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Get More Millennial Customers on the Board with the Support of On-demand Apps

This digital era probably belongs to the Millennials or the Gen X who have an idealistic approach towards life. They are keener towards electronic devices and gadgets, constantly in the hunt for the advanced version of Smartphones and tablets.

It is surprising to note that according to a research, teenagers between age groups 15 to 24 check their smartphones 387 times in a day. Now, this figure is enough for the Mobile App Development Company to target the young generation.

However, the most important question is what type of apps do the millennials have a nose for? We have some statistics suggesting that on-demand apps have become one of the most popular categories in the recent years.

These include the sports and health based apps, finance related apps, online shopping and food delivery apps, travel and taxi booking apps etc. Well, we will see some new players joining the squad in the future.

So, let’s a stand on how you can impress the young customers through the on-demand mobile applications.

By Developing Apps that Value Time and Save Money

Do you know why grocery apps and online food delivery apps became popular? Probably, they saved a lot of their customer’s valuable time. The millennials find it difficult to visit the store to buy products and so they prefer it ordering directly from the apps. Whatever is ordered is rightly delivered at the doorstep, whether it is grocery items for a meal from a restaurant.

Save Time and Money

Also most of the customers are college or university students who do not have a stable source of income. So, they give priority to on-demand apps and install them that are offering good rebates and great deals! They want to have fun but without pinching their pockets.

That’s why you must have witnessed that the system of offering coupons and loyalty rewards have increased to add more customers.

For instance, if you have an app for cafe, you can offer special discounts while offering coffee. In fact, the youngsters played an important role the success of apps like Airbnb or UberEATS.

On-Demand Apps have Created Several Job Opportunities

There is no doubt in the fact that there has been a big boost in the economy ever since the evolution of the on-demand app solutions. One of the primary reasons is that on-demand apps have created a plethora of opportunities for the young people providing jobs in various sectors.

One can cite the example of cab booking apps like Uber and Ola. Companies such as Uber has recruited a number of persons as cab drivers and this figure is increasing with each passing day. Similarly, apps such as Swiggy or UberEATS have employed a number of people for delivering the food from restaurant to the desired address of the customer.

According to a report, there are over two million active Uber drivers in US alone and about 400,000 drivers in India.

Therefore, the on-demand apps are offering one of the best opportunities to earn more and more money. They can work as full time or part time depending upon their choice.

Develop On-Demand Apps Increasing Satisfaction Level

You know the millennial customers interact on various platforms and express their views on different issues. But the app developer has to keep in mind to develop an app that increases the satisfaction level of these young audiences, listen and respond to their problems.

The social apps, for instance, have become a good asset to reach out a wider number of people and thus develop apps that they are more interested in such as health and fitness, live streaming video etc.

Besides that, you can build apps that provide quality education and learning experiences through live training sessions. This motivates more people to come and join the app. For example, there are apps specifically created for persons preparing for competitive exams and IITs. It contains many tutorial videos along with last-minute vital tips on how to succeed in the exam.

Your App Should Motivate Millennials

The on-demand apps can be innovative and at the same motivate the young minds to do something unique. In fact, it is because of this desire to walk away from the crowd that has given birth to a number of successful startups. And as more youngsters are getting familiar with the new creative ideas about startups, they are also aspiring to walk on the same path.

marketing team

In fact, many people have started their business such as bakery, flower decoration, and bouquet, care for the elder, sports coaching and training, academic coaching, arts and handicraft etc. All these businesses can be linked up with mobile apps.

No doubt, this will attract more customers, especially the current generation resulting in the hike of on-demand apps.

Millennials Want Apps Easy to Navigate

This is a golden rule for attracting customers belonging to all age groups. Your app should be user-friendly, convenient to handle and easily navigable. What about offering one tap solution? Isn’t fascinating?

Let’s explain it with a restaurant app. You can provide wide range of menu with clear images with cost of each dish to make the choice easier. The optimal UI and UX will offer better navigation of the app. The app having the facility to track food will give an added advantage. The customer can view the ratings of the dish and restaurant. The customer has easier payment option.

The Last Words

To conclude, we can certainly say that millennial customers are indeed one of the most important sections of target audiences to presently focus at. However, impressing the young generation today is not a cake walk; you have to plan a strategy to reach them. At the same time, make sure it does not hinder their privacy as they are very concerned about it.

At the end of the day your prime job is to satisfy the customers and solve their problem because they want to be heard.

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