Instagram Undergoes A Visual Refresh; Rolls Out Tweaked Logo, New Typeface, And More

Instagram, the Meta-owned photo-sharing network, has announced the addition of a brighter symbol as well as its own font to offer the app an aesthetic upgrade. The business claims that its new design approach prioritizes content and emphasizes simplicity and self-expression.

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“With a redesigned visual identity, we’re giving our colors, typography, logo, and other brand aspects new life and meaning.” Instagram stated in a statement that the new system is “built to accept continual innovation to help us build more immersive and inclusive experiences for our community.”

According to reports, Instagram Sans, the network’s new typeface, was created with history in mind and features numerous worldwide scripts. “To make our vivid gradient feel lighted and alive, we used a new 3D modeling approach.”

“With illumination, the gradient indicates moments of discovery in our marketing, logo, and perhaps even in-app as seen in Create mode, stickers, and Instagram Story rings,” says the Instagram gradient, which is made up of our brand colors.

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“Through the intensity of our reinvented gradient, we are delighted to lend life to the Instagram experience,” it continued. Instagram Sans is a new way for the company’s worldwide community to express themselves in areas like Stories and Reels on Instagram.

Blog Source- https://in.mashable.com/tech/32179/instagram-undergoes-a-visual-refresh-rolls-out-tweaked-logo-new-typeface-and-more