How To Get App Reviews to Improve your Mobile App Downloads?

Have you developed the coolest app ever? Are you just about to release it to the world and get millions of downloads? Unfortunately, while everyone hopes to get a lot of downloads, in reality we’re faced with great apps that only have few good reviews.

This is because developing a great app in today’s world, where we have thousands of apps, is not enough anymore. Marketing is a big part in realizing an app right now, so we’ll give you a few tips on how to place your app on the market so that everyone can see it.

We’ll also give you some insight in how you can generate good reviews for your app, which are essential if you want your app to provide some profit.

  1. App on sale!

We’re a consumer generation that loves the word ‘sale’. So, discounts will sure help you in getting more downloads. Place your app so everyone can see that you offer a discount for a week, or a month, depending on what your goals are. So, if your budget allows you, you should definitely offer a deal on your app when it first hits the App Store.

  1. App Store Optimization

Have you heard of SEO (search engine optimization)? Well, if you had, ASO (app store optimization) is basically the same thing, except it doesn’t happen on a search engine, but the App Store. You need to navigate a little bit the App Store and figure out which are the most popular keywords that fit your app and give it a name that will make the user feel familiar with the concept, as well as compelled to download it.

  1. Social Media – a low budget type of marketing

A lot of companies use social media to promote their product. You can do the same with your app! Not only are your users probably on different social media outlets, but most of them are free. So, go ahead and create an account on the websites you think your targeted audience spends the most time on (be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or others) and promote your app as much as you can. People will discover it easier, and you won’t have to spend your whole budget on display marketing or even offline marketing.

  1. Get good reviews on your app

There are multiple options you can try in your attempt of creating good reviews for an app. For example, an important aspect in app reviews is localization. Even though English is the most used language in creating reviews, that doesn’t mean it is understood by everyone. So, creating a multiple language platform for them to give their reviews and feel like they’re making a difference, you need to give them the option to give their opinion in their native language.

Don’t forget about social media feedback! We already told you that creating a social media account should be on your top list of priorities, but don’t just promote your app and then remain completely inactive when your app starts getting downloads.

You need to keep a constant relationship with your customer and encourage them to give you some feedback on your social media page as well. People will definitely check out the reviews on the page if that’s their first contact with the app, and will decide to download it depending on your score.

There are a lot of bloggers that review apps. They might be eager to review your app if you approach them. Their fans will hear about your app from someone who they know and trust and will probably download the app themselves.

Another thing you should do when you’re in the beginning is to ask people you know to give their opinion on the app in the form of a review. Your purpose at this moment is to get as many reviews, so that the user will trust that other people have used it and have a great opinion about the app before he/she downloads it.


The marketing strategy for your app might be as important as developing the app. A great app might find itself sunk in thousands of similar apps and it won’t ever reach the surface. That’s why you should create a marketing strategy that will get the app in the eye of the user and it will draw him/her in.

Discounts, as well as ASO are very important when first releasing an app, so take in account these tips to get a large number of downloads.

Blog Source- https://www.mindinventory.com/blog/how-to-get-app-reviews-to-improve-your-mobile-app-downloads/