Our DBA’s have deep technical know-how which empowers us to assist our customers to enhance their modern-day database management operations.

The Importance of using Database

Software programs are well acquainted with database ideas via relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL, and many others. Commonly, database structure shows record in a tabular layout.

Database architecture may be external, inner or conceptual. The outside stage specifies the way wherein every quit-user type comprehends the business enterprise of its corresponding applicable information in the database. The inner stage deals with the performance, scalability, price and different operational subjects. The conceptual degree flawlessly unifies the one-of-a-kind external perspectives right into a defined and utterly worldwide view. It consists of each give up-consumer required widespread statistics.


At the same time as MySQL and Oracle are Relational Database Management structures, MongoDB and Hadoop are NoSQL databases.

At UXDLAB we, not simplest possess the desired qualifications within the discipline, we additionally offer a number-related services to our clients to assist them to control their existent database technologies higher and in a more expert way.

Relational Database Management Systems

RDBMS stands for the Relational Database Management System. RDBMS or Relational Database Management System is a complete-scale Database Management System (DBMS) in which information can be saved in associated table-layout. RDBMS is taken into consideration effective due to the fact here the facts is incorporated in database tables, information, and fields. Each RDBMS desk has database table, rows and each of those rows has one or extra database desk fields. Accordingly, the same database can be visible in one-of-a-kind methods for various functions. RDBMS keep the records into series of tables, which is probably related by means of commonplace fields (database, table, columns). RDBMS additionally provide relational operators to govern the facts saved into the database tables. Maximum RDBMS use SQL as the database query language.


Our experienced MySQL database administrators offer industry best database management services to help our clients effectively manage critical business data.


We provide excellent business data analytics to organizations by harnessing the potential of advanced technologies of Hadoop and MongoDB.


We have a talented pool of Oracle database developers who provide clients with efficient and scalable database solutions to help them effectively manage the business.

Amazon DynamoDB

UXDLAB’s AWS DynamoDB Developer provides fast and flexible NoSQL database services of Amazon DynamoDB for any scale.

MongoDB Development

Hire UXDLAB MongoDB Developers for MongoDB Development Services to build effective, high-tech & scalable mobile and web applications with Next-Gen database for various business needs.

Firebase Database Development

Our FireBase developers specialize in leveraging all Firebase has to offer for your app.

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