Enterprise Mobile Application Development Facts You Should Know

If we have to define Enterprise Application Development in simplest of terms, it means developing an extensive mobile application software platform, which helps in seamless operations of the business entity or any other organization including government.

The enterprise apps are usually complex and are scalable as well as component based. These apps are built with the help of enterprise architecture. However, it must be noted that enterprise apps cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. It is not considered suitable for the individual entrepreneurs or even for small businesses.

With the evolution of the enterprise apps, the overall scenario of conducting business operations have undergone a pivotal change. The application has on one hand enhanced the efficiency of the employees and on the other the productivity of the business have also increased. Therefore, most business organizations have already invested their time and money in creating an enterprise mobile app for their employees and customers.

The fact that enterprise apps are gaining prominence is evident from some of the statistical figures. Recently, the IT experts belonging to 451 Research found that about 50% organizations have decided to deploy at least 10 enterprise apps within the next couple of years.

The study by SAP says that 78% of organizations also abandon enterprise apps after their first use. So, you will never get a second opportunity to make an impression.

Enterprise apps have not only allowed the employees to work stress-free using the bespoke mobile apps, but it has also introduced a new concept- BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) into the corporate forum. Using this technique the employees can get an ease access to organization’s data. Since each of the employees are using the same data within the confinement of the company providing a secured network so that the employees can use personalized mobile experience.

Important Facts about Mobile Enterprise App Development

  1. Customized Apps According to Your Needs

First and foremost it is important for you to identify why you need an enterprise app for your company. You just don’t need to create one because your business competitor is building one. It is better to devote some time and find out those specific areas where the mobile apps can prove to be boon for your organization.

You can certainly take the help and expert advice of the Enterprise app development company in this regard. And keep in mind that building an app will lead to further expenditure so better not invest aimlessly.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for a customized app that can suffice all your needs assisting in smoother business operations. Additionally, it helps in establishing your brand and dealing with different sets of clients.

  1. Prioritizing the User Experience (UX)

The aim of developing any mobile application is to satisfy the needs of the end user and offer optimal solutions to their problems. User Experience as such holds a very prestigious position in the case of enterprise app. The device or the gadget for which for the developing the app does not hold much important; but the fact that matters is what features the enterprise app is stuffed with.

UX Design

The app built upon an exclusive idea should provide the users what they need and simplify their tasks. It should also focus on strengthening the coordination amongst the team members even when they are working from remote locations.

  1. The Advancement of Mobile Computing Technology

Ever since the Smartphones came to the center stage, they have gone through a drastic transformation specifically with respect to functionality and user experience. One can say that the advancement in the field of mobile computing technology is largely responsible for this change. The mobiles have tend to become smarter.

Currently, the app developers also have the luxury of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has further enhanced the tech related prospects. The initiation of Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant have proved to a great asset in improving the productivity, efficiency of the employees and offering the best in class user experience to the targeted audiences.

  1. Maximizing the Benefits of BYOD

The birth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) as a newer technology is no less than a blessing for the existing employees of an organization. In fact, the ‘Work from Home’ concept is possible all thanks to BYOD. It allows individual professionals to have more flexibility as they can work from either office or any other preferred location. But at the same time, the Operating Systems are different.

Bring Your Own Device

For instance, some employees are carrying iOS smartphones whereas others may be hooked to Android devices. Similarly, the ones working from office are mostly connected to their desktops and laptops usually having Windows OS. However, all have the access to the similar enterprise databases.

So designing the app can prove to a challenging task as the enterprise has to opt for a combination of various Operating Systems or consider developing a cross-platform app. The BYOD technology always prefers the user experience over mobile OS.

  1. App Availability Concerns for the Developers

The business organizations are employing a range of operating systems and different internet connectivity systems for accessing the computing services, the app availability is always a concern for the developers.

The mobile app development experts conduct a number of internet connectivity based tests for the various applications. It can include wired, broadband, wireless, mobile hotspot, 3G, 4G, LTE and Bluetooth. The enterprise apps should necessarily have some storage facilities and updates regarding connectivity especially when there is no or limited internet access and you cannot lower the performance.

  1. Security Related Issues for Enterprise Apps

Since the group of team of professionals are accessing the same enterprise data; therefore, the confidential data and other key information related to business is likely to get exposed. So, the security of the enterprise mobile apps become very crucial especially when hackers are becoming smarter.

The BYOD on one side has made the tasks of the employees much easier but it has raised questions over security. And to add more, this is something that the business entities cannot do much about it. Another issue is the use of public Wi-Fi that cannot be trusted at all.

  1. Don’t opt for the copy paste technique

N numbers of enterprise apps are getting developed by various app development companies. They may have more or less the same kind of features. But you must always remember not to only blindly coping the features from the other apps. Instead try to be innovate in your approach and designing something unique.

The Final Words

The mobile enterprise application is one of the newest technological innovation that most of the business enterprises are banking upon. As such enterprise apps can be developed to fulfill the varied requirements of an organization. The developer needs to remain focused while he is creating it. It involves customer support, content management, email marketing, payment processing and so on. The BYOD feature has increased the productivity and also allowed employees to work remotely.

You also need to address the security concerns and also test the internet connectivity for accessing the data.

However, if you want to get your enterprise app developed, consult the expert mobile app developers at Mindinventory to have your business on the top.

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