Focusing on the Quality of Mobile App is important: How to go about it

As new mobile development and designing trends keep on changing it makes the task of the developers even more challenging. You must know that customers today are very selective and their mood swings within no time. And they are in hunt for new trends and designs. The users nowadays aren’t prepared to compromise on the quality of the product or services whether it is a physical item or a mobile application.

Thus, when the developers are creating an app, they should make it a point that it suffices to all the user requisites and current market demand. According to a research there are about 2.8 million Android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps. But all mobile apps do not have a dream debut like Whatsapp or Uber. Many fail to even get a recognition leave aside using them. The quality has been identified as a vital benchmark for the success of mobile app. According to a study only 16% of people try the mobile apps twice, if they are not satisfied once.

Now what does it mean to ensure optimal quality? Ensuring the quality means increased number of downloads, growth in the figures of target customers, augmentation in revenue, usage statics and maintaining the quantitative metrics.

  1. Mobile Application Testing is a Must Do Job

Some developers who are new into mobile app industry that their job is over as soon as they develop the app and launch it. In short, they don’t feel the necessity of testing the application after its full and final development. But this is wrong practice. Make sure that you test the app before the unveiling so that there is no compromise with the app quality.

app testing

Well, to be precise you can opt for either of the two methodologies for testing of the app. It includes manual and automation. According to the experts if you are adding any new function or feature in the app, then it is better to test it manually. The automatic tests of the scripts can be done for regression test cases and for difficult and complex tasks that cannot be done manually.

The testing would include external as well as the internal in which you remove all sorts of bugs and also opt for the device fragmentation. While testing you need to choose the appropriate testing tools and also test the mobile apps on cloud apart from lab-based approach.

  1. Keep a Strict Vigil on the App Performance

If you want to keep the mobile quality on the top then the one thing that will help you stand out in the crowd is venerable performance of your app. Most of the users uninstall the app because they are not happy with its overall performance that includes quick navigation, speed of the app, better UI and UX etc.

Please do not confine your app functionality to only collecting the data and records. Though it is important but performance is paramount. Your app should also not include Software Development Kits (SDKs) in excess as it will slow down the speed of app or even they can get crashed. Moreover, it also effects the battery of the device. So, analytics is important but not at the cost of performance.

  1. The Security of the App is Supreme

In the current scenario, the security is supreme and considering the fact that cyber threat is looming large. Therefore, app security should top your priority list. Please do not ignore it if you want to maintain the standard and quality of the app. And if you are developing an Android app, then you have to be extra vigilant because a study revealed that they are more prone to malware threats in comparison to iOS.

app security

In addition, if your app is such where the user needs to login his details to enter, then you must employ the verification process. The same procedure needs to be followed if your app has in-built payment facility such as e-commerce or cab booking etc. You have to take into account what the risks factors are and then plan a strategy accordingly.

  1. Proficient Team with Proficiency on all Platforms

We are quite aware that mobile app development is a team effort that basically comprises of a project manager, android or iOS developers, frontend and backend developers, UI and UX designers, mobile app tester and so on. So if you want to raise the par of quality of your app, then it must be ensured that the team working on each of the projects is comprehensively professional with sound knowledge on the concerned subject. Whether you believe it or not, the fact remains that a well-equipped and experienced team can complete even the most complex project with ease.

It is a good idea to evaluate the efficiency of each of the team members before you can assign them with a task. It will help in smooth operation of the project and you can strictly follow the deadlines. Most important fact is that there should be clear coordination and communication amongst the team members working on the same project.

  1. Have a Clear Vision in Mind

Well, you may have adequate experience of creating different types of apps for a wide range of industries, but having a clear vision and comprehensive understanding of what you want to develop is quite crucial. In other words, app documentation is very essential for keeping the quality of the application up to the mark. It will give you an insight that you are developing the best quality app for the target audiences that will be downloaded and installed in large numbers.

The documentation of the app also assists in saving a lot of time as well as money. Stick to your decision and do not have fluctuating minds. Always try to add new features that keeps the users interested in the app. Do try to be simple in design.

  1. Taking the Reviews and Ratings Seriously
App review

If you don’t want your app quality to suffer and wish to remain always connected with the end users, then you have to consider the reviews and ratings very seriously. You must remember that the customers give their valuable feedback and reviews after using the application. So, if they find any fault or if there is quality based issue, it would be indicated in their comments.

Make it a point to go through the feedbacks on regular basis and address the issues as soon as possible.

  1. Give Preference to Cross-Platform Apps

If you conduct some research before developing an app, which you should do necessarily, you would be familiar that the cross-platform based apps have gained the ground these days. Well, one of the major reasons for its growing popularity is it can give you an access to large number of audiences. It also saves time and hard work when the program is modelled logic off as local web services and create the native UI in the end.


Since the users have become very smart in their choice of installing the mobile apps, you need to vary of the quality and ensure at all cost that it does not decline. It is the quality of your app that will get you more traffic and thus the developer has to test the application very carefully before introducing it.

You need to hire the best app developer who has profound knowledge of the app development because he will compromise on app building on any front.

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