Business Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Business intelligence is an integrated software platform that is used for business data analysis and management. With the help of BI mobile app development, many businesses can analyze their data, without the help of any IT departments. Thus, BI mobile app development has taken mobile applications to a new level.

Artificial intelligence has changed the face of the modern era. And smartphones in our hands are the best example of it. With these technologies, new fields of business intelligence are getting explored and lots of things are yet to be explored.

Today, lots of businesses are collaborating with mobile manufacturers to design and develop smartphones that are capable of handling machine learning operations. It helps mobile users even more effectively and efficiently.

What Is Mobile Business Intelligence?

Mobile Intelligence is the power of mobile devices to learn, adapt, analyze and understand user behavior through various aspects. For example, if any mobile user switches off the vibrate option with silent mode more frequently, the next time the user turns on the silent mode, the vibrate option gets disabled itself. In this example, the smartphone analyzed and understood settings to be set to make it easier for the user.

A business intelligence roadmaps in mobile app development is also referred to as accessing the information and using it. Today, thousands of mobile apps are integrated with analytics tools and business intelligence to serve smart information to the end-user.

There is a constant evolution of cellphones, and now the use of mobile devices is not only limited to communicating with people but also utilizing them to obtain information and utilize this information for data analysis purposes. In layman’s words, we can define business intelligence roadmaps as technology, application, or program that is used to store, retrieve, and analyze data or user behavior to assist management in making better choices. The main goal behind BI in mobile apps is to bring critical business data directly into company managers’ analysis devices.

Mobile Intelligence is the capability of business owners to deliver relevant service to the customer at any point of time, any place with the help of collected information. It allows them to extend their decision-making ability and serve better.

Benefits Of Mobile BI

The major benefit of mobile BI is that your customers can access their data at any time and from anywhere. It enhances the functioning of mobile applications. Here are some awesome benefits of mobile BI for your business. This has initiated a new era in the BI industry and has offered several benefits to users across the globe.

#Information Gathering

When you integrate the machine learning model with your mobile app, you probably get the data more frequently or in real-time. With the help of this data, you can perform various operations in less time with efficiency.

#Decision Making

When the gathered information is available to you all the time, and it is also analyzed using various analysis tools, it makes it easier for business owners to make any decision effectively and in less or no time.

#Advantage In Competition

In today’s world, every business owner wants to make their business responsive, flexible and want to make it have a unique identity in the competition. Having access to the data in real-time increases the opportunity to reach out to clients more frequently and amplify your sales higher.

#Increase In Productivity

As we already have access to real-time data, it makes it easier for quick decision making, and when the decision-making process takes less time, it means there is ample time to make that decision which ultimately results in increased productivity.

#Improved Customer Satisfaction

When your performance is commendable and you are certainly ahead of your competition, your productivity increases and with increased productivity, you will reach your customers faster and can serve better. Once you connect with your customers, it will fulfill their requirements and make them satisfied with your services.

#Increase in Revenue

With more customer satisfaction, a faster decision-making process, increased productivity, and other accomplishments in every aspect of business, your revenue will increase. A satisfied customer’s testimonial will help you to generate more revenue and will increase your customer reach.

Challenges in Mobile BI

  1. Network Condition

Customers living in rural areas face unstable network conditions. Sometimes it takes a lot of time for them to get online or have an internet connection in the first place. So, the network issue is the main challenge every online service provider encounters.

  1. Complexity and Size

An increase in customers and fulfilling their requirements result in complexity in the machine learning model and increases in the size of the data collected. As data size increases, it directly affects the performance of service availability.

  1. Hardware Capability

As all the operations are done on a mobile device, high-performance hardware is needed to run those programs. High-performance hardware may affect the price of mobile devices.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence (BI) tools are applications that collect and interpret massive amounts of unstructured data from different systems such as websites, mobile apps, videos, emails, and other business sources. While not as versatile as business analytics tools, BI tools mostly use queries to acquire data and find insights. These technologies also aid in the preparation of data for analysis, allowing you to build reports, dashboards, and data visualizations. Employees and managers will be able to use the data to speed and enhance decision making, increase operational efficiency, identify new income potentials, identify market trends, provide genuine KPIs, and identify new business prospects.

  • Google Analytics
  • Trustpilot
  • Databox
  • G2 Crowd
  • Zoho Analytics

Google Analytics is the first and most famous app used for keeping track of business performance. This app provides real-time information about every aspect of the business including the number of users on the website or installed apps on the device, service sales, errors or problems users are facing, and other things. This tool is specially used for tracking user session duration, the bounce rate of individual products.

Just after Google Analytics, Trustpilot came into the business. This is an online review community that links businesses and customers by allowing users to leave authentic feedback on their purchasing and service experiences. Their sole purpose is to help people and business owners with their honest feedback.

Databox comes next on our list. It is an automated tool used to refresh the user dashboard automatically. Which helps accurate and up to data storing and monitoring process effectively. This up-to-date data is used for generating reports and analysis purposes especially used by data scientists and data analyst

G2 Crowd is another feedback and review website similar to Trustpilot. It is popular because of its unique algorithm structure. Its algorithm identifies and marks spam and fraudulent user reviews to avoid false and unhelpful comments.

Lastly, Zoho Analytics, this tool helps you analyze your data from various sources. This tool is specially designed for inexperienced users to work in this Business intelligence environment and with an enhanced security algorithm your data gets encrypted at various levels of the analysis process.

Business intelligence tools can combine a broad set of data analysis applications such as online analytical processing (OLAP), operational BI, enterprise reporting, open-source BI, mobile BI, ad hoc analysis, and querying real-time BI, collaborative BI, and software as a service BI, and location intelligence. It may also include data visualization software for creating charts, as well as tools for creating BI dashboards and performance scorecards that display business indicators and KPIs in easy-to-understand visuals.


Business Intelligence has given a new definition to businesses today and made them reach the paradigm of success. The term Business Intelligence – refers to technologies and processes that enable a business to acquire data from internal and external systems. All of this comprises query building, analysis, data visualization, analytical report creation, and report generation in order to maximize corporate decision-making for improved performance and incorporate decisions based on current demand.

Many business owners are developing mobile apps to make their businesses smarter, more efficient, productive, and have higher customer satisfaction. The best way to go about making decisions will be by having access to real-time data operating in a similar environment that they are used to. Yet, there is a lot of scope for this field and a lot of work must be done. And as much as this market is still new, there is also room for the evolution of innovation in the future.

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