Developing Enterprise App That Grabs the Attention of Your Employees

Enterprise applications are one of the latest developmental trends that blessed the corporate industry and business community. The technology of the mobile based applications has moved a step further and today mobile applications are specifically getting designed for the big business entities that are more complex, scalable and user friendly. Therefore, the revenue of the enterprise apps are also mounting, which indicates a bright future for the enterprise app development firms.

As per a reliable survey, the revenue is expected to grow up by $140 billion by 2020. In fact, MGI Research recently conducted a study on about 200 companies and found that nearly 70% of these are satisfactorily using the enterprise apps.

Since enterprise apps have brought in the facility of work from home option because of the new BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technique. However, the primary question is how to develop the enterprise apps that can adamantly support both the Android as well as the iOS platforms.

With the help of these amazing apps, the employees get an access to all the vital information with great ease. It helps in better management of the sales and boosts the brand promotion as well. With the demand of enterprise apps expected to accelerate within the next few years, the App Development Companies should pull up their socks to get more projects in the near future.

Get an Answer to the Why Question

First things first, when you are about to commence your task, it is better to get a viable answer to the question – the purpose of designing the app.

No application is developed without any pre-strategy and when you are developing specific apps for the usage of the employees, identifying the purpose becomes all the more crucial. If you can find the purpose, it will become much easier to define what the starting point would be.

Most business communities need an enterprise app to increase its productivity and improve the efficiency of the employees. Therefore, your aim should be to build an enterprise app that employees would simply fall in love with.

Selection of the Appropriate Development Team

Once your aim is fixed, the next target ahead is selecting the appropriate team for the concerned project. Of course, you need to choose experienced professionals that have profound knowledge of the development platforms and are well familiar with the User Experience and BYOD strategy.

The development team comprising different members gets together to first frame a strategy on how to proceed with the project with the intention of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) initially.

The advantage of employing the experienced team is that after developing and testing the app, they can give their own feedback regarding the app functionality and the area that needs to be improved.

Getting on the Right Platform to Excel

After taking the key decision on who will be associated with the development of the enterprise app, the time has arrived for picking the right platform. You should know that the employees access the information from their own personal devices; which may be Android or iOS operated.

Android and iOS being the most popular and extensively used OS, it becomes imperative to develop an enterprise app that supports both without any interruption.

However, in case the small organizations think that most of their employees use an Android device, they can ask the app development firm to create apps support Android OS only.

Development of BYOD Technique and Testing

We are already aware that BYOD technique is one of the biggest gifts that enterprise apps have offered to all the organizations. It is this facility that has hiked the performance of the employees and business firms are reaping huge profits.

Bring Your Own Device

Having said that, it is important to have some knowledge on how to develop a BYOD policy and then test it. However, before you proceed further, you need to know what particular apps the employees will be using and how many people will be using this technique.

The BYOD solution is based on network access, network security, managing the devices, managing the network etc. Once BYOD has been developed, don’t forget to test it.

User Experience is the Key

User Experience is one of the most significant aspects of the app development process and any business enterprise simply cannot ignore it. The user experience of the enterprise apps should be such that have an instant appeal to the employees using it.

Adding a comprehensive and eye-catching user experience is an indication that the enterprise apps will prove handy, effective and productive.

In fact, many of the projects become unsuccessful for the firms because they lack a good user experience. The experts also view that UX provides a strong security and backend systems to the enterprises apps.

Developing the Enterprise App Security

Enterprise apps are used by different employees using various devices run on Android and iOS. In such a scenario, developing a full proof security system for the apps becomes essential.

app security

When you are working on the security aspect of the app, it is advisable to have a hand on the policy of the Apple and Google related to app downloads and installations.

The app developers can effectively make use of the Enterprise Mobile Management or Android for Work for managing the Operating Systems of enterprise apps. You have to mainly focus on building a safe and secure login page, identify the risk factors involved, work on app distribution and test the security of the app.

A Scope for Innovation and Improvement

Technology has always been innovative and so adopt it with both hands is what wise men say. You obviously don’t want to develop an app that will fall flat and lose out in the competition. Not only have to be careful while choosing the platform for the app, but you also be think upon what features and benefits to include in the app.

The app testing and feedback of the employees should certainly assist in this regard as it will make you aware what functionalities still needs to be added to make the app more useful.

Moreover, remember the fact that mobile devices and other gadgets including the operating systems are continuously getting updated so you must leave scope for the improvement too.


The enterprise apps have transformed the facet of the business world and brought the organizations into the edge of a competitive environment. This is the future technology, which will get wider as the time passes. The employees are more than delighted to get the facility of the BYOD solution that has enabled them to work from a destination of their choice.

The business organizations do not want to be left behind in fully utilizing the benefits of the enterprise apps. After all, who does not want to enhance the productivity and profitability of business?

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