Important Tips to Consider While Hiring Best Full-Stack Developers

When you talk about full stack development, you probably have to take into consideration the entire cycle of software development process that includes front-end as well as back-end technologies along with database management and quality assurance.

The front-end development is known as the client-side help in interacting with the users and presenting the data; whereas the back-end is concerned with server-side and usually deals with database interaction, business logic, and user authentication etc.

How Would You Define a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer has expertise in both front-ends as well as the back-end development. In addition, he should have a commanding power on most of the popularly used programming languages.

And that is not all. He should also have a professional approach while working on databases and user interfaces.

Becoming a full-stack developer is certainly a tough and daunting challenge. For this reason, the demand for such high-skilled professionals is on the hike.

Although the demand for such developers is ranging high, they would provide handy only in some cases. Let’s discuss those options when the services of full-stack developers are required.

While Developing an MVP or Commencing a Project

It is always a good idea to start a fresh project with an individual full-stack developer who can begin from the scratch and work with all the application components to create meaningful web apps.

Alternately, if you are looking to develop a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) you can bet on these experts to turn your idea into a fully functional prototype.

When Needing the Technical Head

Well, the full-stack developers can also fill the shoes of technical head in the project. This is mainly due to the fact that they have a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and cater to the needs more efficiently.

They are capable of taking the appropriate decisions, which proves to be effective for the project’s success. They are also at times playing the role of a technical head who is anchoring the software ship through different paths.

When the Budget is Tight

Well, one of the many advantages of hiring a full-stack developer is that they can literally save a lot of your money. Yes, when you are having a tight budget in hand and cannot afford the services of a specialized developer; they come to your rescue.

You don’t have to pay separately to each of front-end and back-end developer, instead of hiring a full-stack developer will suffice your requirements.

The Type of Full-Stack Developers

We all know that full-stack developer is someone who can specialize in developing and maintaining the various aspects of web development that include the client-side, the server-side and the Dev-Ops as well.

But as a client you also need to hire a professional who is competent enough to handle the big picture of the scenario and well-versed in all the three activities.

However, at the same time it is important to note that the all full-stack developers are not sailing on the same boat. They possess basic knowledge of the stack and specialize in a particular domain of the stack. We can cite the examples of MEAN, LAMP, ROR and ASP.NET technologies.

It must also be remembered that no person or professional can master the art of everything and so full-stack developers also have a working knowledge of all the used techniques and process.

But an experienced full-stack developer is efficient to create the kind of expected result that you are looking forward to. Some developers may have strong command over front-end development while others may be the masters of back-end development.

Therefore, the research becomes imperative for a business enterprise while looking for a specific kind of full-stack developer.

Check the Technical Skills of Full-Stack Developer

As said before the full-stack developer handles both the sides; the client and the server along with UI design etc. Considering that fact, he must possess knowledge of HTML, CMS and JavaScript, which is very necessary and in a sense mandatory.

From the Client Side

For the Front-end, he must be well acquainted with JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.js. or tools such as Grunt, Gulp, and Bower. He needs to get updated on JavaScript libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js.

The knowledge of AJAX and front-end CSS frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap would certainly be an added advantage.

Other Additional Qualities

It is also important to understand that your web application should be visually appealing to the end users as it can be seen through eyes. The building of the front-end is based on three important pillars namely HTML for structure, JavaScript for logic and CSS for style.

As a client you must go through the portfolio of full-stack developer and access his previous work.

You also need to keep in mind that the full-stack developer you hire is not only talented in creating visually appealing app designs but also they should run optimally fast.

Also while developing the static pages, the front-end gets distinguished from back-end on the structural level. Similarly, if you have back-end API, you would only need front-end.

These are vital aspects that business enterprises need to note and verify when dealing with full-stack developer.

From the Server Side

From the Back-end prospective, he should be familiar with API design and development.

In addition, he also needs to have a sound knowledge on back-end languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and .Net. The understanding of database technologies like MySQL, Oracle, MangoDB and PostgreSQL etc. also becomes important.

Besides there are several other things such as frameworks like Express.js, Ruby on Rails or CakePHP associated with the server-side and the web server technologies, will all come into play during the development process.

Other Additional Qualities

The back-end generally deals with the components that work on the serve and is not visible to the user. But if you are building an app that needs large amount of data to store such as in an e-commerce you compulsorily need the back-end.

Therefore, the full-stack developer that you look to bank on must have adequate knowledge and understanding of the business needs besides the technical terms and should also know how to store data in the database. The client also needs to look for proper back-end skills in API designing and documentation.

The DevOps

The full-stack developers also have the necessary expertise to tackle the DevOps activities as well. This niche basically deals with managing, updating and deploying the applications and scaling out the system further up.

So, when you are searching for a professional in this domain, you need to check out his skills at creating and managing the databases, cloud storage, and proprietary cloud APIs.

Apart from that you also will have to take into account the ability of full-stack developer to administer the servers and maintain verify his potential at managing cloud hosting providers.

While viewing his previous work or portfolio pay attention on whether he (full-stack developer) has gained any experience in handling auto-scaling of systems or if he has managed multiple servers automatically and deployed the automatic clusters etc.


The full-stack developers are professionals who hold the master keys on both back-end and the front-end development along with knowledge of DevOps knowledge.

If the business enterprise who is looking to hire the full-stack developer, it first needs to understand the stack level so as to maximize the benefits of these experts.

In addition, it becomes pivotal to check their technical skills along with the previous work samples.

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