Amazing App Ideas to Have Success Creating Them

You’ve spent several years learning programming languages and now it’s time to put your app ideas into practice, but you’re not sure what kind of applications will make you rich. Don’t worry, you won’t fail to achieve your goals if you start on the right foot and you won’t invest money in vain.

First of all, you should know that your application will make a great impression if it will have an appealing design and if don’t want to build it from scratch, and then you should get inspired from the iPhone app and Android app templates. If you don’t have time to install and try out different types of applications, maybe these suggestions will help you go in the right direction.

App To Find The Nearest Taxi Rank

We recommend you PHONE-A-TAXI, an app that uses GPS technology and which detects if there are any taxi drivers in the area who also subscribed to the service. Then, the user will know what taxi company to call and won’t need to wait too long for the car to arrive. Why would you build a similar app? Well, even if it would be free for customers, it will charge taxi firms to be “visible” on the map.

Recipe Directory App For Amateur Chefs

Surprise your partner with a recipe you’ve never tried before, using ingredients you have in the kitchen. Enter their names in the app – for ex. potatoes, chicken, tomatoes, carrots etc., and you will get a list of recipes containing them. As an app developer, you’ll make money if you’ll charge chefs to download the app or upload the directory with recipes.

App To Hunt Wanted Convicts

This is an unusual idea, but did you know that there’s a bounty hunter app that shows a list of criminals who are wanted in a certain area for various illegalities or even murder. If you have enough courage and want to help the police catch wanted convicts, press the alert button after recognizing the person based on the photograph that’s displayed by the application.

The police will know where to go, as the app will show the convicts’ GPS position. You could make money with a similar app if the user who will be rewarded by the police will give you a portion of the money he/she earned if the information they give leads to the people being arrested.

First Aid App

Nobody wants to suffer accidents or to have to give first aid to injured strangers or friends. In these cases, until the arrival of paramedics, it’s better to take action and treat superficial wounds, and an application that will offer guidance on how to do that is very helpful.

This type of app will be appreciated by bikers, hikers or sports enthusiasts who spend a lot of time in the nature, away from civilization, and they won’t mind spending a few bucks to purchase the app.

Dating App

Yes, we all know about Tinder and other websites for single men and women who are searching for their soul mates. Love is in the air and if it has a physical location, then the application will track it (using GPS coordinates) and will tell the user where she/he can find another person who is using the app.

Users who will create an account will upload their photos and give a few details about them, so others will know what they look like and if it’s worth going to the bar they’re having a drink. This type of app will charge a small monthly subscription fee and it will generate money for its creator.

App To Offer Wine Suggestions

Wine lovers drink regularly – before, during or after a meal. The taste is more intense if the wine is paired with the right food and you could create an application that would recommend users what type of wine they should drink based on their meals. This app would target middle/upper class people who will be charged a subscription fee.

App To Count Calories

Yes, there are plenty applications that come pre-loaded with smartwatches or fitness bands and they’re improving users’ health life by tracking the number of steps they take in a day, or how many stairs they climb etc. But not many applications tell users how many calories they eat and this is where your application steps in and recommends users a daily intake, alerting them if they’re eating more calories than they should.

They will enter names of the food they’ve eaten during the day and the application will count the calorie intake. So, whoever wants to stay fit will pay to download an application that will stop them from eating too much.

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