Improving Mental Health – How Can Mobile Apps Help Young People?

With one in every 5 young people suffer from a mental health problem every year and more than half of the mental disorders starting before the child reaches 15 years of age, mental ill health is a serious problem threatening the youth of the country.

Increasing pressure on young individuals related to family, work and mostly education, make health and fitness apps a priority for them, much more than regular game and social networking apps which only secludes a young individual away from friends and families making him lonely and non-social.

The statistics proving that apps can alleviate problems and help people cope better with their worries is not new. In fact, patients are sometimes encouraged to play apps and playing games as they can then forget their pain.

Why choose apps to offer help?

In today’s time a child gets a smartphone first and braces later! A smartphone which has the right apps in it lead the young person towards positivity and can prove to be one of the best tools to reach out to him and help him achieve his goals, solve his problems and lead a healthy and normal life.

With the individual being in close and private contact with the apps regularly, they can be used to reach out to them to in several ways which include treating, diagnose and analyzing mental ill health.

Youths do not open up to their doctors or family members easily and are often reluctant to take help from the people around them. Mental ill health apps are considered to be youth-appropriate channels as they offer rapid help, advice and intervention into a person’s mental ill health offering complete privacy to the patient protecting his name, illness details etc. A health and fitness app should be low in cost and high in efficacy.

How can apps be introduced to such young patients?

A mental illness patient can be slowly introduced to the world of apps. A positive approach should be owned when asking the patient to deal with the problem via the apps without making him realize his illness.

Slowly, filter in information via the app to the patient offering proper detailed information about the mental illness followed by related advice and changes in lifestyle.

This will help the treatment become effective and on finding positive changes in himself, the patient will get involved in the recovery process and be able to manage his own illness.

Blog Source- https://www.mindinventory.com/blog/improving-mental-health-how-can-mobile-apps-help-young-people/