ColdFusion Development

ColdFusion (ColdFusion Markup Language, or CFML) was big a couple of decades back, but—similar to Java and PHP—it’s got staying power, a thriving community, plenty of open-source resources, and a trending line that doesn’t show its “death” anyplace on the horizon.
As Associate in Nursing Adobe platform, ColdFusion is not free, but there are plenty of open-source engines alive and well that leverage the benefits of this powerful language. In fact, CFML’s legacy is best demonstrated by the big names who still actively use it, brands like Apple, Intel, AT&T, CSX Transportation, Lockheed Martin, and the FDA.

ColdFusion Development Company

If you are looking for an ingenious and fast development team to maintain your legacy ColdFusion applications, UXDLAB is your answer. ColdFusion was designed to be descriptive and powerful, and it lets you perform dynamic programming tasks at a level higher than that offered by other programming languages

Its unique attributes come from its association with ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), the scripting language. CFML compares in options and practicality to the scripting parts of JSP, PHP, or ASP. But, CFML’s syntax is almost similar to HTML, and the script syntax is almost similar to JavaScript. While it’s often used with CFML, additional CFML application servers exist, other than ColdFusion. And, ColdFusion supports other programming languages such as the server-side action script together with embedded scripts which could be written in a language like JavaScript

  • Simplified access to databases
  • Client-side generation of codes used for validation and form widgets.
  • Server and client cache management
  • HTML to PDF conversion
  • Data retrieval from systems like LDAP, Active Directory, HTTP, POP, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange Server, Atom, FTP and RSS
  • GUI administration
  • Task scheduling and server clustering
  • Reporting and graphing
  • File indexing
  • XML parsing, validation, querying, and transformation
  • Simple file manipulation for ZIP archives and raster graphics
  • Simple web service implementation
  • Server, client, application, session, plus request scopes.

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