Expectations Vs. Reality – The Journey from App Development to App Success

Any experienced app user and app developer knows that everything is not as beautiful as it seems when it comes to matching up to job expectations. While app development does fetch some great job prospects, it can be quite grilling for amateurs with their limited skills and experience. Theoretical knowledge doesn’t translate to real job experience in most careers, and it’s the same in the app development world too.

Most freshers expect a lot more compared to what they can deliver. It is not wrong for the freshers who are into app development to have a different note of expectation which is significantly higher than that of reality.

It is not easy to convert the mobile version of the website into an app format, and while there are app makers that help you go through the drill without extensive coding, they can only be used to design basic apps. On the contrary, it is easier to think the app as a tool where the users can get all the necessary information they want.

How much time does it take to develop an app?

App building takes time. The complexity decides the time limit – if you’re involved in a complex project, it can take up more than a year of your life. Most times, expect a month’s time to make the app work completely. The more you hurry, the less precision you get and eventually build up a failed app.

Developing an app does not mean it’s approved. This is especially for iOS app developers, and they must be ready for the challenges. Read thoroughly through Apple’s guidelines before developing the app.

So what is the next step? Does creating and making it live on the App Store end your work?

Apart from regular updates, the other priority is on the marketing strategy. Know the desired audience and strive to reach out to them as much as you can. Speaking on the same context, do not be under the impression that your apps will automatically reach the target audience. It’s important to do some good app marketing and analytics.

What do you want to achieve?

App store optimization wouldn’t let you accomplish what you wish to achieve with the app. Keeping in mind the particular target customers and a proper marketing strategy is the only way to convert prospects into permanent customers.

Then there is also the problem with the app developers who think that analytics can help to understand and read the app’s performance. On the contrary, it just helps to improve the app’s performance.

Judging the users’ interactivity is not through download rate. However, if your app users visit few times a week, it’s an excellent sign.

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