Can Cloud Transform Your Startup?

For a startup, optimising resources is a prime prerogative. How do you want to use your resources?

The initial stages of a startup are the ones which face the maximum challenges and overcoming them helps you cross most of the hurdles in your way. These problems are mostly related to technology, finances and infrastructure.

Statistics reveal that by the end of this year, more than $180 billion would have been spent by companies on cloud services alone. Cloud computing technologies offer various business advantages which help innovate and develop any startup efficiently and rapidly.
Let us first look into the 3 models of cloud services:

1. Platform – The first model of service is platform be it the framework development or operating system.

2. Infrastructure – Infrastructure is the second model which deals with storage, computing and hosting services such as cloud storage and virtual servers.

3. Software – Salesforce and email services are the end user applications which come under the third model of such services which is software.

Now we will analyze how cloud can be helpful for a startup.

  • Speeds up the development cycle – Not only does the development cycle become faster but the service availability improves drastically too.
  • Reduces operating costs – Cloud offers pay-per-usage which helps reduce costs to a large extent.
  • Swiftly scale-up and increased agility – Along with increasing agility and efficiency, cloud also helps start-ups to move faster and scale up and down rapidly.
  • Better production – Start-ups can expand to new geographies without any trouble leading to better productivity in the future.
  • Integrates easily – It can be easily integrated for any app
  • Operational benefits – cloud offers automated services, more storage, flexibility and mobility to any startup.

Have a structured approach

Remember, your cloud strategy needs to take into account your business model and devise an apt strategy. In order to improve efficiency of work, here are some of the best cloud practises which make the job easier and swifter.

  • It is important to identify the strategy and approach before starting work
  • The applications can be hosted in different ways so it is advisable to evaluate the options available
  • You might experience failures on your way so it is better to take care of them from the very beginning
  • Data consistency, data partitioning and compute partitioning are some of the other good cloud practices
  • Always automate everything from the start

You can consult a good Web development company to know how to better use your resources. Whether you’re looking for newer way to use resources or just to integrate cloud within your business, the right strategy can help you to do more with your business.

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