How to Make Your Event App As Big As Eventbrite?

Based on data from analytics firm Localytics, 25% of users abandon apps after a single use. Additional research claims that the average mobile app can lose up to 77% of daily active users (DAUs) within three days of being downloaded.

But more alarmingly, Gartner quotes that 9,999 of 10,000 consumer mobile apps failed in 2018.

You guessed it. In the jam-packed app market, competition is fierce. And it continues to grow as thousands of new apps enter the race every day. So it’s going to get continuously harder to get noticed, even if you have a ‘great’ app.

You’re going to have to channel your efforts in the right direction. You cannot afford to make any mistakes.

In such a situation, it’s natural for app developers to look up to others that are currently successful in the app world. As role models, they help brands create realistic goals and focus on long-term achievements. Well, in the realm of apps, Eventbrite has done precisely that.

What’s So Special About Eventbrite App?

As a renowned custom event app, Eventbrite helps deliver a personalized experience. More importantly, this app integrates every team member seamlessly into the process, from the tech-savvy attendees to the sponsors to the event managers.

But no matter which aspect you look at, Eventbrite has proven to carry an exceptional mix of features with finesse. And that is allowing the app to stand out in the crowd. Yes, it’s definitely more than just about the ease with which people can use it.

In fact, it’s a combination of characteristics, such as how the app promotes the sharing of information through real-time updates and how it drives active participation with the aid of targeted notifications.

From wowing the users to showcasing the unique brand name, Eventbrite has displayed consistent performance like no other.

Do You Aspire to Be Just as Popular?

Yeah, we know how tough it is to be a successful mobile app developer. But there are many in the same boat. So welcome on board. This blog will take you through all the essential aspects that Eventbrite has incorporated into its strategy.

If you have read our blog Characteristics of a Really Successful App, you will come to realize that there is a crucial ingredient to mobile app success. Not only does your app need to have numerous essential features, but you must focus on creating a demand for your app.

One of the best examples that you can easily relate to is the fact that every time a new iPhone model rolls out, people want to buy it immediately.

Did they need a new phone at the time? Probably not. But they buy it anyway. Apple makes sure there is a need for its devices. This is the kind of hype you want to create for your app.

In order to do that, your app must be dependable, perfect, and user-friendly. But these are only a few of the things that are making Eventbrite so memorable.

What Makes Eventbrite Such a Successful App?

Several elements influence and contribute to the success of an app. If anyone of these components is missing, the level of accomplishment will not be the same.

So let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of the Eventbrite app that you should implement while developing an event app.

  1. Unique App Concept

The developers of Eventbrite took something that was complex and transformed it into a simple and straightforward one. Plus, they took a service that was primarily accessible only to the top end of the market and made it available for everybody.

So Eventbrite’s Unique Selling Point (USP) is giving organizers and event managers a chance at self-governance. People can now experiment with their level of creativity with the help of this app.

And with the confidence in the technology backing their ideas, anyone can create, manage, host, and run an event. So whether it’s a concert, business meeting, or a social gathering, Eventbrite is a one-stop solution for scheduling, planning, organizing, payment solutions, and ticketing.

So create a USP that differentiates your app from others in the market. Look at the competition and identify what it is you need to do.

  • What are you offering that competitors aren’t?
  • Will your app provide services/products for the lowest cost or the highest quality?
  • Better yet, will it be the first-ever product of its kind?

Expert Advice:

The unique app concept is reflected in the useful functionality of your app. The core aspect should be to allow users to change their behavior so that the app fits perfectly into their daily routine. The more the dependence on your app, the higher the demand.

  1. Usability

It’s essential to understand the core feature of your app. With Eventbrite, developers have preserved the simplicity of the services and made long-term goals achievable. The app also targets an audience in order to promote upcoming events.

In fact, organizers can customize information to inform people about them through messages and posts. Moreover, customers can effortlessly surf and book tickets to favorite shows and events.

So yes, usefulness is a significant aspect that has helped Eventbrite gain fame. Developers knew that creating a tool that offered a great deal of flexibility would be one of the contributing factors to its success. And that made it a perfect app for every type of event, and every size.

You must work on discovering people’s pain points and ensure your app aligns with them. Providing real value to consumers can make any app successful. That’s because users will be attracted to it.

And if the app continues to cater to their problems, they are soon converted into loyal customers. So it’s imperative to understand and define your potential users. But you must also evaluate and learn from your competitors.

Expert Advice:

Even if an app resolves an issue, it must also be user-friendly. For instance, if it takes too long for people to figure out how the app works, users may not have the patience or time to tinker with it. If your app is a bit technical, consider promoting its use with tutorials and videos.

  1. Offer Search Options

People are in search of one thing or another. Eventbrite makes browsing for specific events as simple as possible. Events are listed by type, such as concerts, movies, etc. But the best feature is the use of filters to allow users to refine their search. Options include event types, artists, price, location, date, and time.

Offering self-contained search and filters helps save the user’s time. Moreover, selecting from available options helps to personalize the app experience.

Expert Advice:

Aim at creating better experiences for users. Aspects such as the design of your app’s search bar can greatly influence the overall UX.

Small points such as placement, hint text, and the way search results are displayed can make a big impact. They can not only affect the way users engage with the search but also with your app as a whole.

  1. Social Media Integration

Eventbrite allows organizers to utilize the power of social networks such as Facebook to promote events. This not only increases traffic to Eventbrite but, consequently boosts sales for event organizers. Moreover, features such as importing contacts allow individual invites to be sent to them.

The developers of Eventbrite understood how social media could play a substantial contributing factor to their growth, especially since events are essentially a social affair. And people prefer to go to events with friends and family.

Sharing event recommendations across various social media networks not only increases the visibility of an event but also helps boost ticket sales- a win-win situation for Eventbrite.

58% of the total eligible population of the world uses social media, but it can be as high as 70% in almost 100 countries. So depending upon your brand and the service you intend to provide, select a social media channel that supports your target audience.

Expert Advice:

App users can be impatient at times. Social network integration can simplify the registration process. With a few taps, you can provide intuitive registration that aims to streamline the entire process.

  1. Payment Choices

With the ‘everything online’ ideology, payment options must also be available. Whether it’s to book events or purchase tickets, users will be making online payments. With Eventbrite, there are a couple of choices, such as Eventbrite Payment Processing, PayPal, and Authorize.Net.

Apps must offer a cost-efficient solution that guarantees a smooth and secure experience. Integrating payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree can help put customers at ease when it comes to making online payments.

Expert Advice:

You need to look beyond merely accepting payments. Consider offering services such as giving refunds or handling canceled orders. Providing customer care to deal with these issues includes finding out why users are requesting a refund or canceling an order.

  1. App Design

The developers of Eventbrite understand the importance of UI and UX. Multiple aspects have been well thought out, making users quite comfortable with the platform. The design is simple yet aesthetically appealing.

The use of sufficient white spaces and large fonts enhances readability. But the poppy two-color theme really seals the deal. Moreover, navigation is clear and straightforward.

Every aspect of your app should promote the overall UI and UX. Coordinating all the features can boost the level of sophistication of your app. After all, most people make decisions based on first impressions. So this is your chance to impress your customers.

Expert Advice:

Whether it’s the color scheme or the logo, design all aspects to create a cohesive appeal for your app. More importantly, remember that your app is an extension of your brand. The design of your app should reflect positively on your business.

  1. Performance

Eventbrite has a mobile-optimized app that aims at providing an optimal experience to event bookers and organizers. It boasts an impressive loading speed of almost 2 seconds and an admirable score of 93/100 in Google Page Speed Matrix.

Developers made sure that scrolling is always smooth and jitter-free. But more importantly, it has a swift on-click response.

And how do we know that users are impressed with the app? With an incredible rating of 4.9 on the Apple App store and 4.5 on the Google Play store, there is nothing more to discuss on the topic.

Whether it’s animation or images, the components you use on your app should not interfere with the performance. And it’s a developer’s job to ensure that there is a balance between design elements that enhance the overall appeal and the performance of the app.

Expert Advice:

Users demand a highly responsive app. They want apps to respond within 4 seconds. To create an exceptional UX, ensure responsiveness, promote interactivity, provide responses promptly, and much more. Build apps that can cope with speed and engagement requirements.

  1. Hire the Right Team

Start off with the best team to carry your app towards success. Eventbrite boasts an amazing executive staff that maintains the high quality that the app is famous for. Therefore, you need to gather a strong team of experts and utilize excellent leadership skills to drive your app to greater heights.

Most businesses begin on the wrong foot when it comes to app development. Either they seek cost-effective shortcuts to complete the process or hire agencies that are not as qualified as they claim to be.

Not only does this lead to multiple errors and crashes, but it tarnishes the initial image of the app. Moreover, if they aren’t fixed on time, uninstalls can increase dramatically.

Expert Advice:

It’s advisable to have a proactive team to resolve issues as soon as they appear. Consider having professionals onboard that have an exceptional track record when a problem arises. This depends significantly on your budget, resources, and business strategy.

Final thoughts

These are just a couple of the ways Eventbrite has gained a great deal of traction in the app market. There are more characteristics, such as gathering feedback, offering additional valuable content, the ability to operate on any device (Android and iOS), and much more.

If you are aiming at creating an app just as significant as Eventbrite, you’re going to have to put in a lot of hard work. Success doesn’t happen overnight. But it is on the horizon.

Blog Source- https://www.mindinventory.com/blog/how-to-make-your-event-app-as-big-as-eventbrite/