How to Explain Your App Idea to App Development Team Effectively

Once you have finally made up your mind to build a mobile app for your business, the next step would be finding the right set of team for catering the project. But more than that, it is imperative to explain the details of the project and establish an effective communication with the app developers.

In fact, you must know that most of the apps also fail to get the user attention because the idea of app development is not spelled out properly and as a result the app has to suffer after its release.

Yes, it’s true that the app development employ their own ideas and creativity but the entrepreneur also has to provide some details regarding what type of app he is looking for.

Moreover, if you fail to communicate your ideas, the app development process will also hamper and it will not complete within the stipulated deadline.

This can also result in increasing the estimated cost of app development. Therefore, approach the app development team with a clear mindset and try to give as many details possible.

Briefly Introducing Your Company

So, first things first, you have to introduce your company to the app development team and tell them why you want an app. The developers will get to know what industry your business belongs to.

The next thing is giving details about your target audiences or which age group people would be using the app maximum. Then you also need to tell the team whether you are the entrepreneur or a professional representing the company.

The Composition of App Development Team

Well, to start off, the composition and structure of the app development team depends on the size of the project. It mainly comprises of a project manager, android or iOS developers or both, backend developer, UI and UX designer and app tester.

marketing team

Thus, when you are discussing your project, you have to mainly deal with these professionals who play different role in app building process. While you explain the project, it’s important to listen attentively to their ideas too because it is two-way communication here.

Segregating your Project into Different Segments

If you want to offer a full-proof explanation and make the development team understand your vision, the best possible way out is to categorize the entire project into different categories and divide it into small bits.

Of course, app development task is a complicated and long process, so better take it part by part. Discussing everything at one go can create confusion and this is not the right approach.

Begin with the Minimum Viable Product or MVP

So, when you are opting for the app development, the first step is this regard would be building a Minimum Viable Product or MVP in which a fundamental version of the mobile application is presented without much of functionalities and features.

The MVP comprises the most important features of your app. However, the other features can be added later. The main purpose of creating the MVP plan is to authenticate the idea of app into the market.

You also get an idea about how the users will be using your app after its release. Getting into the minute details of the project is not needed at this junction. The development team will form a core of the idea.

Taking Help of the Flow Charts

In order to explain your app idea more effectively and clearly, better take the support of the flow charts with the help of images and diagrams.

Here usually you would focus on describing the app functionality. It means the user gets familiar regarding what takes place when he clicks or taps a function.

Explaining the Functions Clearly

This is a crucial part which you have to explain clearly. The functions must be clarified properly that needs to necessarily included in the app.

Now this is one area where an elaborate description is required in simplest of words. You can also take suggestions from the app developers if you are missing out on some.

Asking for the Quotation and Project Deadline

Well, you are aware that budget is the indispensable factor when it comes to app development and most entrepreneurs keep it on the top of their list. Obviously, when you contact the app development team, you would be asking how much does the app development cost.

The development team of course would enquire about your budget estimate or money you are willing to invest in the project. Ask for free quotations through emails, online video chat or even when meeting the professionals directly.

You need to also take into account the deadline of completing the project. You have to mention whether you are flexible with the deadline or following a strict schedule.

Developing the Graphs and Visual Mockups

The visual mockup is essentially related to the designing of the app and so it has to be communicated with the UI and UX designers.

visual mockup

In this vital step of communication, the mockups are created that will further help the development team to get an idea regarding the visualization of the mobile application. The owner usually holds talk about the app design, color, icon, fonts, etc.

The Importance of User Success Stories

When you are communicating with the app development team, it is pivotal to emphasize on the user success stories as well. It basically throws light on the targeted audiences of the app and their expectations from the app.

This would probably help in inclusion of all important features and provide an optimal user experience to the end users. Each of the stories highlights a separate feature and increases the value of the app.

Establishing a Healthy Communication with Team

The app development team enjoys working with clients who value their hard work and establish a healthy and long term relationship with the App Development Company. But the communication link has to get connected from both the sides.

It is important to understand each other ideas and communicate freely and clearly without any ifs and buts. Although the language of the app developers is technical and that of the client is simple verbal language, both have to come to a common term where communication gets easier and better.


It’s a great idea to get your app developed in order to take your business to the higher level. But at the same time you have to communicate with the app development team so that you can visually present your ideas and also take the same from there.

Even if you are new into this field and know nothing about app development, the efficient app development team of experienced professionals will fully assist you to smoothly carve out the project.

If you are looking for a proficient and knowledgeable app development team for any project, then get in touch with us!

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