Important Tips To Make Your Apple Watch App Development Successful

Based on the survey, the share of Apple watch in the global market is 41.3% in 2016 and by the year 2020, the projected number of apple watch sold will be 31 million. Moreover, as per survey, in 2016, the numbers of apps available in apple watch app store is 19000 in which top app category is Utilities (12% of all apps).

Imagine that you can open your hotel room just with a tap of your watch or unlock your car without need of key with your watch when you are closed to your car. Apple watch offers several useful features with its full-fledged apps. Hence, it becomes challenging task for iOS developers to create an effective apple watch app. Here, we have provided some important tips for an apple watch app development:

Apple Watch App Development – Identify The Capabilities

Apple watch computing capabilities are very limited at present. It required pairing with the iPhone. User requires iPhone 5 or higher version having iOS 8.2 installed or later. It is essential for running 3rd party app on the apple watch. It works as an external display.

Parts of an Apple Watch App

In order to develop an app for the apple watch, it has been divided into three parts:

  • The WatchKit App – The WatchKit App is the only portion of your app that runs on your apple watch actually. At present, there are no any computation allow by apple to perform with it. Thus, the WatchKit App comprising only User Interface and static resources such as images that user can see it.
  • The WatchKit Extension – The WatchKit Extension is an iOS8 extension of your app that needs to run in the paired iPhone for computation. This extension is useful to set user interface elements such as the image to view an image, text for a text field. In the WatchKit extension, actions are called when the user requires interacting with the WatchKit app interface. With the help of Wi-Fi and BlueTooth, the communication between the WatchKit extension and the WatchKit App are handled.
  • The iPhone App – The WatchKit apps need to deploy using an iPhone app as there are no any standalone WatchKit apps. It is possible to use the functionality of the iPhone app in apple watch app, but, the iPhone app and the WatchKit Extension cannot run under the same process space. Hence, it is not possible to access each other’s function or data, directly. It requires creating a communication channel between them in order to use the capabilities of the iPhone app in the WatchKit Extensions. Moreover, all complex computations need to be done in the iPhone app.

App Interactions and Limitations

For developers, there are three interaction types with User Interface such as Glances, Actionable Notifications and WatchKit Apps. Actionable Notification and Glances shows only information glimpse on the Apple Watch.

  • A glance provides app content’s context-driven overview. It’s like widgets that display information such as calendar, news or weather. Glances are non-interactive and defined using Apple templates.
  • Actionable Notifications enable you to view, respond or perform some actions using action buttons. The two notification types are Short Look and Long Look. Long notification can be activated by users through interacting with the screen. It gives optional actions and additional information. By tapping on the notification, the user can open the app and view a screen.

For apple watch apps, small screen is the big limitation. You should consider different UI for small display size when designing an app. The basic UI objects need to manage includes images, buttons, static text, menus, tables, switches, date and time, maps, etc. Keep icon round and not square. Hide actions or buttons which are not used regularly. Never overstuffed your app and remember, don’t compare your app with iPhone or iPad.

Consider icons in place of text, whenever feasible and ensure your content is easily accessible at first glance. Also, you need to make sure that the display only highly relevant and contextual information on screen. Comprehend users’ needs in building an apple watch app is very essential.

Remember – Do Not Compared Your Apple Watch App With an iPhone or iPad App

Compared to any other smart device, apple watch is the smallest device. But, remember, it is not a smaller version of iPad or iPhone. For apple watch app development, you need to consider the dynamics of the small size of watch screen. Avoid unnecessary messages and alerts that might disturb user’s attention and make it simple to enhance the user experience. Short and concise notification makes great impact. Choose appropriate themes that suits with different sizes and bands of Apple Watch.

The purpose of the smart watch is to give users ease to make their work efficiently and quickly. Popular apple watch apps includes utility apps, social media apps, health and fitness apps, games apps and many more innovative apps have made an apple watch a passion watch that delivers significant outcomes of its use.


With the help of important tips, you can make your Apple Watch App Development Successful. With some limitation and obstacles, using the expertise and knowledge of iOS app development, you can develop an innovative Apple Watch app. Using simple UI/UX and considering other important factors in mind, development of a successful Apple watch app becomes efficient. You can hire an Apple Watch app development company having capabilities to understand your app concept, general complexity, and UI/UX to develop a productive app.

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