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GoldenCrypto a Blockchain Technology Company, Building its own DeFi Ecosystem


GoldenCrypto was founded as Information Technology Solutions on July 19, 2021, by Jaliza (Mira) Aguilar to develop and launch a cryptocurrency that would become one of the best performing assets within the meme space for 2021. The Golden Doge Presale IDO hosted by Unicrypt Network, was a tremendous success, and the team raised a total of $529,000 Dollars in just 15 minutes. Four days after its official launch, it reached a market capitalization of $20,000,000 Million Dollars at its peak.


GoldenCrypto is setting new standards and its vision is to become a pioneer in decentralized finance which is growing into the most active sector of blockchain technology, a multitrillion-dollar industry. The company is inventing new ideas and tools that are unique and that are transforming the approach of traditional models. GoldenCrypto envisions becoming a leader in the cryptocurrency space as it aims to create platforms that can empower individuals around the world to engage with new and innovative financial systems that can help people achieve financial freedom.

Golden Block Labs

GoldenCrypto is owned by Golden Block Labs Corporation, a multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mandaluyong, Philippines. The company wholly owns GoldenCrypto & V-Garden Gaming Studios. Golden Block Labs is a corporation set up as a holding company whose primary business is holding, acquiring, and owning a controlling interest in multiple companies, businesses, trademarks, real estate, assets, and commodities.


There are more than 50 members in the company made up of developers, artists, marketing managers, and community managers working from around the world including the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, and the United States. GoldenCrypto strives to be one of a kind and anticipates becoming an industry leader.

Ecosystem Structure


This is the gateway to the ecosystem, backed by Golden Crypto Swap in buying GDOGE on the “BNB (Build aNd Build) Chain” with BNB, BUSD, or other tokens, by two Centralized Exchanges (CEX) – LBank and ZT, and by Golden Doge Token on Multi-Chain.


Earnings in this feature will be done through Golden Vault, Golden Crypto Lottery.


This process is vital to the ecosystem where users are able to buy using the token with Golden Crypto Shop, Golden Crypto Lottery.


This is the method that helps increase the price of the token and become deflationary.


  • GDOGE(GoldenDoge) Token – is the core of the Golden Doge Ecosystem that is currently available in BEP20 format, a Build and Build chain standard extending Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. It has been listed on two Central Exchanges, LBank and ZT.
  • GDEX (Golden Decentralized Exchange) – is a one-stop DeFi platform that aims to facilitate decentralized trading and provide DeFi traders with a centralized-exchange type experience.
  • Golden Vault – is filled automatically from buy fees of GDOGE transactions on Pancakeswap Liquidity and shared with GDOGE holders based on their GDOGE holding percentage.
  • Golden Crypto Lottery – tickets are available to buy and the prices are set when the rounds start. GDOGE per ticket is equal to 1 USD. Two draws every day, once every 12 hours. Prize Funds came from ticket purchases, rollover prizes, and GDOGE injections.
  • Play to Earn NFT Game – (Mushro Legends) is one of the most important parts of the ecosystem comprising all of its most essential features which are the Purchase, Spend, Earn, and the Burn.
  • Golden Crypto Shop – is an online shop where users can spend GDOGE tokens to purchase valuable items such as accessories, hoodies, t-shirts, utensils, and other uncategorized items.


KYC and Code Audit – fully doxxed by BTok, LBank, and the Binance Community 8.0 on Facebook. The contract code has been audited by TechRate.

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