assisting in collection of tool etc.

IoT Boon for the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry worldwide has made a commendable progress both in terms of infrastructure and revenue generation. And if it gets the right support from the IoT technology, you can just imagine the far reaching outcome. Now how will it get well with the milk business?

First, it would help in remote management of the farm and also keep an eye on the herd of the cows. You don’t need to employ specific person to look after this job. The animal wearable will give vital information on cattle movement, their eating habits, and health etc.

The automation will deal with the milk production, collection and distribution process. You can even test the purity of the milk the values of fat, SNF and so on. You can easily collect the data of milk production and give vent to electronic payment system.

Banks Investing in IoT Technology

Tech Giant TCS reports that the IoT budget of the financial institutions has already exceeded $117.4 million and it will increase to $153.5 million by next year. IoT has significantly changed way traditional banks used to work. IoT offers a more secured atmosphere for conducting the monetary transactions and managing the other financial assets.

The introduction of smart cashpoints, vending machines etc. will further enhance the experience of the customers as they would easily be able to deposit money or take loans.


Internet of Things is a boon for the mankind which has emphatically changed the face of the number of industries. Although it may have some drawbacks, but it has made lives so simpler that it is going to be as important as internet.

And it be precise there are various other industries such as mining, oil and gas, home automation and others that also are largely influenced by the IoT technology. With the passage of time, this impact will grow by leaps and bounds as more and more businesses are realizing its benefits.

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