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How Much Does it Cost to Develop Medical App for Finding Doctors

The healthcare industry has seen a sea change over the last decade and one of the prominent key figures that have played a major role in bringing this change is mobile applications.

Yes, all credit goes to it; people no more have to schedule an appointment over phone or walk-in to the doctor’s clinic to write the name of the patient on the piece of paper.

In fact, mobile healthcare apps will become one of the top revenue contributors. According to statistics, which is expected to increase to $58.8 billion in 2020 from $25.39 in 2017. Therefore, we can see that it will be more than twice during the next three years.

mHealth revenue

In another important survey, it has been found that about 52% of Smartphone users avail information about the latest developments in medical science using their phones.

Well, this is also applicable that if medical science has progressed than what was expected, then why should the mobile technology and users lack behind.

If this is not all, there are some interesting and encouraging statistics as well. Even medical practitioners and doctors have started witnessing the positive influence of medical based-apps.

As per the stat, about 40% of doctors believe that the presence of mHealth technologies will reduce the patient’s visit to their clinic 93% opine that mobile health will bring an improvement in patient’s health.

How to Develop On-Demand Medical Mobile App for Finding Doctors

So, now, let’s come to the main course of the discussion which is how to develop a medical app so that you can contact the doctors on an immediate basis.

As a mobile app developer, you need to walk the extra mile and take additional care while developing mobile medical applications. You need to be aware that both patients, medical staff as well as physicians will rely on the app to avail data and other medical parameters.

So, you need to make sure about what features and services you want to add to the app. It should also focus on your target audiences and solve their concerns issues.

Make the app as simple as possible so that anyone can use it even during times of medical emergencies. It should be a user-centric app with a unique UI and UX. The customers should find everything effortlessly without wasting precious time.

You have to also give special impetus to the app security as it contains all the vital data, medical reports, etc. of the patient. Moreover, it may also contain the credit or debit card details because most of the people pay bills through their devices.

In addition to that, there are some other vital questions that necessarily needs an answer. For instance, the decision over the choice of the platform (Android or iOS), managing the profile of the doctors, integrating the payment system, etc.

Must-Have Features of Medical App for Searching and Booking Doctors

According to research, a mere 11% of the medical apps have been successful in adding useful and important features; thus, satisfying the needs of the customer. So, if you also want to get included in that 11%, then it is imperative to add these vital features to the app:

  1. Building the User Profile or Login Page

First and foremost, the development of a medical app would commence with building the user profile. It is a page where the user will log in into the app after entering a few details such as name, sex, age, mobile number, and email address.

Apart from that, you can also ask the user to provide some more information related to health including height, weight, whether he is diabetic or not, or if he is suffering from any specific disease, blood pressure, etc. This would act as a personal health chart of the patient.

  1. Creating Profile of the Doctor

The next important task is creating the profile of a medical practitioner. It usually includes the name and surname of the doctor, the area in which he or she specializes such as cardiologist, gynecologist, or general physician, etc.

Location of his clinic or the name of the hospitals with which he is attached to, the specific days and timings, etc.

doctor profile

Besides, it is also necessary for you to include the ratings and reviews of each of the doctors that are included in the list. It is a common phenomenon that most of the patients prefer to consult doctors or specialists based on their reviews and ratings. You can also add the doctor’s photo and provide a few pics of his clinic.

You can also provide information about his medical degrees and qualification as well as the years of experience he has in this field. In fact, you have to create the doctor’s list based on various locations.

  1. Finding a Specific Doctor for Consulting

This is supposed to be one of the most important parts as far as creating a medical based app is concerned. In this particular section, the patient tends to search for a specific doctor or specialist according to his needs. For instance, if he is suffering from a cardiac problem, he would consult a cardiologist.

search doctor

You also have another section where you can refine or filter your search to more specific needs. It would include the specialist doctor, his consultation fees, and timings.

  1. Appointment Booking

Now once he chooses a doctor for consulting, the next step would be scheduling an appointment. When he is booking an appointment, the patient usually has to fill out a form where he mentions his name, age, gender, a problem he is suffering from, its visible symptoms, past medical history in short, and so on.

doctor appointment

In this way, the doctor will get to know a brief history of his patient and don’t have to waste time explaining it all while consulting. According to Research, 42% of patients book their appointments online.

The app developer must provide an easy-to-use calendar so that the patient can fix the schedule of appointment according to his own convenience with just one tap.

  1. Including the In-built Payment Option

So, if you go systematically step by step, then obviously the patient pays the fees to the doctor for taking his valuable advice after the consultation. As we are moving towards a cashless system, you can build the payment gateway option so that the user can easily pay the charges hassle-free.

It would include payment made through debit or credit cards. The person can also use his electronic wallet and also pay through apps like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Braintree. You have to provide a security layer here so that the confidential data does not get leaked out.

  1. The Geo-Location

Geo-location is a necessary feature that must be included in a health or medical app for sure. It helps the patients to reach the doctor’s clinic or the concerned hospital using the shortest possible route and within minimum time.

It is a blessing in times of emergency when there is life-risking situation. You can also include an in-built map, which will further simplify your job.

  1. The Option of Live Video Conference or Telemedicine

It would do a world of good to the users if you are offering the facility of live chatting or video calling with the doctor. The patients will have direct one-to-one interaction with their doctors for which they don’t have to pay a visit to their clinic.

video calling

Not only the patients but 44% of doctors also communicate with the staff and nurses to give them the necessary instruction.

  1. Preparing a Strong Database to Store all Medical Records

The medical app is your one-stop shop. It also stores all the important Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at one place be it your X-Ray or the ECG report, prescription of the doctor, the diet, and nutrition chart including other files and documents.

However, here again, the security becomes essential as all the information is highly confidential. According to Black Book Market Research, 70% of the medical practitioners manage the patient data through mobile apps.

  1. Information about Patient Queue

If you ask any patient, he would certainly point out that it is quite frustrating to be waiting for one’s turn outside the doctor’s chamber.

Well, say thanks to the medical apps as it has brought a wonderful solution to this age-old problem. You will get to know how much more time it would take until you are called in. So, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for your turn.

  1. Reminds to Take Medicine at Appropriate time

Most people often forget to take their pills and medicines at the appointed time as prescribed in the prescription. However, now, you can remain free as the apps will remind you that it’s time to take your medicines. All you need to do is just set the time accordingly.

  1. Tackling the Emergency Cases

A medical emergency can arrive at any time without providing any clue and nobody can predict it as well. The app should have a section to tackle emergency cases such as sudden stroke, chest pain, and severe injury, etc.

It would be fair enough if you add a section where the person can call an ambulance with just one tap on the screen. According to a study, 93% of doctors view that mobile apps have been of great help during an emergency.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment App

First of all, you cannot get an exact price estimate for developing the medical app. It will largely depend on what platform you choose; Android or iOS. According to the tech experts, the price usually starts from $30,000 and it can exceed up to $70,000.

The cost of the iOS medical app is lower in comparison to Android. You must, however, consult a proficient app development company that would provide better details in this regard!


The medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds and the healthcare industry is increasing further up establishing its foot on the highest level. Mobile apps have, in fact, brought a speedy acceleration ever since it got connected with medical science to make the lives of the patients simpler to offer them best-in-class services.

Today people don’t have to wait to consult a doctor because nobody dares and wants to take any second chance. If you want an all exclusive medical app, then contact us to have further discussions!

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