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Best Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Process

Mobile apps have evolved from a “good to have” to “must have” very quickly. We live in a time and age when mobile apps are a ruling factor in how businesses are perceived and how they are able to reach key audiences.

The demographical range that mobile apps have access to is astounding and not taking advantage of that is no longer a simple pass on profit, but a downright detriment to your operation.

If you’re an entrepreneur that is looking to maximize their business, then you must consider a mobile app. However, mobile apps take time to make, and sometimes that time frame in which the app is actually developed can make a whole lot of difference.

In this article we will explore a few ways in which you can speed up the app development process and have your app developed in a reduced time frame.

Get Wireframes Done First

Wireframes are like the blueprint of an app. Through Wireframes you are able not only to plan your moves ahead of time, but also provide guidelines and a “safety net” for anyone trying to figure out the app.

Through wireframes, you are able to let everyone in the development team know what the direction of the app is and how it’s going to get there. You will be able to save a lot of time by getting everyone on the same page as early as possible.

Agile Technology is the Way to Go, Coupled With Two-week Sprints

Agile Technology helps developers issue fast and constant updates for the app, which are vital for keeping it relevant in the public’s eyes. There are multiple update plans that currently work, such as the 6 week plan where every 6 weeks you drop a new update. Any issues that might pop up in the process should be swept by the two-week sprints.

Get the MVP on the Field ASAP

While not as sturdy as a fully grown app, an MVP (minimum viable product) allows you to establish a presence on the market much sooner and start building the rest of the app around the feedback you receive.

Your target audience will have a strong input on how the app will develop from here on out, so it’s best if you release continues short updates, say, every day. This will ensure a better quality product overall.

Outsource the Extra Stuff

Obviously, you want to personally handle the main aspects of your app. Either you or the app development team you assign to the project should develop the heart of the app and everything that establishes its identity.

However, most apps have many “side attractions” which can be outsourced. Extra features or small elements that individually bite away at your release time frame, they can be outsourced so that more work is completed in the same amount of time than if you were to do everything.

Work Efficiently

Focus the bulk of your work efforts into what needs it the most, and try to reduce the work volume as much as possible. We’re not talking about cutting corners, we’re talking about not spending time with activities that could be handled in an easier fashion.

Just like we’ve mentioned outsourcing above, we can go deeper into maximizing efficiency by not getting bogged down in minor things. Try to use tools that help you achieve certain goals that would otherwise require individual coding.

There are a lot of services and tools (applets) that will take a huge load off your back and let you concentrate on the core aspects more. You can find those pertaining to pretty much any branch of app development you could think of.


That being said, it’s time to get started on that app. As important as releasing a functional, well-made, quality app is, so is releasing it fast. Time is a very important asset that you need to manage to the fullest.

There is a fine line where the two meet, and a successful app will capitalize on hitting that precise mark. You don’t want to upset your audience with a faulty app, but you don’t want to keep it waiting either.

The longer you deter from releasing your app, the harder it will be to justify it through performance and features. By applying the tips we talked about in this article, you can considerably boost your app’s release time frame and secure an advantageous spot for it in the market, for which you also need to submit an entry request (which also takes time).

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