How to Improve Your Mobile App Security Knowledge

With the increasing use of smart phones all across the world has created demands of high-end functionality, an uncompromising handiness and extra ease with less effort by its users which has boosted demand of more innovative mobile apps.

On the other hands, it becomes a key necessity for mobile users to protect their valuable mobile data getting hacked from mobile hackers. Based on one survey, mobile hackers have successfully hacked many high-end and most popular apps on the app store as well as the play store.

There are several popular apps, including iOS apps and Android Apps suffering from vulnerability problems, thus, it becomes a matter of concern to make sure that what makes your app secure? Hence, as a mobile app developer, it becomes essential for you to enhance the security of your app in order to give your users assurance of complete security and let them engaged to use your app for the long-term.

Most of the app users left using app due to the lack of security of their mobile information. Hence, as become a mobile app developer or a mobile app development company, you should increase knowledge of mobile application security.

Things to consider for increasing your Mobile App Security Knowledge:

Know about Mobile Code Security Risks

Hackers performing malware activities normally tap bugs in the coding and design or vulnerabilities of their targeted app. Prior to exploit the vulnerability, hackers mostly tend to acquire an app’s public copy to overturn its functionality.

They revised popular apps and re-launched it on third-party app stores with malicious code to attract the users those are not aware of such tricks to install the app.

Thus, it becomes vital to use tools that help developers to find and overcome security vulnerabilities and set their apps from getting tampered or reverse engineering.

Mobile app developers should know about the risks of app code which is mainly vulnerabilities and malicious functionality. The malicious functionality category is a harmful and unwanted code behaviors list that becomes cautiously positioned in an app that trapped users to install it.

Users are unknown of such trap and think that they installed a game or an app, but, actually, they installed phishing UI or unknown spyware. The malicious functionality includes data retrieval, activity monitoring, UI impersonation, unauthorized dialing or network connectivity or SMS or Payment, Time bomb or system modification.

The vulnerabilities of mobile security are leakage/storage of sensitive data, transmission of sensitive data unsafely, and hard-coded passwords. The mobile app developers should aware about the distinct layers of mobile code security stack that includes the infrastructure layer, operating system, hardware as well as application layers.

Know about the Security of Your App Data

Normally, mobile apps access data, documents and other useful information are stored on the mobile device. In case of lost of mobile, it becomes harmful for data to loss or shared or misuse.

In order to prevent valuable information, encryption of mobile data is a useful way for data security within the sandbox of the app that protects it from malware and other types of unauthorized access. In order to manage app data sharing on the mobile device, it requires encrypting and controlling the individual data elements.

Know about the Security of the Device

The security of the device is equally important to understand. The mobile app sandbox is dominant in the recent mobile operating system design that requires being protected.

Rooting the device causes the harm to the original security model and thus, it is necessary to protect the device from access important data. Besides, rapidly increasing jailbreak technology utilizes to evade detection, hence, deal with such technology is vital to prevent mobile devices from big threats.

Moreover, the malware of mobile is not depends on the jailbreak technology every time, hence, in mobile apps, unnecessary use of permissions granted by the users or by default can provide rogue app access or malware to basic services such as SMS used to help scam activities.

Thus, app developers should think about the up-to-date intellect sources to manage the associated risk using their app.

Know About Your App Testing & Security

The most important part of your app development is to make throughout testing of your app. It becomes vital not to hurry to launch your app without checking for its seamless coding and accurate testing.

You can use app security tools such as AppScan to make through analysis of your app and validate its behaviors prior to its release. You can use such tools to check security issues of your app. Take help of app security expert to examine your code to identify and fix the bugs, if any in your app before its release.

Ensure your app is perfect as far as security concerns. App testing using a third-party app security testing tool helps you to make your app free from bugs and helps in enhancing your app security.


Improving knowledge of mobile application securities helps mobile app development companies and developers to develop highly secure apps to prevent it from vulnerability. To secure the data of users, app security is the key concern in a foolproof system development life cycle.

Improving app coding security knowledge helps you in developing highly secure apps necessary to prevent valuable information of your app users and increase their trust and interest in your app.

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