How to Develop Mobile Apps That Attract and Retain Users

Today mobiles are ubiquitous and use of smartphones for shopping is becoming trendier in wake of wearable devices and their attachments with smartphone apps.

Medium to big e-commerce businesses are spending a good deal of their budgets on mobile application development. However, success of mobile apps for a business is depending on many factors and attributes, but mobile development approaches are affecting a lot.

If you have good team of mobile apps designers and mobile app programmers, still you need some extra efforts to make it a success legend in the market.

Today if any end user is downloading your shopping app, that is a big honour to your business and matter of pride for your app development company, as very few apps can be stored in smartphone and use frequently according to the recent surveys.

Establishing a Personal Touch with Users

Thus, it is imperative to welcome or greet your users with a warm welcome message at first place and establish a good rapport at first encounter.

If you use in app tracking analytics tools, you will know your users the best and based on their behaviour with your app, you can offer them personalised services. There are many ways to offer personalization in your mobile apps such as…

Personalized Content
If your mobile app has good and enough introductory content, you can engage them further and bring them quickly to their targeted places i.e. at products/services.

Now, the real game of programmers starts here. Now, you have some prerequisite data to predict their personal choices and their personality. Thus, you can offer them highly personal content automatically or upon requests. This way you can give more informative content to the new users and to-the-point content to the repeated loyal customers.

No doubt, your content may not restricted only up to texts, but may include relevant images and other multimedia content like video.

For instance, instead of long textual descriptions about how to use products, you can embed a video depicting entire process in very decent and comprehensive manner.

Personalized Incentives
Just like content, you can go to offer various incentives using same techniques and technologies in the mobile apps.

Based on previous purchased history, social media profile, and many other ways, you can know that which sort of incentives/offers will work for your particular users or groups of users based on their location, culture, or demography.

You can forward aiding products, vouchers, coupons, gifts, badges, awards, points, and many other kinds of incentive upon new and regular purchases of the users in your mobile apps.

Taking Care of User Experiences-Performance-Usability

If you have genuine team of mobile app developers at your side, you can win battle of success in mobile app market and in your own niche.

As recent trends of offering excellent user experiences and best app performance, may give an edge to your mobile apps through word-of-mouth i.e. viral marketing. This way you will get good reviews on your business websites or in App store/marketplace for your app due to satisfied users.

Usability will offer you best ROI. Offering easy to use navigation, checkout process, guest check-in, advance search features, and attractive UI with smooth interactions may bring good traffic as well as convert them into your loyal customers forever.

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